Changing Subconscious Patterns with Energy Psychology – Quantum Leap Journey Process tailored sessions to start breaking free from destructive patterns.

ghgh Excerpt from “The Biology of Belief” by my favourite well and long studied scientist, cellular biologist Bruce Lipton, PhD – that will help you understand why I fell in love with epigenetics and decided to pursue Energy Psychology Healing modalities as the main core and base for true healing.

 Over the years, I studied lots of different techniques  and integrated the main core values and methods into tailored made my own process of Quantum Leap Journey Process ( combined researched techniques ) with attempt of re-writting stuck subconscious, destructive beliefs that are silently running havoc in our lives from inside out. I can guide/direct you to those techniques or work on you by implementing my own ones, based on what I’ve learnt. The only thing I’ll need from you will be your eagerness, belief that YOU CAN and sincere urge for change to successfully start this process if you’d wish to work with me. (which is not necessary! You can just enjoy this article 🙂


“Yes, you can reprogram the subconscious mind. All of us got programmed when we were very young. And the programs even started before we were born. We were programmed already in the uterus. So the program occurred before you were born and therefore you can’t tell me what all the programs are that you have. You weren’t even conscious at that point.

So then I say how will I know what the programs are? You don’t need to go to a psychiatrist to figure it out. The reason why it’s simple, is that 95 percent of your life comes from the subconscious program. So by definition your life is a printout of your subconscious programs.

So the things that you like and that come easily to you in your life are there because you have a program that allows them to be there. In contrast anything that you have to work hard at, put a lot of effort into or anything you have to struggle for to make it happen, is a result of your programs not supporting that.

So if you’re trying to find a relationship, or you can never get into a relationship and you’re thinking it’s not in my fate to be in a relationship, then this is not true. It is because whatever programs your mother and father and family had about relationships is not supportive.

And the second reason is that you play these programs 95 percent of the time and you don’t see them,  so that means at least 95 percent of the time you were sabotaging yourself and you don’t see it. And therefore you never understood why your relationships were not working.

So if people want to know what their programs are, I say what in your life comes easily to you is there because you have programs to support that. Anything that you struggle to get to, that is because you have programs that don’t support that.

And that’s how you know what programs you want to change. So you ask where are the troubles in my life? If they exist in relationship for example you know you have to change your beliefs about relationship. And then you can work on yourself. So first it is about recognizing that the patterns come from programming. And that you can change them.

Now, there is always that belief that you can talk to your subconscious mind. And people try that and then they find themselves playing their programs again. And they get mad at themselves. And they get frustrated, because they think ‘I keep talking to myself and it is not changing’.

You have to remember you are like an entity in the conscious mind. But the subconscious mind is just like a machine, it records, pushes a button, plays back. So if you are trying to talk to the subconscious as if there was somebody in there, it’s frustrating because there is nobody in there to listen.

That’s not how the subconscious changes and that’s why most people have a lot of problems and get mad at themselves when it doesn’t change. Well, that is simply not how it learns.

So the two minds learn differently. The conscious mind is called creative and can learn by reading a self-help book or going to a lecture, watching a video, or reading an article. It is creative, it goes, “ah, I have an idea, now I change my mind.”

The subconscious mind is a habit mind. And the most important thing about a habit mind is that you don’t want it to change very quickly, because otherwise habits fall apart. So it is resistant to change. That is the first thing we have to realize. It is not as easy to change like the creative mind. So how do I change my subconscious mind? How does it learn? Number one: The first seven years the mind is operating in a low vibrational frequency like hypnosis. So that is one way of changing the program. Number two: After you are seven you form habits by repeating something over and over and over again. Practicing, repeating, practicing. Unlock Your Mind 28

An example: If you read a self-help book the conscious mind understood it, but the subconscious mind learned nothing from it, because you only read it once and this is not how it learns. If you repeat the message of the book over and over and over again and behave that way, then the subconscious mind will learn a new behaviour.

So it is about habituation, where you make a practice out of something, every day repeat it over and over again. So these are the two main ways, hypnosis, and habituation.

Then there is a third way now which is new and which is called energy psychology. And it activates the brain to be in a state of superlearning. If you engage superlearning, you can rewrite subconscious programs in about 10 minutes. Something you have had your whole life can be rewritten in 10 minutes! Now there are a bunch of different techniques, but they function all in about the same manner. It pushes the record button of the subconscious mind so you can download new data very, very fast.

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You Are the Guru of Your Self – The message for us all through Self Inquiry. Realise how amazing you already ARE. HERE. NOW.

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“Your own Self Realisation is the greatest service you can render the world” 

~ Sri Ramana Maharshi 

lotus2 I just can’t emphasise this message enough. And wanted to make it clear – for any “followers” of this blog as well.

“The Real Teacher Is The One Who Shows You The Way But Lets You Walk It On Your Own In Your Own Way

The Wise Teacher Is The One Who Shows You The Door But Does Not Tell You What To Think About What Is Behind Them

The True Teacher Is The One Who Teaches You To Lead, Not To Follow

The Awakened Teacher Is The One Who Is Also The Student

The Genuine Teacher Is The One Who Knows When To Tell You To Leave Your Teacher

The Compassionate Teacher Is The One Who Teaches All By An Example, Not Just His Students

The Courageous Teacher Is The One Who Dares To Expand Beyond His Teachings

The Best Teacher Is The One Who Brings Out The Teacher In You So That You May Become REAL, WISE, TRUE, GENUINE, COMPASSIONATE And COURAGEOUS”

– Agape Satori

 Guru is the Self ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi 

Self Inquiry leads to Self Realisation. Self surrender as Self – Knowledge. One Source is Within One Self. Give Yourself Up to It and Merge Within Yourself. Self is the Witness of Everything You do. You Are That. The Witness. Pure Awareness.Do NOT delude yourself by imagining that there is any kind of God outside of You.

For those who want to learn a bit more about Ramana Maharshi – start with this video underneath:

Ramana Maharshi – Abide As The Self video:

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Emotional Oneness and Shadow Work with Your Inner Child. Resolving Relationship with your Innocence.True Guru is inside of You.

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I loved this talk about Emotional Oneness by Matt Kahn so much and found in it so many hidden gems on different subjects, that I decided to repost it again, this time with focus it delivers on embracing Your Inner Child (that needs Shadow Work) and relationship with it alongside your Mind and your Heart. I posted this video in the blog post called “Emotional Oneness. Making Peace with Your Inner Child with Matt Kahn. Speech that moves hearts” recently as well.

Read some of my favourite messages from the video before listening to the whole audio. I really liked revolutionary way Matt Kahn spoke about the misconception of understanding EGO in today’s’ spiritual traditions and the need to deal with Your own Shadow in order to find Peace and Enlightenment that many of us are so craving for.

“In many spiritual traditions the focus is on understanding, unravelling, overcoming, and transcending the ego. And this way the ego gets a really bad wrap. In fact in many spiritual traditions when you have confidence people say you have an ego. And an ego is an aspect of your Soul. And when you take a heart journey, you understand that ego is just an inflated character through which your Inner Child wants to gain some attention that it didn’t get from the past. So the ego is an attention seeking device on the psychological level that your Inner Child employs. And if you’re trying to destroy and get away from your ego, you are sending messages of abandonment, resistance, isolation to your Inner Child. And this way your Inner Child gets even darker in order to get your attention. Like – I’m not gonna be loved by them but they not gonna ignore me! – And that’s how the Inner Child becomes the Shadow. Your Inner Child is just desperate for your Loving Attention and it takes a back seat and perceives your spiritual journey as the sibling that gets all the attention. And Your Inner Child gets really resentful of Spirituality, coz the seeking of it and focusing on spirituality in your life makes you totally forgetting your Inner Child.

What You don’t want to do is to bring your spiritual philosophy to your Innocence, coz the Inner Child  perceives your spiritual knowledge from different sources as a threat, that is more worthy (and being treated as such) than ITSELF.”

Your Inner Child that is the Innocence of Your Consciousness is the Guardian of Your Soul and until you’ve given it the attention that it demands, it won’t allow the things that you’re here to experience, create and express in your life, to be recognised in your present moment reality.

And truly speaking – Your Inner Child is Your Only Guru You can Trust. We should be on a spiritual journey that gives as focus on our inner world and our heart and not so much so on external spiritual gadgets.

“So the focus of the Spiritual Journey is – bring your Mind and Your Heart back in to the reunited joy of holy matrimony once you and your Innocence are back on the same page. And then it just happens that you are living Oneness.

You are living Oneness when You are living from Inside OUT and not OUTside In.

Changing the relationship with your Inner Child is actually what triggers the abundance to be flooding into your life. Emotional Oneness is when you are having a Heart Centred relationship with Your Innocence.

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Actualizing The Human Imagination – transcending limitations with awe inspiring Jason Silva.

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shots of awe Decided to go through last SHOTS OF AWE episodes today – a short film series of “trailers for the mind” that serve as philosophical espresso shots exploring innovation, technology creativity, futurism and the metaphysics of the imagination. I already wrote an entire blog post on this amazing online project called “Mind boggling experience for body and soul in less than 3min.“so please have a look at that. To keep the information in the flow though, I decided to share this reminder about Shots of Awe again, as I watched some of the latest short videos and as usual got inspired, uplifted and mind blown 😉 Hope You will too. Pay attention to words being spoken during watching shots of awes.These videos present not only visually phenomenal masterpiece but all episodes are loaded with great information and often mention titles of great books and authors worth checking out, like Ray Kurzweil “Singularity is Near”,  Buckminster Fuller’s books, Marshal McLuhan, Joseph Campbell, etcetera.

Call me crazy but I feel always amazingly energised and wonderfully nourished by these philosophical espresso shots that give a positive adrenaline rush with the inner power to conquer the world without caffeine caused migraines or energy drop downs after a while.

Why I keep watching those episodes? Well think one of them describes it best – I am just passionately c u r i o u s ! Loving cognitive ecstasy! Awakening my wonder Junkie day after day!

0. The Ecstasy of Curiosity

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Why you really do NOT need to understand everything that happens. Words of wisdom from spiritual teacher, Matt Kahn for today.

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Wisdom-Square_Home It’s interesting how sometimes when you really need to hear something and uplift yourself with some messages…”randomly” stumbled across wisdom words present themselves to you. This time it came from the Matt Kahn from True Divine Nature fb site and turned to be exactly something I needed to hear today. Hope those words will help you understand your journey better as well 🙂  I wrote about Matt Kahn, mystic and spiritual teacher in previous post HERE.

“What can often prevent you from transforming your experiences is attempting to understand the experiences you are having. When the need to understand has been relinquished, you enter a flow of Divine perfection, where you are able to access your freedom of will to determine the quality of experiences coming your way.

You may not be able to control the outcome, since every circumstance ensures the evolution of your highest growth, but you are able to choose how openly and harmoniously you embrace each encounter. It may not always seem convenient when viewed through the lens of a limiting belief. It certainly won’t always be comfortable for the livelihood of any expectation. Above all else, it will always be exactly what is meant to unfold to ensure your highest potential blossoms to completion.

Perhaps this reminds you how the details of life don’t actually need to change, in order to feel better about yourself and the world around you. Instead, you can taste the ecstasy of your own eternal freedom by putting aside the need to understand the miracles unfolding in every breath. Maybe a deep-rooted desire to understand or even the hope that a greater understanding will change your circumstances is only pursued to help you pinpoint the exact obstacle that you are here to overcome. While there is much you are free to understand, it cannot assist you in feeling any better. Equally so, you are able to feel good about yourself by embracing the mystery of every moment, without needing anything more to figure out, process, or conclude.

While understanding may have inspired tremendous insights in earlier chapters of your journey, it also becomes one of your greatest distractions as your journey expands. That is, until you realize that understanding is not actually a conduit for the relief of relaxation.The true conduit of relaxation is the willingness to slow your breath and allow yourself to embrace the one who needs something to understand, fix, maintain, or figure out – one “I love you” at a time.

Whatever arises, love that. This is the way of the energetically-sensitive soul.”

To step further into Kahn’s talk :

“Violence is fear in action. Fear is an avoidance of sadness. Sadness is an aversion to loneliness. Loneliness is a denial of emptiness. Emptiness is the presence of being. The presence of being is awakened consciousness. Through an awareness of fear, violence no longer becomes an option. As fear is faced, sadness is encountered. As sadness is encountered, loneliness is acknowledged. As loneliness is acknowledged, emptiness is recognized. As emptiness is recognized, a presence of being is discovered. As a presence of being is discovered — consciousness awakens.

In noticing how the deepest pain inevitably leads to your most profound spiritual discovery, I invite you to support the end of violence by acknowledging any discomfort as a catalyst of your highest evolution. As you take the time to face what is unresolved in your heart, waves of high vibrational energy are sent throughout the field of consciousness. With each wave entering every energy field, it inspires those who use violence to avoid their soul’s journey to come out hiding and surrender at last. This is the heart of transformation”.

Just thought that is so important and inspirational in the awakening process x

Namaste. Just Trust in the process of Life.


Strong Third Eye Activation music. Meditative state with powerful brain waves therapy.

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Happy meditations.

I love meditation and experimenting with different brain waves therapies.I will share my favourite “youtubes” on this matter from time to time.

3 links with binaural beats that will work on calming your brain and restoring what needs to be renewed.

Quiet you mind and submerse into binaural beats isochronic tones working on your brain waves. Headphones recommended:

  • Very gentleDeep Sleep and Binaural Beats Meditation & Relaxation 

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Emotional Wake Up Call from Spiritual Catalyst./ in my tabs bubble.

tabs #what’s on my mind #briefly Funny how at the end of the day I look at my tabs open on my laptop and there are never less than 25 windows opened. At the moment the number shows 37. Combining research. On the constant look out for more. Addicted to knowledge and alternative sources of information, I am usually surrounded with dozens of windows and tabs, pdf files opened with documentary films, books, articles, news and newsletters from channels I am subscribed to, links I was weirdly lead to somehow and they turned out to be exactly what I needed to read, or gain insight about something that helped me with finding last piece of puzzle towards some issue I am working on … etcetera.

Decided to make a highlight of sharing a fairy new video with Teal Swan – The Spiritual Catalyst, whom I mentioned before in my blog post on “Spiritual Teachers are better that Psychotherapists”. The subject of the video is “Emotional Wake Up Call” and it’s neatly presented and synthesised in short video, coz the subject is vast! Think the video might help many people out there if understood well. Teal starts with words:

“In order to life a healthy life…you have to have a healthy life on a level of Body, Mind and Soul. These pillars have long been considered as pillars of healthy, long and complete life. But what is I were to tell you, that we got it all wrong……When we think of the soul, we think of the etheric or intangible energy (…). In truth our Soul aspect is innately healthy. It can not be in an unhealthy state. Soul, which is pre-manifested energy – creates feelings and creates mind and creates body. Al 3 levels of a person are in fact comprised of SOUL. A body is a Soul projecting itself physically. A mind is a Soul projecting itself mentally. Feeling is a Soul consciously perceiving. (…) Emotion is the language of the Soul” (…). It gets only better further into the talk …

To name a few other tabs from my late evening tabs bubble open on my computer. Maybe you’ll also find something interesting here 😉 :

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Origin of Consciousness, The Seer and manifestation of seen objects. Powerful words by Mooji.

momomomooAs I was listening to random youtube talks by Mooji on different subjects lately, I stumbled upon this short,  video, where Mooji is giving an answer to the question of “What is and where is the origin of Consciousness?”. This seemingly “one of many”, and roughly 5 minute long video carries with itself surprisingly huge potential to unlock Higher Perspective, Higher Consciousness, Higher Understanding of “how things are” and “who you are”, Higher Understanding of Manifestations and good old Laws of Attractions, that we kept hearing about more and more after big success of the book “The secret”. Yet, I must admit, that I have never heard words on the subject selected so well and matching all the synesthetic vibrations and colours of the Truth. The Truth that seems true to the core for me and me only. I don’t make claims my truth is your truth as well. You will need to check it for yourself 😉  I loved this speech so much that I just needed to write it all down. To feel the vibration of the words while writing them, be closer, to taste them in their complexed simplicity.

Who is the Seer? Where is origin of Consciousness? What is beyond Consciousness?

” Where is the origin of Consciousness? It cannot be pointed out spaciously. You are the origin of Consciousness. Thus you are the one in whom the Consciousness is being perceived. And the function of Consciousness is being perceived. And Consciousness in its manifestation as I am and I – me is also perceived. So therefore You being witness of that, you must be this, out of which the Consciousness is manifesting. But not you personally. Because you personally – is only a thought. So you impersonally must be Consciousness.

But is that it? Is there something more than Consciousness? Is there something beyond? (…) Whatever you can see is on the desktop of the Consciousness because you can perceive that. But if the Seer of all this items is included in the item packaging? Or is he distinctly outside the box, the desktop? It’s a really subtle thing. Coz in order for the things at the desktop to be seen with interest …that interest must be also in the Seer of them. And if that interest is in the Seer of them, that Seer of them is not yet purely spatial. The Seer of them must also have some quality in it. And that quality in it is being reflected on the screen.

The Seer is never totally apart from what is seen. The atomised objects of that perception can only come into view with the belief in them that happens in the Seer of them.” 

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Words of wisdom for evening’s chill out. Mooji’s playlist.

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My ways of relaxation after a long day at work are probably considered weird by many people, whatever this “weird” is being defined as. Well… there’s usually Qi-gong or yoga practice, then making a nice supper in the kitchen, while listening to some kind of a talk or online lectures from ongoing summit plying in the background and then a big moment of CHOICE comes to the picture with all its glory 😉 Choice from hundreds of ideas of what to listen/read to. Lectures, talks, speeches on hundreds of topics of my interest like checking what’s new in the vortex of channelling some amazing information from higher consciousness by spiritual teachers, shamanism, health and wellness, neuroscience, quantum physics and quantum mechanics, black holes and galaxies, sustainability, documentary films on all subjects possible  from those links :

Mooji_biography or other, tuning to online alternative radio channels with mind blowing interviews, checking my subscribed channels from youtube, reading one or more simultaneously books hundreds of books on my shelf or computer disc, reading newsletters from important for me alternative Initiatives or reading new updates from Projects from all over the world that I follow and check on regularly (I wrote about just few of those amazing ones in my blog post here). Reading, reading, reading , listening, listening, listening, writing, writing, writing…escaping all social pressures and following my inner bliss, this unfed need to keep on discovering something new, learning, expanding horizons of knowledge and bending my own mind’s structures, finding link with my inner resonance of happiness and pure pleasure in relation to being in my “Research Wonderland” yet again. There is always an intuitive process about making that choice of what’s important for me to hear at any given time, I guess. Tonight I instinctively typed in youtube “Mooji in London”, as I felt I wanted to listen to some wisdom words spoken by a Mooji’s soft voice and what popped up was a combined playlist of 36 videos from previous Satsangs starting with “Everything happens in your head” talk. Yeap… sounded convincing enough to follow and unfold what this playlist had in its sleeve for me this time.

Video after video and video and I couldn’t help it but go through all of the uploads from the playlist. Just naturally. All of the talks delivered there on different topics ( like “You are the Awareness”,”True Religion”, “The Immaterial”, “Find Your Nirvana”, “The centre of everything”, “Enjoyment is natural”, “Is it possible to kill the mind” – and why would you attempt to do so..; and much more) in life and questions raised by the audience were met with profoundly enlightening answers from Mooji that will probably leave you all in a deep awe state repeating “feck, it’s sounds sooo True. I knew that deep inside, just needed to hear that spoken aloud this time”.

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Eckhart Tolle – The Power of Now and awakening your true potential.

“Having access to that formless realm of pure Being is truly liberating. It frees you from bondage to form and identification with form. It is life in its indifferentiated state prior to its fragmentation into multiplicity. We may call it Unmanifested, the invisible Source of all things, the Being within all beings. It is a realm of deep stillness and peace, but also of joy and intense aliveness. Whenever you are present you become transparent to some extent to the light, the pure consciousness that emanates from this Source. You also realize that the Light is not separate from who you are but constitutes your very essence”.
Eckhart Tolle

It all become possible after dissolution of ego and dropping the need to label anything.

I am a big fan of Eckhart Tolle work, teachings and books, “The Power of Now” and “A New Earth” and I admit they shaped me immensely. Continue reading “Eckhart Tolle – The Power of Now and awakening your true potential.”