Can I be honest with you? No, You can’t. Great speech on Honesty, Judgement and Denial.

#what’s on my mind : Short-cut to Spirituality? What about being Honest with yourself for a starter?

I am a strong believer in the power of words. There are many quotations that influenced me greatly and often helped to incorporate necessary changes in my life when I was growing up. Interesting, how few words in the right combination can hold a huge impact on a sensitive enough person, and bring upon profound change of direction in life. I pay attention to words. I always did. Sometimes I come across talks about different subjects which at first sight don’t seem as if they can deliver anything new to the table on the spoken matter…until you actually start listening carefully t it with all your senses. This was definitely the case when I tuned into randomly picked talk tom from youtube, by mystic and spiritual teacher Matt Kahn titled “The Grace of Honesty”. Talk resonated with me profoundly and I just had an unstoppable need to actually write it down, to get closer in a sense to the words, to feel their vibrations submersing into my veins’ secret pocket chambers, where I keep my collections of “Words of Wisdom” 😉 The talk about Honesty fits perfectly in one of those pockets. Because when you hear the choice of particular variation of words in a sentence like : Honesty is what unravels unconscious layers of judgement out of your energy field”, you just can’t help the feeling of something very real and true shining from it and you embrace the feeling of it coming back to home. Home, which in this case is your understanding of it and welcoming it back into your vortex. Hope the talk will make much sense to anybody out there as well:

“The reason there are experiences of sadness, pain, disappointment, shallowness, separation and duality…all these things, grief, jealousy, disharmony, apathy..; All of these are just various stages of experience that all come from One Source…and that is – your own, unconscious disapproval of yourself.

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