By Katherine Fedoroff Vandermeulen, founder Dream Allience Project Management ; , Katusha Design, former Project Manager for big brands and companies, USA, CA
“Aga has been a life changer for me. I first consulted her in a life coach capacity, as I was ending a 20 year career in the corporate world. Before working with Aga I spent much of my time questioning what I would really be good at, how would I make money. I had a lot of accumulated mental junk that was hindering my perception of self. Being a cerebral thinker, I also was cluttered with thinking about the science of dimensions, trying to use my mind to understand how to jump timelines, etc…
As our sessions continued I found new confidence, intuition, direction, and ultimately am now at a place of living each day from the heart. There is clarity in my life, and a love for all beings.
Aga is an awesome guide, and she kept me accountable for practicing my homework. I lost 35 pounds, reduced medications I was taking for lifestyle issues (inflammation), and opened my pineal gland. My psychic abilities are developing, and I am ever grateful for Aga’s guidance. It really is a Quantum Leap Journey. Nothing linear about it. Trust.”
Madeleine Hand, Former Airbnb employee, Event managements, Fasionista, IRE/UK :
“Aga has been the key to positive change in my healing journey. She has deep and vast amounts of knowledge on energetic healing and is truly committed to serving others. What I love about Aga is her non judgemental way of holding space for others. Her full presence takes in all that you are and makes you feel extremely safe and worthy. Not a second is wasted in a session with Aga. She has the ability to tune into your energy within seconds and see exactly where you are energetically. Each moment of the session is filled with honest guidance and truths. Aga is kind, generous and loving. The desire for peace and the end of suffering for every being radiates from her. Aga will do everything in her power to support you when you need it. I cannot recommend Aga highly enough. “