Message to our International Leadership by Sacha Stone. Amazing speech.

flower This is a truly amazing speech delivered by Sacha Stone, the founder of Humanitad (Humanitad is an international non-governmental, non-profit, self-funding organisation committed to the promotion of interfaith and intercultural tolerance and fellowship between all nations and faiths. We do this through global arts and cultural exposition, education and the facilitation of coherent and progressive exchange amongst international leadership) and The New Earth Nation Project during 2014 Breakthrough Energy Movement conference featuring a panel of renowned scientists and researchers from all over the world. I loved this open letter so much that decided to write it down as well to feel the vibration of every written word that came from the pure intentions of a pure heart. I think this speech should be shared on all global summits and I sincerely hope for its ripple effect being echoed and taken seriously in different parts of he world

It’s a message to those elites that drive the hologram, our reality Matrix. And I (Sacha Stone) want to do so in the state of mind and the state of Heart.

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