#what’s on my mind – in my daily “soup” of links, videos, books, articles. In my Research Wonderland.

#What’s on my mind.

I start a small series called What’s on my mind. These will be brief blog posts with links that were the highlight of my day. No extensive comments, mostly just passing forward the links that I consider important in the quest of developing oneself. I tend to jump between many articles, research papers, notes, books and watch many videos daily while following my research and often being intuitively guided towards different topics. This way I am lead into finding some amazing information by following my natural curiosity. I usually have at least 25-35 tabs/new windows open on my computer and go through them all connecting the dots of information I come across. It may seem crazy but it’s my reality and I operate between those links quite smoothly. I often listen to new uploads of channels I am subscribed to and which I mostly listed in the Links/People/Knowledge is Power page section on my blog,  follow some online workshops and trainings, summits, read newsletters from chosen subscription to websites on matters from health to quantum physics, energetics etc.

Some recommendations from today 16/10/14 :

I covered topic of New Earth Project founded by Sacha Stone before and you can read about the Project he founded in my previous blog post connected to listing present projects that could change the world and save humanity if taken seriously. I watched most of the interviews with Sacha out there, today I tuned into a newly released one that delivers powerful words from Stone that root deeply into the brain and shows you how easily we could change the reality we don’t like – by collectively refusing to obey the obsolete system and structures. He describes The Humanitad project and New Earth Nation project as well – for those who are not too familiar with. Continue reading “#what’s on my mind – in my daily “soup” of links, videos, books, articles. In my Research Wonderland.”