Bridging Science and Spirituality – BIG Time. Escape the Matrix and Shift Your rigid beliefs of what’s possible. The Science of Proven Miracles.

Gregg Braden is a rare blend of scientist, visionary and scholar with the ability to speak to our minds, while touching the wisdom of our hearts.

~Deepak Chopra, M.D.

download I wrote about Gregg Braden in previous posts, so won’t focus this post on his biography as it’s not important. What’s important is the message he brings and delivers to Humanity, as he steps fully into being an amazing Ambassador  for bridging Science and Spirituality.

If anyone is interested why I practise META Health approach to healing/Integrative Medicine with focus on balancing Mind Body Spirit (Physical, Emotional, Psychological and Mental Body) with emphasis on energy work and why I think in terms of Energy, Vibrations and Frequencies in relation to our Reality we live in … here are some video- reasons why I do what I do…( which is often difficult to combine in stiff frames of definitions .. 😉 )

I could pick at least dozen more of video lectures and talks by Braden, but think those few will shift, mind blow and awaken your Higher Curiosity enough to start questioning what you’ve been told in schools and all formal trainings you’ve ever received and start looking behind the veil for some Truths kept hidden from you.

I could write an entire essay about the electromagnetic field running through all living organisms and us being these energy BEings here on Earth. As we are generating this electromagnetic field created by electrical activity in our bodies, that is created by electrical currents in our nervous systems, as well as the electrochemical processes that are constantly occurring in all of our cells…, then moving to the impact of our emotions, quantum physics and mechanics and its relation to our life, Heart coherence, connection between Heart and the Brain, illusion of physical reality …and so on and so on…

I will save myself some time writing and will direct you to watch/listen/digest and absorb those words of wisdom in your own unique way. Take whatever is resonating with You and leave the rest. Probably you will find it hard to find anything that will not resonate with your own truths felt on some deeper cellular level inside of you… You’ll need to check for yourself. So here we go :


THE SCIENCE OF MIRACLES (Sounds cheezy – but believe me – won’t be that anymore once you listen to that ):





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3 videos to change your life forever. Literally. Science at its best. Chance to rewire your brain and discover your life’s potential.

ggg I’ve been in deep relationship and in love with quantum physics, brain and mind studies, neuroscience, quantum field, epigenetics, behaviourism, psychology, studies on consciousness  and bridging science with spirituality for a goooooooooood while now. All of those terms may seem fancy and Einsteinian at first 😉 but in reality – they describe something much easier and much more fascinating in their content than you may think. To describe my fascination a bit better, I’ve chosen 3 videos from some of my favourite scientists, that will give you the best intellectual adventurous ride you could ask for. At the same time you’ll get a chance to look at your life from a totally different angle than you’re used to. Take my advice, get on this roller-coaster trip and shift your capacity to comprehend and realise much more about yourself and your life than you could ever thought of. Those videos will expand your consciousness and blow your mind. Literally 😉 One will never be the same again after taking some time to just simply sink into listening to those 3 videos. It’s time to stop the crisis of rigid  thinking, open our minds and tapping into scientifically presented Lands of Wonders and allowing those discoveries to change lives of us all for better   #SelfActualisation

Let’s Embrace Quantum Model of Reality ! :

“Science is a contemporary language of mysticism”

Scientists of my choice for this post –

  • Joe Dispenza  my absolute favourite neuroscientists out there, delivering complicated knowledge in a smoothly, digestible way for everyone. I’ve watched all his talks out there including famous TED talk 
  • Bruce Lipton – Stem Cells Biologist/ Epigenetics I’d suggest watching many of his talks on youtube and reading “The Biology of Belief” (great book for newly emerging paradigm)
  • Gregg Braden – scientist, visionary and scholar – bridging science and spirituality.

There is so much to say and describe here, but nothing I say will fill in better the shoes of simply watching those talks yourselves.

1. Rewire & Evolve Your Brain – by Joe Dispenza (neuroscience) 

What you can find in this interview – sneak peak : “Consciousness is our Self Awareness, Free willed individual, which is really not the body, not the brain nor the mind. Brain processes 400 billion bits of information every second! But we are only aware of about 2000 [out of 400 bln! Heh – talk about being a “bit” limited here, right? ;-)]. And those 2000 bits have to do with only 3 things: the body, the environment and time. That’s it. Like – oh, my back hurt, I have a headache, I’m tired, it’s cold here, it’s too bright here etc. So although there are billions of bits of information processed all the time, human’s self awareness is focused on body, environment and time. When you take Self Consciousness and remove it from those limiting things, we no longer have to live by the limitations of body, environment and time. When we LEARN how to do that – we simply OPEN the DOOR to walk in to the QUANTUM FIELD.”(…)

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