Origin of Consciousness, The Seer and manifestation of seen objects. Powerful words by Mooji.

momomomooAs I was listening to random youtube talks by Mooji on different subjects lately, I stumbled upon this short,  video, where Mooji is giving an answer to the question of “What is and where is the origin of Consciousness?”. This seemingly “one of many”, and roughly 5 minute long video carries with itself surprisingly huge potential to unlock Higher Perspective, Higher Consciousness, Higher Understanding of “how things are” and “who you are”, Higher Understanding of Manifestations and good old Laws of Attractions, that we kept hearing about more and more after big success of the book “The secret”. Yet, I must admit, that I have never heard words on the subject selected so well and matching all the synesthetic vibrations and colours of the Truth. The Truth that seems true to the core for me and me only. I don’t make claims my truth is your truth as well. You will need to check it for yourself 😉  I loved this speech so much that I just needed to write it all down. To feel the vibration of the words while writing them, be closer, to taste them in their complexed simplicity.

Who is the Seer? Where is origin of Consciousness? What is beyond Consciousness?

” Where is the origin of Consciousness? It cannot be pointed out spaciously. You are the origin of Consciousness. Thus you are the one in whom the Consciousness is being perceived. And the function of Consciousness is being perceived. And Consciousness in its manifestation as I am and I – me is also perceived. So therefore You being witness of that, you must be this, out of which the Consciousness is manifesting. But not you personally. Because you personally – is only a thought. So you impersonally must be Consciousness.

But is that it? Is there something more than Consciousness? Is there something beyond? (…) Whatever you can see is on the desktop of the Consciousness because you can perceive that. But if the Seer of all this items is included in the item packaging? Or is he distinctly outside the box, the desktop? It’s a really subtle thing. Coz in order for the things at the desktop to be seen with interest …that interest must be also in the Seer of them. And if that interest is in the Seer of them, that Seer of them is not yet purely spatial. The Seer of them must also have some quality in it. And that quality in it is being reflected on the screen.

The Seer is never totally apart from what is seen. The atomised objects of that perception can only come into view with the belief in them that happens in the Seer of them.” 

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