Teleportation, Time Travel, Parallel Realities are accessible NOW ( to name a few ). Learn about scientific formulas and devices that will make impossible – POSSIBLE.

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If You are … Me ūüėČ or just also curious to the bone marrow level about all those topics listed below ¬†– then have a further read and watch those 3 videos ( and feel like Agent 007 ūüėČ ). ¬†If you don’t seem¬†interested in those … take a hammer, knock your head with it few times and Wake Up ! ūüėČ

The topics spoken about in this blog posts content delivered in 3 listed videos are – to name a few : Quantum Conscious Computer, Teleportation, Quantum Crystallized Algorithm Parallel Realities, Telepathy, Channeling, Energizing water with Frequency, Quantum Leaps, Quantum Physics, Hybrids, RA, DNA structure, , Molecular Structure, 5th Dimensional Structure, AI, UNITY Consciousness, The Source, Time – Space, Quantum Field, Light, Sound, Nano – technology, Magnetic and Gravitational Field, Infinity, One Consciousness, Torus, Matrix of Reality, Conscious Particle, God Particle, Photons,¬†¬†Quantum Structure of Manifestation, Manipulation of frequency and many more (…).

“Quantum Physicist and Intuitive Channel Marina Jacobi¬†¬†discuss the nature of the Holographic Universe, Parallel Realities, Law of Attraction and Manifestation, Past and Parallel Lives, Soulmates, and other fascinating topics. With a scientific background, and assistance from extradimensional beings, Marina is also able to channel complex mathematical formulas and structures to be translated into devices to assist in healing the human body, teleportation, dimensional travel ( that is possible now ), and more.¬†You will find more in this¬†conversation between Marina and ¬†a wonderful¬†Spiritual teacher and host – Ethan Fox¬†( see more about him under the link )¬†from Awake and Empowered Expo / TV

Marina Jacobi, as an intuitive channeler has written “THE HARMONIC REACTOR” Book¬†( buy /download it on donation base from this link ). The book delivers collection of data offered by the Council of Nine where they give specific instructions on how to build this teleportation device. Marina works to coach scientists in their endeavor to decipher the code.

She describes her work on HARMONIC REACTOR in detail in this video :

As a highly intuitive person myself – from my personal ( objective ! ) friendship with Marina and one on one¬†interactions and sessions with her, ¬†I must sincerely state that she is one of the most humble, sincere, amazing, integral, committed and¬†selflessly dedicated to help Humanity BEing ¬†(in a beautiful “Earth Suit” skin of hers ūüėČ ) I have ever met ūüôā ¬†I feel it’s absolutely necessary at these times¬†that¬†this information is¬†spread widely and reached bigger audiences within this growing Bubble of Emerging New Earth.

And last but not least – this is one of the latest, packed with Information interview with Marina, which is absolutely Mind Blowing :

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Bridging Science and Spirituality – BIG Time. Escape the Matrix and Shift Your rigid beliefs of what’s possible. The Science of Proven Miracles.

Gregg Braden is a rare blend of scientist, visionary and scholar with the ability to speak to our minds, while touching the wisdom of our hearts.

~Deepak Chopra, M.D.

download¬†I wrote about Gregg Braden in previous posts, so won’t focus this post on his biography as it’s not important. What’s important is the message he brings and delivers to Humanity, as he steps fully into being an amazing Ambassador¬†¬†for bridging Science and Spirituality.

If anyone is interested why I practise META Health approach to healing/Integrative Medicine with focus on balancing Mind Body Spirit (Physical, Emotional, Psychological and Mental Body) with emphasis on energy work and why I think in terms of Energy, Vibrations and Frequencies in relation to our¬†Reality we live in … here are some video- reasons why I do what I do…( which is often difficult to combine in stiff frames of definitions .. ūüėČ )

I could pick at least dozen more of video lectures and talks by Braden, but think those few will shift, mind blow and awaken your Higher Curiosity enough to start questioning what you’ve been told in schools and all formal trainings you’ve ever received and start looking behind the veil for some Truths kept hidden from you.

I could write an entire essay about the electromagnetic field running through all living organisms and us being these energy BEings here on Earth. As we are generating this electromagnetic field created by electrical activity in our bodies, that is created by¬†electrical currents in our nervous systems, as well as the electrochemical processes that are constantly¬†occurring¬†in all of our cells…, then moving to the impact of our emotions, quantum physics and mechanics and its relation to our life, Heart coherence, connection between Heart and the Brain, illusion of physical reality …and so on and so on…

I will save myself some time writing and will direct you to watch/listen/digest and absorb those words of wisdom in your own unique way. Take whatever is resonating with You and leave the rest. Probably you will find it hard to find¬†anything that will not resonate with your own truths felt on some deeper cellular level inside of you… You’ll need to check for yourself. So here we go :


THE SCIENCE OF MIRACLES (Sounds cheezy – but believe me – won’t be that anymore once you listen to that ):





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Free online NEURO-SUMMIT – from 9th to 20th Feb. 10 Exclusive Interviews with world’s best psychologists, brain and mindfulness experts!

brain400¬†It seems it is like never ending story with all those winter free online webinars, conferences and mind blowing summits that I keep recommending, following myself and tuning into since beginning of this year. I would also consider it as a huge culprit of me not posting any new articles and not sharing much on my blog lately – due to this small “addiction” to learning from all those Summits, alongside additionally doing some extra courses connected with my holistic practice. With modern ways of learning and ability to do some good research online and finding great information – You can easily, if committed enough, gain some profound knowledge on all topics of your interest.

My subjects of interest and summits that I register to are varying from presenting up to date knowledge and research connected to :¬†psychology, neuroscience, nutrition, meta-health and integrative medicine nutrition, spiritual psychology, spirituality in modern world, alternative medicine, alternative therapies in healing chronic diseases and cancer, quantum physics and quantum mechanics and all aspects of new science about holographic Universe, bridging science, ¬†mysticism and spirituality, power of subconscious mind, learning about new healing modalities, approach to treating addictions, breaking destructive habits and patterns, philosophy, science of¬†beliefs, consciousness and the brain, quantum healing and quantum regeneration on cellular level, methods of releasing trapped traumas, epigenetics,¬†rewriting¬†our¬†genome¬†with the power of intention,¬†¬†and much, much, much more….

No school or university that I attended in the past could ever inject¬†me with such strive for knowledge and curiosity about newly released research and always up to date information. But back to the subject of this post and yet another recommendation of upcoming FREE mind-blowing knowledge…

Apart from the¬†Summits, that are already in play – I stated all of them in my previous blog post called : 5 FREE online winter Health, Wellness, Mind, Body Spirit Summits that are an absolute MUST to check out! Easily accessible knowledge from world‚Äôs best¬†experts!”, there is one more coming our way starting February the 9th and ending on the 20th – and it’s the third edition of NEURO-SUMMIT¬†available to register HERE.

Look how Lisa Garr, the host of this summit – encourages us to take part in it ! Well, I am sold for sure ( especially that neuroscience is absolutely one of my favourite “cup of cha” to¬†relish on…. ūüôā mniam … ) :

“The Summit offers a mind boggling line-up of the foremost experts in the extremely popular and growing field of Neuroscience, Brain Training and Mindfulness.¬†With all the new discoveries being made regarding the brain, we are finding scientific evidence now verifying the belief that mankind has held for centuries; the human brain plays a dominant role in the condition of our health, longevity, abilities, limitations, healing, happiness, and even our very reality.

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#what’s on my mind – in my daily “soup” of links, videos, books, articles. In my Research Wonderland.

#What’s on my mind.

I start a small series called What’s on my mind. These will be brief blog posts with links that were the highlight of my day. No extensive comments, mostly just passing forward the links that I consider important in the quest of developing oneself. I tend to jump between many articles, research papers, notes, books and watch many videos daily while following my¬†research and often being intuitively guided towards different topics. This way I am lead into finding some amazing information by following my natural curiosity. I usually have at least 25-35 tabs/new windows open on my computer and go through them all connecting the dots of information I come across. It may seem crazy but it’s my reality and I operate between those links quite smoothly. I often listen to new uploads of channels I am subscribed to and which I mostly listed in the Links/People/Knowledge is Power page section on my blog, ¬†follow some online workshops and trainings, summits, read newsletters from chosen subscription to websites on matters from health to quantum physics, energetics etc.

Some recommendations from today 16/10/14 :

I covered topic of New Earth Project founded by Sacha Stone before and you can read about the Project he founded in my previous blog post connected to listing present projects that could change the world and save humanity if taken seriously. I watched most of the interviews with Sacha out there, today I tuned into a newly released one that delivers powerful words from Stone that root deeply into the brain and shows you how easily we could change the reality we don’t like – by collectively refusing to obey the obsolete system and structures. He describes The Humanitad project and New Earth Nation project as well – for those who are not too familiar with. Continue reading “#what’s on my mind – in my daily “soup” of links, videos, books, articles. In my Research Wonderland.”