Recovery 2.0 FREE online Conference with amazing experts! Move Beyond Addiction! Feb. 6-12 2015!

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There is another pretty amazing FREE online conference with free webinars with wonderful, knowledgeable experts from all over the world that will talk about resolving emotional, psychological and physical addictions of all kinds. Register to the Recovery 2.0 – Moving Beyond Addictions Free online Conference taking place between 6-12 th Februry 2015!

“Whether It’s Your First Day Sober, You’ve Been in Recovery For Years, You Have a Loved One Who Has Struggled With Addiction, Or You Work in the Field of Recovery, Find Inspiration and Support at the 4th Annual Recovery 2.0 Conference! It’s organized by Tommy Rosen, who is a yoga teacher and addiction recovery expert who has spent the last two decades immersed in yoga, recovery and wellness. Tommy is the founder and host of the Recovery 2.0: Beyond Addiction Online Conference series. His goal is to present inspirational, entertaining, educational and powerful discussions with people whose experience and work in the world is of benefit to those who are seeking to overcome addiction and thrive in recovery. 

There will be 40 amazing experts taking part in this year’s conference and you will hear such distinguishable names like dr. Gabor Mate ( read my blog about him here – “When The Body Says No: Mind/Body Unity and the Stress- Disease Connection, Addictions” ), Bruce Lipton, PhD ( also read my previous blog post on his amazing work here : ” Transformational lecture. It will change your life. Rewrite your genetic code with changing your perception. Literally.”), David “Avocado” Wolfe, Nick Ortner ( EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique ), Guru Singh, Durga Leela ( Ayurveda), Dr, Stephanie May ( emotional eating and transforming your relationship with food) and many many more! 

“These presentations will help anyone to get centered any given day.  It is a valuable asset for anyone whose life has been touched by addiction. Build your recovery library and share it with your networks.” 

I believe we’ve all had struggles with bigger or smaller addictive behaviours in our lives – may they be food (emotional eating), drugs, alcohol, sex, Internet addictions or many others; You name it – people can get addicted to almost everything. Learn about addictive brain and what it needs to be fed to get out of the vicious cycle of stepping into illusionary “comfortable” addictive behaviours again and again…

From the email I got upon registering :


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Winter of Wellness – A Free Online Summit of 40 Wellness Pioneers! Soup for Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. Don’t miss it!

frut  #briefly# Upcoming FREE online Health Summit is on its way to us! The list of featured speakers looks really amazing. The Summit will bring you up to date data from world famous raw foodists like David Avocado Wolf, trough holistic practitioners and nutritionists, cellular biologists – epigenetics phenomenon (genes do NOT control our destiny. The environment and our choices do; ), physicians to shamanistic practitioners and healers. All with bridging Science and Spirituality (Greg Braden’s work) and showing the link and finding and revealing connection between Mind Body Spirit and how important is that balance to overall health.

The Winter of Wellness. 60 days to Optimal Health for you Body, Mind, Heart and Soul. A Free Online Gathering of 40 Wellness Pioneers! January 20 – March 20, 2015

Are You Ready to Break Through Old Patterns of Struggle, Stress and Sickness… and Step into a Life of Vitality, Joy and Love for Your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul?

There is a powerful positive, transformational energy awakening in the world and in YOU. The vibration within the collective consciousness has never been more conducive to creating optimal wellness on all levels – body, mind, heart and soul!

The fact that you’ve arrived here at the Winter of Wellness means you are ready to shift out of struggle and stress, solitude and sickness (and all forms of suffering)… and discover new practices and energies that foster a life overflowing with health, joy and a deep connection with your divine essence.

With the Winter of Wellness Summit, you’ll learn from experts who will help you uncover the secrets for creating optimum, full spectrum health and wellness for yourself… and extending this invaluable wisdom to those you love. You’ll also discover insights and practices that will awaken, inspire and empower YOU to step into the highest and BEST expression of your true nature.

Get ready to embark on a journey that can supercharge your whole life and positively impact the well-being of your family, your friends… and even your extended community. You’ll learn from master teachers who will give you the information, inspiration, tools and techniques you need to feel great.

Some of the assumed benefits:

What You will Discover:

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