10 Natural Cancer Treatments Revealed – Dr Axe article.

 Just a brief post into my #Health and Wellness section. Great article by dr. Josh Axe on listing 10 Natural Cancer Treatments that may help somebody out there. The reason I decided to share this brief information on my blog is that I really appreciated the way the article is written in an easy to understand and digest way. Very clear and not complicated. Those treatments were also pretty much mentioned by me and listed in my previous posts dedicated to Natural Cancer Treatments on Alternative cancer and chronic dis-eases treatments part 1 and part 2 post. It’s good to repost them in different words used in this case by dr. Axe from his inforamtive website draxe.com:

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Alternative cancer and chronic dis-ease treatments. Think OUTside the box. Part 2


I finally found some free time to go through my research and put together more – fill me in-  information on regaining health and beating degenerative chronic dis-eases like cancer. I’ve already stated before that I kept doing thorough investigative research on this matter for last few years after a family incident that put me on this path and was recommending those “awakening” bits to some “clients”, who were lead to had appeared on my life path while in need. I will continue my last post on Alternative cancer and chronic dis-eases treatments part 1 ( that you can read here ), which I posed a while ago, hoping it was received well, filtered and “digested”, so that you have an idea of the large picture here and I can deliver further nourishment for mind, body and spirit.

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Gathering those materials took years of studying work, college, endless research, experiential learning, was time consuming and often not cheap, online webinars and seminars with best experts from all over the world offering their knowledge and books to be bought after summits, as well as online video interviews ( like The Truth about Cancer series – see my last blog POST on this HERE.  ) ;It  would be highly appreciated to keep good karma flow in exchange for this material that I make FREE-ly available to You x
If you are in no position to donate – please DO use all the information I share here to Your benefit anyway and share with those who you think might need it as well PLEASE!.. As long as it helps somebody out there, it will make me happy. Keep in mind though that while working on this, I could not work anywhere else to support myself. In Service to Humanity, Aga x Blessings ❤ ]]]

Go through all these links, watch, listen, dig deeper into the matter if interested enough, read and research on all alternative therapies and approaches mentioned here and decide for your own if it makes sense and resonates with you. I simply encourage everybody to do so, LEARN, research, question, rewire your brain and let go off old, stuck ways of thinking, and beliefs that keep us in the dark, and open yourself to usually well suppressed knowledge on healing, maintaining wellness, rebuilding your immune system and staying healthy for life. I went through thousands of materials, books, lectures, medical researches, documentaries, interviews on the #curecancer and degenerative dis-ease matter over the last 6 years and what I’m going to do, is to just point those who are looking for same solutions, as I’d been once, in the right direction (“right” from my point of view). I will briefly describe posted links, but there is no point for me to actually write their content in full details. It’s your work to get familiar with those links and recommendation. After all it’s not a punishment 😉 At least it never was for me and I think it should be looked at as an eye opening, awakening information with a tag – possible “Life saver”. If not yours…in the era where 1 in 3 persons is diagnosed with cancer or “incurable” illness, I am sure you have somebody in your life who struggles with some heath issues so that you can share this with.  Continue reading “Alternative cancer and chronic dis-ease treatments. Think OUTside the box. Part 2”

Alternative cancer and chronic dis-eases treatments. Part 1

For over the last 10 years I’ve been interested in holistic (mind body spirit), alternative therapies based on the right nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, herbalism, medicinal plants, energy therapies, electroacupuncture, bioresonance therapies, zapping and working with frequencies for reversing and alleviating illness, and then – studying neuroplasticity through neuroscience, quantum medicine and epigenetic (above genome) approach to regaining health.
Personal health struggles and also family member loss triggered putting me on this path and I never looked back since. I saw how crippling medical system is working from inside out and how it often helps to put a patient to an early grave. Once I started digging and looking behind the curtains of what people are generally lead to believe ( medical system as the one and only solution to all diseases… really…?!), I was hooked on helping getting this suppressed information out there and help people as much as I can by delivering a choice. One door lead to another, then a new set of doors of perception started opening, then a window opened and another and then…there was nothing to stop me from this ongoing process of learning and gathering information and knowledge connected to healing. It’s an ongoing process and learning in this matter will never stop.
I will include here some basic information that I’ve already shared over the years with many other knowledge thirsty people who wanted to have a choice and be able to decide for themselves and their close ones which way to health, which health protocol and therapy makes the most sense for them.
What people don’t realise often, is that any of medical diagnose as bad as it may appear carries a notion of closed boxed thinking and labelling into a narrow one way road with a wall at the end of it. Ask yourself what do you usually do with a label, a tag on your newly bought clothes? It’s usually itchy, it pinches and irritates the skin so much that we need to cut it off in order to feel relief. Yet when it comes to mental tags/labels, we seem to cling to them without questioning their existence and putting up with the hurt they cause us. Why should it be easier to cut off  a tag from your t shirt than an invisible tag inside your mind formed by falling for illusionary social constructs and conditionings?

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