Free Yourself from the Illusion of Culture and Wake up to Who You ARE. Watch COSMIC GIGGLE – seriously ;-)

I think during the last decade I saw like hundreds of thousands ūüėČ of documentary films, following my¬†forever¬†curious, addicted to knowledge mind.. I went through all documentaries that caught my attention, TED talks, lectures, online seminars on subject from integrative nutrition to quantum physics, ¬†and more.. alternative documentaries that were synchronistically guiding me to dive into them.. ¬†( check my previous blog post on one of best free documentaries website – Films For Action and its Walls of Films )

Anyway…today I reminded myself of 2 great,¬†worth passing forward¬†films, while recommending them to a friend, ¬†that – according to my humble view –¬†should be made mainstream. Just for the sake of OPENING People up. To OPEN to FEEL, to SENSE, to STOP Complying to sick social structures and laws that are not serving the People. Those films are here to Shift clogged, rigid perception … to SEE MORE… to crack something open inside of you .. so that the Light can get in…

Check for Yourself and feel free to share with whoever might resonate with the message.

1. “Cosmic Giggle” may be ironically the most serious in its implications film you’ve seen for a long time ;¬†-) The movie features some interesting personas including Terrence McKenna, Lujan Matus, Gayatri Devis, Adam Apollo, Mark England and more.

The Cosmic Giggle is an experimental documentary film that explores the human energy field’s dynamic relationship with our environment. Naturally as human beings, we are connected to a vast network of fluid information inherent to the world around us. When we are children, we are open to this field through simple innocent observance, but because of our collective evolution towards a dominating and fixated worldview, this perception becomes veiled. This film reveals how this process takes place and provides keys for returning to a more primal and authentic experience of our reality.”

Additionally I will throw in a Trance – Formation” movie by wonderful Max Igan. Equally powerful :

Hope You enjoyed those. Stay OPEN. BE curious. Dare to be a nonconformist. Question what You’ve been told. Question authority. Question me. Find Your Truth in all of that. Integrate. Breathe in the Truth. Breath out “the washing powder” from your head ūüėČ Awaken Inner Senses.

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Trust Yourself and Reject Authority – The ultimate truth on regaining dignity of human race.

#whatsonmymind series – briefly – what’s important.

mckenna¬†I’ve been a fan of talks by¬†Terrence McKenna¬†for years. He was¬†an American philosopher, psychonaut, ethnobotanist,¬†lecturer, and author. He spoke and wrote about a variety of subjects, including psychedelic drugs,¬†plant-based entheogens,, shamanism,¬†metaphysics, alchemy, language, culture, technology, and the theoretical origins of human consciousness. I’ve listened to literally hundreds of McKenna’s¬†talks in the past and can never have enough to randomly tune into his minds’ well full of words of wisdom. I read pretty much everything by McKenna with “Foods of the Gods” as the leading title. Today I tuned into several hours of listening to his speeches from amazing youtube channel featuring and gathering best talks –¬†McKenna Countr Culture, that I highly recommend.¬†One of the talks I stumbled upon, not for the first time, was an amazing talk on the importance of TRUSTING YOURSELF AND YOUR INTUITION, RECLAIMING YOUR MIND and WALKING AWAY FROM INSTITUTIONALIZATION that is making¬†SLAVES out of all of us. SLAVES to IDEOLOGIES, to the OBSOLETE SYSTEM, which does not serve HUMANITY at all. I decided to write it down wile listening. Thought it’s important. It’s funny how a talk delivered about 20 years ago fits perfectly into today’s reality and if taken seriously this time, it could actually bring some significant changeand help a bit in awakening to our true powers and assisting already shifting Global Consciousness…

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