Spiritual teachers are better than psychotherapists. Stop confusion. Discover answers to any question you might have.

1 For the last good few years I’ve been a pretty dedicated follower of many spiritual teachers and channellers. In no means I am addicted to any of them. I just intuitively tune into the talks on topics that I find of interest to me on a particular day. I compare many source and ultimately draw my own conclusions. Sceptical at the beginnings long ago, after all it came to me naturally to get on this path while on the quest for answers. I was growing up having lots of questions. Teenage years and early adolescence brought floods of questions. Questions about everything. The reality, the sense of the world, all the big questions about the nature of the world and the Self, the eternal question about the purpose of life, many, many questions starting with “why” and trying to understand my odd, “weird” nature. There was always so much thinking involved – the game of the psychological identity. There was lots of confusion to be cleared up on the mind and emotional level. It was overwhelming at times. After all, sticking to mind while looking for answers can be exhausting 😉 I remember the rush of the thoughts in my head and trials to make something logical out of it. Always tried to resolve something, to find a solution and to understand my own feelings while dealing with social structures, conditionings and constructs on daily basis that were never agreeable with me, and how I felt I needed to escape them. There was always lots of going on back then, and having a good database of guidance from well researched sources from teachers wiser than me at that time, would be a handy thing to have, to say the least 😉 It all came to me later, after my teenage years were finished, as a result of more confusion while stepping into the adulthood. It was probably supposed to be so. I needed to go through what I’ve been through while growing up to prepare myself for becoming unclouded with old projections of the mind and let pure awareness in… As a result , I found a few Spiritual Teachers and Channellers who resonated with me perfectly while listening to their talks on dynamics of Life, emotions, true nature of ourselves and the importance of Being in the Now. The choice in the vast sea of teachers is huge, and there are undoubtedly many charlatans out there, as well as many scams to be avoided. I’ve always been pretty good in following my intuition ( clairsentience ) and never was disappointed by my gut feeling, which has always guided me well. I seem to have picked those teachers who after all come down with a TRUTH that we are all Guru of ourselves – there are no rules to be followed, there is your own Heart’s Wisdom to be tapped into and follow. What those teachers do…is showing a direction, shaping you a bit – yet emphasising that a single and the most important discovery you can make after those teachings is finding the true Power and Fulfilment inside of Yourself, your True Self.  If You have somebody in your life that can accelerate this process for you and you resonate with them on a heart’s level – work with them. Continue reading “Spiritual teachers are better than psychotherapists. Stop confusion. Discover answers to any question you might have.”

Losing the Ego: the Awakening by Alan Watts *and Mooji

ego A totally borrowed words from Alan Watts and a wonderful, 10 min video on the importance of losing the Ego. Thought the subject of ego in our lives and its real nature and how it affects our every day life is so important that I shared it not only on facebook, where I usually share “what’s on my mind” or what inspires me at given moment (so please subscribe to stay up to date if you wish) but will actually copy paste it into a post. Hope this will help you understand the phenomenon of ego itself in its existence while understanding that ego is a phantom kind, an illusion of the mind…so how can it exist in the first place..? See what about ego have to say : Alan Watts, Mooji and Matt Kahn.

“To borrow an old Chinese saying, that when the wrong man uses the right means, the right means work in the wrong way. In other words, there’s something wrong with the way that we think, and while that is there, everything we do will be a mess. Now what is it that’s wrong? Now as far as I can see, the basic mistake is that we’ve invented this wonderful system of language and calculation and that it is at once too simple to deal with the complexity of the world, and also we are liable to confuse that system of symbols with the world itself, just as say we confuse money with wealth. A lot of people are in business to make money itself, when they make the money they don’t know what to do with it. And so in the same way, we confuse happiness with status, and we confuse ourselves as living organisms, which are one with this whole universe, with something we call our personality. Now what is our personality? Our personality is what we call our image. Our image of ourselves, and also our thought of ourselves, our idea of ourselves. This is the person. In order words, what people meet and understand, and what I understand as Alan Watts is a big act, which is not really me. Because in the image of Alan Watts, there are not all my unconscious processes, both psychological and physical, the construction of my brain is not contained in the concept Alan Watts, and the concept Alan Watts does not contain the inseparable relationship with all the rest of the universe, and therefore that concept is a fraud! When it’s mistaken for the real me, there’s a confusion because if someone says Alan Watts, do something about it! The concept Alan Watts can’t do anything! In other words, because it’s only a concept, you can’t make it lift a weight. Just as three is a concept, you can’t make plain three do anything. Just as you can’t wrap up all parcels with the equator – it’s a useful imaginary line but it can’t do anything.

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Finding the sense of Completeness and Wholeness within. Healing a Wound of Separation and Discovering Happiness.

wholeness_l “The greatest discovery in life is to discover that our essential nature does not share the limits nor the destiny of the body and mind.” – Rupert Spira

I couldn’t help and just wanted to briefly share a profoundly wonderful talk by Rupert Spira (Non-Duality Concept) while interviewed by Lilou Mace. I deeply tuned into this talk and its message 3 times today and thought it’s important to share with anyone willing to listen. It’s only 30 min video but will resonate inside you – hopefully forever 😉

Rupert discuss all aspects of the non-dual understanding from the initial investigation into our essential nature of pure Awareness, to the deeper exploration of the separate ‘me-feeling’ in the body, to the realignment of the mind, body and world with this new understanding.

Thought divides knowing into a knower and the known, loving into a lover and the beloved, and perceiving into a perceiver and the perceived. As such, it is thought alone that abstracts a subject and an object from the seamless, unnamable intimacy of pure Knowing or Experiencing.

Learn more about the Non Duality Concept of Your nature alongside true feeling of Love and Happiness oppose to feeling of fragmentation and separation. Tune to listen :

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Too Good To Be True. The Pursuit of the Truth vs Being the TRUTH. Don’t Get Eaten Alive by Your Definitions of Truth.

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“Believe it or not, but this entire world will not be transformed by Spiritual Truth, it’s going to be Healed and Reborn by the Vibrations of Goodness.”

I came across latest release of recorded talk by Matt Kahn from True Divine Nature and was absolutely in deep awe to how much it resonated with me this evening. I wrote a blog about this amazing spiritual teacher here : True Divine Nature – Unique Expression of Consciousness – words of wisdom from spiritual teacher – Matt Kahn talks  and here  and some other small posts (type in in search engine on my blog to see more posts). The talk I am about to post here called “Too Good To Be True” is mainly about the notion and understanding of the truth in spirituality and many misconceptions connected to it. The real truth, says Matt Kahn, can not be conceptualised in any ways. Truth can only be experienced. Beyond any conceivable truth is an angelic realm known as GOODNESS. Goodness is Truth in motion.  When we have a truth to defend in the name of spirituality, we lower the bar to most ridiculous behaviour and we justify it with irrational ideas. When you keep pursuing and looking for the truth concept, thinking it will bring you happiness an fulfilment, you become more and more confused. The question should be not – what is the truth? But rather what the truth feels like? And the truth feels like GOODNESS. Just typing this word is heart-warming for me. It definitely resonates with deep KNOWING of the Truth in itself, not in the concept, labels or definitions of it. When you access the dimension of goodness, the game changes. Change your reality’s game by tuning into this talk. It carries profound messages that will never leave you the same again in your understanding of “Spirituality” and so popular these days “Truth Seeking”:

Surrender all your truths and all of your beliefs and be a living expression of Goodness. Stop vigorously looking for the truth, feel it moving through you instead when you enter a path of Goodness.

“Modern day Enlightenment is a Heart centred journey into the angelic realm of Goodness, to bring forth that energy for the well-being of all who appear in your plane”

Let the New Spirituality be born inside yourself – The Path of Goodness. 

Thank You Matt Kahn for this video. x

Blessings to all. May You all Feel your Truth.



Emotional Oneness and Shadow Work with Your Inner Child. Resolving Relationship with your Innocence.True Guru is inside of You.

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I loved this talk about Emotional Oneness by Matt Kahn so much and found in it so many hidden gems on different subjects, that I decided to repost it again, this time with focus it delivers on embracing Your Inner Child (that needs Shadow Work) and relationship with it alongside your Mind and your Heart. I posted this video in the blog post called “Emotional Oneness. Making Peace with Your Inner Child with Matt Kahn. Speech that moves hearts” recently as well.

Read some of my favourite messages from the video before listening to the whole audio. I really liked revolutionary way Matt Kahn spoke about the misconception of understanding EGO in today’s’ spiritual traditions and the need to deal with Your own Shadow in order to find Peace and Enlightenment that many of us are so craving for.

“In many spiritual traditions the focus is on understanding, unravelling, overcoming, and transcending the ego. And this way the ego gets a really bad wrap. In fact in many spiritual traditions when you have confidence people say you have an ego. And an ego is an aspect of your Soul. And when you take a heart journey, you understand that ego is just an inflated character through which your Inner Child wants to gain some attention that it didn’t get from the past. So the ego is an attention seeking device on the psychological level that your Inner Child employs. And if you’re trying to destroy and get away from your ego, you are sending messages of abandonment, resistance, isolation to your Inner Child. And this way your Inner Child gets even darker in order to get your attention. Like – I’m not gonna be loved by them but they not gonna ignore me! – And that’s how the Inner Child becomes the Shadow. Your Inner Child is just desperate for your Loving Attention and it takes a back seat and perceives your spiritual journey as the sibling that gets all the attention. And Your Inner Child gets really resentful of Spirituality, coz the seeking of it and focusing on spirituality in your life makes you totally forgetting your Inner Child.

What You don’t want to do is to bring your spiritual philosophy to your Innocence, coz the Inner Child  perceives your spiritual knowledge from different sources as a threat, that is more worthy (and being treated as such) than ITSELF.”

Your Inner Child that is the Innocence of Your Consciousness is the Guardian of Your Soul and until you’ve given it the attention that it demands, it won’t allow the things that you’re here to experience, create and express in your life, to be recognised in your present moment reality.

And truly speaking – Your Inner Child is Your Only Guru You can Trust. We should be on a spiritual journey that gives as focus on our inner world and our heart and not so much so on external spiritual gadgets.

“So the focus of the Spiritual Journey is – bring your Mind and Your Heart back in to the reunited joy of holy matrimony once you and your Innocence are back on the same page. And then it just happens that you are living Oneness.

You are living Oneness when You are living from Inside OUT and not OUTside In.

Changing the relationship with your Inner Child is actually what triggers the abundance to be flooding into your life. Emotional Oneness is when you are having a Heart Centred relationship with Your Innocence.

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Emotional Oneness. Making Peace with Your Inner Child with Matt Kahn. Speech that moves hearts.

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Was randomly lead today to relisten to this amazing talk by Matt Kahn (I wrote a blog post about Matt HERE) and decided to repost it here again, as I think the message it brings is truly profound and wonderfully uplifting. I truly believe it may bring resolution of some of the internally hold and denied emotions. Talk to your inner child, acknowledge it and find the God sparkle there. Cheezy as it may sound – give yourself a chance and listen to this talk and get submersed into it fully. It’s more mature and life changing that it may seem.

In short – it’s about resolving relationship with Your Inner Child and Inner Shadow. Best talk I heard on the topic in years. Peace and Autonomy with your Innocence and the Willingness to bring forth Your Inner Genius are pretty much the answer. Dive deeper into the actual talk to realise how and why?

“The highest spiritual experience is no experience at all. Coz that means You’ve become it. You merged with One and there is no more need to chase it. You’ve become the TRUTH and not the collector of it.

You need to refocus. Being in pursuit of Oneness just makes you hungrier. And the Oneness becomes an object and it makes it almost impossible to understand the TRUTH of it.

Oneness doesn’t satisfy your hunger. The joy of being freed of hunger satisfies you. By chasing Oneness you don’t get freed of hunger.

Emotional Oneness is internal Alignment.  When Your Mind and Your Heart are Soul mates and are reunited in holy matrimony. Your Mind and Your Heart need to be on the same page. And what brings them on the same page and not in constant confusion and battle against each other? It’s you deepening the relationship with Your Innocence and Your Inner Child.”

Who’s Matt Kahn? :

“Matt Kahn is a spiritual teacher, mystic, and highly-attuned empath who, along with meditation guide and yoga teacher and sound healer, Julie Dittmar, travel the world inviting seekers of all faiths to discover their true divine nature.

Matt’s spontaneous awakening arose out of an out-of-body experience at the age of 8, and his direct experiences with ascended masters and archangels throughout his life. Many spiritual seekers have experienced amazing, unexplainable healings, and have awakened to their true nature through his profound and loving teachings and his transmission of sacred heart wisdom.

Matt and Julie offer their clear intuitive guidance and loving presence to remove all perceptions of obstacles in your life, and to energetically support you through every aspect of the spiritual journey and experience of awakening.

Whether you directly receive this healing transmission at their Soul Gatherings, or at an upcoming retreat, Matt and Julie joyfully serve the evolution of your soul’s wisdom with grace, love, and compassion.

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A Way Out of Pain – Advice from my Favourite Spiritual Teachers. 20 Profound Videos on Pain and Suffering.

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Everybody is looking for a way out of pain, suffering, constant judgements of what’s happening to our physical, emotional, psychological bodies. We want to live happily and free from suffering ever after…; We deny pain and whenever it appears we bring upon judgements about it. What’s wrong with me, why me? I hate that, I hate feeling this, I want to feel different etcetera…Don’t we all know it? What’s the answer to pain? Is denying it and pretending that it’s not there or hating it for being there and fogging our clear vision with this hatred  – the way out of it? Or it causes deeper pain, depression and more confusion?

This article is on why we actually need to face our pain, accept it, understand why it is there, sit with it, be with it and not resist it,  in order to fully be able to LET IT OUT, LET IT GO… and live fully. Don’t judge it. Learn from it instead. Drop judgement against learning. Learning in this way, is the biggest opportunity to become greater and more masterful than ever before. It is here to un-blind-fold you from the illusion of separateness with the pain and treating t as an unwanted visitor.

Pain is how your body acknowledges an unexpected transformation in progress. Pain is not a sign, or symptom or indication that you are not at the highest possibility of your spiritual journey. Pain is actually letting you know that the most advanced healing you could experience is on the way the moment pain is recognized. Pain does not mean you are at the smaller level. But if you think pain means you are not at the optimal level of your spiritual reality until pain goes away, and then you are judging the pain as the invader of your reality – the pain will only persist. Why? Because you are not learning from it, but judging it. In this way, pain will maintain its position coz it cannot leave its field until you’ve learnt what it’s here to teach you.”(…) Matt Kahn

So, what about honouring our pain as the greatest gift, given for our evolution? Embracing it and looking for answers to your deepest questions in it? “What about acknowledging that the pain you feel is evidence that you are on the most progressive, spiritual awakening and journey of energetic expansion and transformation in the existence?” You can choose a different approach to pain. See it as opportunity and educator. When changing your relationship with pain, you don’t have to suffer when it arrives into your life. It can surprise you, but it doesn’t have to overwhelm you.

I came across lately a new video about pain by mystic and spiritual teacher, that I really respect – Matt Kahn (about whom I wrote an entire blog post HERE and HERE1) and found it ultimately meaningful and profound what he talks about and how he chooses words to describe the phenomenon of pain and choosing suffering out of it or not. Thought it could help many people to post this amazing talk here, alongside other talks on this meaningful, yet often neglected topic. I chose a bunch of my favourite spiritual teachers and channellers to do the talking for me here. Hope this list will help somebody with the process of alleviating their pain ❤ It’s like a great transformational and therapeutic session on understanding the psychology of pain, suffering, the way mind creates it and the way out of it..

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Why you really do NOT need to understand everything that happens. Words of wisdom from spiritual teacher, Matt Kahn for today.

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Wisdom-Square_Home It’s interesting how sometimes when you really need to hear something and uplift yourself with some messages…”randomly” stumbled across wisdom words present themselves to you. This time it came from the Matt Kahn from True Divine Nature fb site and turned to be exactly something I needed to hear today. Hope those words will help you understand your journey better as well 🙂  I wrote about Matt Kahn, mystic and spiritual teacher in previous post HERE.

“What can often prevent you from transforming your experiences is attempting to understand the experiences you are having. When the need to understand has been relinquished, you enter a flow of Divine perfection, where you are able to access your freedom of will to determine the quality of experiences coming your way.

You may not be able to control the outcome, since every circumstance ensures the evolution of your highest growth, but you are able to choose how openly and harmoniously you embrace each encounter. It may not always seem convenient when viewed through the lens of a limiting belief. It certainly won’t always be comfortable for the livelihood of any expectation. Above all else, it will always be exactly what is meant to unfold to ensure your highest potential blossoms to completion.

Perhaps this reminds you how the details of life don’t actually need to change, in order to feel better about yourself and the world around you. Instead, you can taste the ecstasy of your own eternal freedom by putting aside the need to understand the miracles unfolding in every breath. Maybe a deep-rooted desire to understand or even the hope that a greater understanding will change your circumstances is only pursued to help you pinpoint the exact obstacle that you are here to overcome. While there is much you are free to understand, it cannot assist you in feeling any better. Equally so, you are able to feel good about yourself by embracing the mystery of every moment, without needing anything more to figure out, process, or conclude.

While understanding may have inspired tremendous insights in earlier chapters of your journey, it also becomes one of your greatest distractions as your journey expands. That is, until you realize that understanding is not actually a conduit for the relief of relaxation.The true conduit of relaxation is the willingness to slow your breath and allow yourself to embrace the one who needs something to understand, fix, maintain, or figure out – one “I love you” at a time.

Whatever arises, love that. This is the way of the energetically-sensitive soul.”

To step further into Kahn’s talk :

“Violence is fear in action. Fear is an avoidance of sadness. Sadness is an aversion to loneliness. Loneliness is a denial of emptiness. Emptiness is the presence of being. The presence of being is awakened consciousness. Through an awareness of fear, violence no longer becomes an option. As fear is faced, sadness is encountered. As sadness is encountered, loneliness is acknowledged. As loneliness is acknowledged, emptiness is recognized. As emptiness is recognized, a presence of being is discovered. As a presence of being is discovered — consciousness awakens.

In noticing how the deepest pain inevitably leads to your most profound spiritual discovery, I invite you to support the end of violence by acknowledging any discomfort as a catalyst of your highest evolution. As you take the time to face what is unresolved in your heart, waves of high vibrational energy are sent throughout the field of consciousness. With each wave entering every energy field, it inspires those who use violence to avoid their soul’s journey to come out hiding and surrender at last. This is the heart of transformation”.

Just thought that is so important and inspirational in the awakening process x

Namaste. Just Trust in the process of Life.