The Global Spiritual Awakening Of Humanity – David Icke

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“People have to choose, are they gonna go on being controled sheeps and robots of the control system or are they gonna WAKE UP and take the road to freedom? And that’s the choice people are facing now.”

I watched so so many hours of David Icke’s talks in the past..but it never seems enough.
David Icke put me on the path of connecting the dots over 8 years ago and activated my inner alarm clock, that never stopped ringing since then.
Read my entire blog post on him here if interested :Questioning Reality with David Icke. Awakening to Who You Really Are.

This short 50 min talk with Icke is well worth tuning into :

Think for yourself. Be open minded in connecting the dots x



Emotional Wake Up Call from Spiritual Catalyst./ in my tabs bubble.

tabs #what’s on my mind #briefly Funny how at the end of the day I look at my tabs open on my laptop and there are never less than 25 windows opened. At the moment the number shows 37. Combining research. On the constant look out for more. Addicted to knowledge and alternative sources of information, I am usually surrounded with dozens of windows and tabs, pdf files opened with documentary films, books, articles, news and newsletters from channels I am subscribed to, links I was weirdly lead to somehow and they turned out to be exactly what I needed to read, or gain insight about something that helped me with finding last piece of puzzle towards some issue I am working on … etcetera.

Decided to make a highlight of sharing a fairy new video with Teal Swan – The Spiritual Catalyst, whom I mentioned before in my blog post on “Spiritual Teachers are better that Psychotherapists”. The subject of the video is “Emotional Wake Up Call” and it’s neatly presented and synthesised in short video, coz the subject is vast! Think the video might help many people out there if understood well. Teal starts with words:

“In order to life a healthy life…you have to have a healthy life on a level of Body, Mind and Soul. These pillars have long been considered as pillars of healthy, long and complete life. But what is I were to tell you, that we got it all wrong……When we think of the soul, we think of the etheric or intangible energy (…). In truth our Soul aspect is innately healthy. It can not be in an unhealthy state. Soul, which is pre-manifested energy – creates feelings and creates mind and creates body. Al 3 levels of a person are in fact comprised of SOUL. A body is a Soul projecting itself physically. A mind is a Soul projecting itself mentally. Feeling is a Soul consciously perceiving. (…) Emotion is the language of the Soul” (…). It gets only better further into the talk …

To name a few other tabs from my late evening tabs bubble open on my computer. Maybe you’ll also find something interesting here 😉 :

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Keep calm, open minded and carry on.

think for yourself

#what’s on my mind : Loved this phrase s much that I decided to share it here. It is exactly what I am trying to do here through my blog. Sharing my interests and sources of knowledge that developed me on my journey  without pushing anyone to follow this exact track as well. I can show what worked for me, show direction, present new opportunities and different angles of perceiving Reality. Take it or leave it. Find your own resonance symphony of what is true to You. If you find information on this blog helpful. Great. Glad I could help. If not. That’s totally fine. You will find your way eventually. There are so many resources out there. There is also a treasure of resources within you already. Everything I stumble upon and do research on – feels like releasing the same frequency that has been long dormant inside of me already. As if I started to remember some things that were in deep sleep inside of me. That’s why I share only what I find resonating with me, what opens me more to finding this ultimate truth inside of me. And sometimes it happens through external sources that help me remember, as I mentioned above. Pointing the way that gets me closer to the core of my search. And at the end it all leads to finding this gem inside of my Soul.



Can I be honest with you? No, You can’t. Great speech on Honesty, Judgement and Denial.

#what’s on my mind : Short-cut to Spirituality? What about being Honest with yourself for a starter?

I am a strong believer in the power of words. There are many quotations that influenced me greatly and often helped to incorporate necessary changes in my life when I was growing up. Interesting, how few words in the right combination can hold a huge impact on a sensitive enough person, and bring upon profound change of direction in life. I pay attention to words. I always did. Sometimes I come across talks about different subjects which at first sight don’t seem as if they can deliver anything new to the table on the spoken matter…until you actually start listening carefully t it with all your senses. This was definitely the case when I tuned into randomly picked talk tom from youtube, by mystic and spiritual teacher Matt Kahn titled “The Grace of Honesty”. Talk resonated with me profoundly and I just had an unstoppable need to actually write it down, to get closer in a sense to the words, to feel their vibrations submersing into my veins’ secret pocket chambers, where I keep my collections of “Words of Wisdom” 😉 The talk about Honesty fits perfectly in one of those pockets. Because when you hear the choice of particular variation of words in a sentence like : Honesty is what unravels unconscious layers of judgement out of your energy field”, you just can’t help the feeling of something very real and true shining from it and you embrace the feeling of it coming back to home. Home, which in this case is your understanding of it and welcoming it back into your vortex. Hope the talk will make much sense to anybody out there as well:

“The reason there are experiences of sadness, pain, disappointment, shallowness, separation and duality…all these things, grief, jealousy, disharmony, apathy..; All of these are just various stages of experience that all come from One Source…and that is – your own, unconscious disapproval of yourself.

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The most inspirational 4 min video to wake up and start living your Big Dreams. Make impossible possible.

#what’s on my mind today for anybody out there battling depression or feeling of unworthy…

chase Thought I’d share this amazing 4 min dose of pure inspiration to LIFE itself as a good start of the week 🙂 I came across Nick Vujicic a good few years ago and got really struck – awe inspired by his story and books. There are many motivational speakers out there who can talk for hours and still nothing changes in their audience approach to life after the speech is over. Nothing shifts. Well it is definitely not the case with Nick Vojicic from Life Without Limbs. I really think, that just listening to his short 4 min motivational video here can actually CHANGE the way people think about their lives and help them with taking a little (yet giant) quantum leap forward in realising and awakening their true potential inside. May sound cheesy at first… but, well, it’s NOT. 

There are so many people these days, who think so low of themselves, they do not approve of themselves on a conscious or a subconscious level and are being run by the feelings of undefinable sadness, grief, anxiety, unworthiness, grudge, depression, lack of self esteem and confidence and more. Well, guys…enough is enough! Think it would be just wonderful if we could all – collectively realise our TRUE potential, switch a bulb in our heads with full “Power on” sign and simply tapped into our nature of abundance. Sometimes obstacle = opportunity. Never give up.

Believe in Yourself and in making “Impossible” Possible. Dream Big. Cherish Life and what you have, and just wait what’s going to come out of the magician hat to match that vibrations of happiness and abundance that you learn to shine with from within.

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Can’t quiet your mind and constant chatter in your head? What about embracing and loving it? Ways to do so.

mind-chatter Can’t quiet your mind and stop the chatter of thoughts? 

So many people looking for spiritual development, truth, through inside work and rising their vibrational scale on the way to…let’s call it enlightenment ( (whatever it means for each of us 😉 ) have problems with this path because of mistaken notion, that if they can’t disconnect from the chatter of the mind, they won’t be able to achieve peace. Yet fighting and trying to escape the mind seems not to be an answer here. Trying to escape it will only enlarge the storm of agitation inside entire body. Why run away from our thoughts and mind? After all it’s a part of us. We can’t pretend it’s not there. We need to find the way to make peace with it. Yet mind is often tried to be left outside the door to the chamber of Spirituality. The problem is this chamber will not survive for long, as separation from such an important piece of ourselves is nothing else that a trojan horse, smoothly implemented into the main artery of so called Spirituality. There is no spirituality when there is separateness. You try to separate yourself from the mind, you separate yourself from the Divine. You can’t stay away from the mind in order to be spiritual. It’s simply not possible to deny your mind’s needs and not invite it into your “spiritual party” if you want to become peaceful.

“We can not become whole if we don’t live with the accordance of Oneness.” says Teal.

“Find ways you can include your mind in the spiritual progression. Trust your mind to let you know what it needs. Have you ever consider what it needs in order to actually become calm? Stop making an enemy of the mind in the spiritual practice. Integration needs to happen on the level of the mind as well as on all the levels of ourselves, and we can’t do that if we are trying to distance ourselves from the mind or disidentify with our mind. See and treat your mind like an ally and use it to benefit your spiritual progression. Work with your mind instead of against it.”

For those of you having hard time calming your mind during meditation process and being disappointed with yourself as a result, because you think you need to quiet your mind, fight it and get rid of it in order to move with the spiritual process of meditation, please watch this video by Teal Swan – The Spiritual Catalyst on this particular matter. One of the best spiritual message on the subject of mind vs spirituality I’ve heard in a long time:

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The Effects of Emotional Experiences on Physical Body. “Feel Good” book.

#whatsonmymind  I was tuning lately to talks from Anxiety Summit and one of the speaker was dr Ameet Aggarval, a Canadian licensed Naturopathic Doctor, psychotherapist (gestalt and EMDR), coach, family constellations, systems theory and Bowen therapist with years of experience working with individuals and organizations. He treats emotional and physical issues,including chronic pain, digestive issues, asthma, eczema, hormonal issues, infertility, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, stress and trauma.(…).

During the Summit he was talking on the subject of “The hidden master organ: Why treating your liver is fundamental to anxiety and depression” and covered vast amounts of topics from  concentrating not only on nutritional point of view in restoring liver function, the importance of physical detoxifying of liver but also on the importance of organic psychotherapy, family constellations, treating and releasing emotional burden, de-stressing, meditation, and mindfulness. And it was the moment I got really interested, as it is a field that has been resonating with my interests for years. I listened to hundreds of talks and many radio interviews from different summits in the past and usually pick few of my absolute favourite speakers, whose approach to healing and seeing the world resonates with me deeply on the intuitive level. And when I find my gut feeling saying the person is truly sincere I end up researching all materials out there on this person, that I can place my hands on. It was exactly the case with dr Ameet. I started to read his book called “Feel Good. Easy steps to health and happiness” and thought it’s packed with some great, scientific based and yet – easily absorbable and digestible information, that I found worth spreading and tapping into. I found the book worth buying and reading.

“Your brain chemistry depends on certain vitamins and minerals, and is also affected by imbalances in different organs in your body. By treating your brain and body chemistry while resolving emotions, you have a better chance of full recovery. Your body might be deficient in certain minerals and vitamins or some of your organs might be imbalanced, so we look at a combination of these factors to determine the best holistic approach for you without suppressing symptoms.”

I will share here an extremely interesting excerpt from the book, part of the chapter on correlation between emotional state and physical manifestations. Mind-Body connection. 

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Trust Yourself and Reject Authority – The ultimate truth on regaining dignity of human race.

#whatsonmymind series – briefly – what’s important.

mckenna I’ve been a fan of talks by Terrence McKenna for years. He was an American philosopher, psychonaut, ethnobotanist, lecturer, and author. He spoke and wrote about a variety of subjects, including psychedelic drugs, plant-based entheogens,, shamanism, metaphysics, alchemy, language, culture, technology, and the theoretical origins of human consciousness. I’ve listened to literally hundreds of McKenna’s talks in the past and can never have enough to randomly tune into his minds’ well full of words of wisdom. I read pretty much everything by McKenna with “Foods of the Gods” as the leading title. Today I tuned into several hours of listening to his speeches from amazing youtube channel featuring and gathering best talks – McKenna Countr Culture, that I highly recommend. One of the talks I stumbled upon, not for the first time, was an amazing talk on the importance of TRUSTING YOURSELF AND YOUR INTUITION, RECLAIMING YOUR MIND and WALKING AWAY FROM INSTITUTIONALIZATION that is making SLAVES out of all of us. SLAVES to IDEOLOGIES, to the OBSOLETE SYSTEM, which does not serve HUMANITY at all. I decided to write it down wile listening. Thought it’s important. It’s funny how a talk delivered about 20 years ago fits perfectly into today’s reality and if taken seriously this time, it could actually bring some significant changeand help a bit in awakening to our true powers and assisting already shifting Global Consciousness…

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4 I was listening to some talks today by Matt Kahn, American contemporary spiritual teacher and mystic, about whom I wrote an entire blog post here and loved some parts of his talk on “Freedom from Adversity” so much, that I decided I just needed to write it down and release into the online, Universal bloodstream – with Love Vibrations. It’s long but worth reading – It’s about LOVE REVOLUTION and the lost need and ability to love ourselves and following our heart’s guidance first, before we blindly follow any spiritual teachers out there. Spiritual teachers have all their place and time…but what comes first is knowing the Spirit of our own Heart.

It’s a powerful speech and it resonated with me deeply. Definitely worth a read :

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#what’s on my mind – in my daily “soup” of links, videos, books, articles. In my Research Wonderland.

#What’s on my mind.

I start a small series called What’s on my mind. These will be brief blog posts with links that were the highlight of my day. No extensive comments, mostly just passing forward the links that I consider important in the quest of developing oneself. I tend to jump between many articles, research papers, notes, books and watch many videos daily while following my research and often being intuitively guided towards different topics. This way I am lead into finding some amazing information by following my natural curiosity. I usually have at least 25-35 tabs/new windows open on my computer and go through them all connecting the dots of information I come across. It may seem crazy but it’s my reality and I operate between those links quite smoothly. I often listen to new uploads of channels I am subscribed to and which I mostly listed in the Links/People/Knowledge is Power page section on my blog,  follow some online workshops and trainings, summits, read newsletters from chosen subscription to websites on matters from health to quantum physics, energetics etc.

Some recommendations from today 16/10/14 :

I covered topic of New Earth Project founded by Sacha Stone before and you can read about the Project he founded in my previous blog post connected to listing present projects that could change the world and save humanity if taken seriously. I watched most of the interviews with Sacha out there, today I tuned into a newly released one that delivers powerful words from Stone that root deeply into the brain and shows you how easily we could change the reality we don’t like – by collectively refusing to obey the obsolete system and structures. He describes The Humanitad project and New Earth Nation project as well – for those who are not too familiar with. Continue reading “#what’s on my mind – in my daily “soup” of links, videos, books, articles. In my Research Wonderland.”