Profoundly healing sound video to implement into your meditation practice. Relaxing and Awakening Alpha and Theta waves.

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I shared many posts in the past about some profound guided meditations and shared videos with healing sounds, frequencies, different brainwaves, binaural beats and more. ( Just enter in the search box phrases like “guided meditation” “brainwaves” “healing sounds” – to check my previous posts on this matter that you might find helpful ). There are hundreds of thousands of videos with guided meditation music on youtube. It’s easy to get lost in them all. There are many I found disturbing and not working for me in particular. The ones I am sharing here though are well checked, used by me and experienced to my benefit in the past.

So, I’ll share 1 more video here that I really like and find effective in its resonance with myself. Having those healing sounds played in the background or on headphones for deeper effect.

HEMI-SYNC Alfa Synchro Theta I 5Hz

Enjoy your daily meditations 🙂


30 min Guided Meditation that will leave you at Peace for entire day.

Woke up today and started my day with this beautiful guided meditation from Rupert Spira. Tuning into his gentle voice and delivered words of wisdom….softly sinking in my inner awakening of understanding of IT ALL. Almost sending little shivers of knowing joy at the core of who you are, while breathing becomes gentler and gentler, deeper and deeper, slower and slower – to bring you HERE.

Beautiful and Soul comforting words he speaks out:

Meditation – Truth, Love and Beauty Reside at the Source of Experience:

Check my other guided meditation recommendations here:

Kundalini Guided Meditation, Guided Meditation with Mooji.

On top of that beautiful morning experience, read this beautiful poem by ~Thich Nhat Hanh and step into your full empowerment within your day:

“This body is not me.

I am not limited by this body.
I am life without boundaries.
I have never been born,
and I have never died.

Look at the ocean and the sky filled with stars,
manifestations from my wondrous true mind.

Since before time, I have been free…

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Guided meditation with Mooji.

#what’s on my mind – evening meditations.

There are many guided meditations to follow out there. One of my favourite is Kundalini Guided Meditation that I mentioned it in my previous blog post here.

I like experimenting with other options if I choose not to meditate in silence, but be guided for a change by a soothing, wise voice prerecorded into the peaceful vortex of Pure Potentiality, Oneness, Love, Emptiness and of All that There Is at the same time. Some great messages just submerse deep into subconscious mind and help with realising the importance of simple BEing. Being present. BEing Awareness of…BEing aware of even Being…and embracing it.

Here is another guided meditation that I found extremely helpful for a good, INsightful sleep.

Deep, restorative and profound in its message, guided meditation by Mooji. 

Tapp into and have a good n’yte sleep.

Be well, be open, be receptive, … just BE…

Being is always ENOUGH. You are always ENOUGH.

Can’t quiet your mind and stop the chatter of thoughts? 

For those of you having hard time calming your mind during meditation process and being disappointed with yourself, because you think you need to quiet your mind and fight it in order to move with the spiritual process of meditation, please watch this video by Teal Swan – The Spiritual Catalyst on this particular matter.

“Welcome to the practice of spirituality. For thousands of years, it was believed that to get to the spiritual level of reality, the hallmark of which was the soul, you had to separate yourself from your body, separate yourself from your emotions and separate yourself from your mind. We missed the truth that was right in front of our noses. The truth is, there is nothing but the spiritual level of reality. There is nothing but soul. The spirit or soul manifests itself in the form of thoughts, it manifests itself in the form of emotions and it manifests itself as body. Therefore, the more in touch we become with our mind, emotions and body, the deeper we penetrate the spiritual. In this episode, Teal seeks to help us release resistance to our own minds and integrate the mind into our spiritual practice.(…)