Cure To Cancer Online Summit Sept. 2014. Register to learn for Free.

#whatsonmymind# briefly: Time to enroll for yet another educative summit! Excited!  Last year’s edition was truly amazing. It’s like gaining an invisible certificate from “medical” school.

Join 30 Leading Experts, Doctors, Naturopaths, and Cancer Survivors as They Share Their Healing Stories, Research, and Insights for Preventing, Healing, and Reversing Cancer During the 2nd Annual Cure to Cancer Summit Global Online Event – FREE! 
September 3rd-18th, 2014
This year there are:
– Multiple Cancer Survivors and thrivers sharing the exact steps and processes they used to overcome multiple types and stages of cancer.
– Medical Doctors revealing the latest in integrative medicine.
– Leading Health Experts sharing the newest nutritional advice for boosting the immune system and healing the body.
– Cancer researchers bringing forth new findings for how to prevent, heal, and potentially reverse this debilitating disease.
….you can be assured that this will be the most engaging, uplifting, and empowering summit you’ve ever attended dedicated to finding real solutions to cancer.
Register for free, great list of internationally known speakers in the circles of alternative Healing. I can’t recommend all those summits enough. I have learnt so much through free online lectures and summits like this over the years from the comfort of my own home. 

For more information and to register to receive your free ticket to Global Summit Worldwide go to page:

Educating myself whenever opportunity arises.


Alternative cancer and chronic dis-eases treatments. Part 1

For over the last 10 years I’ve been interested in holistic (mind body spirit), alternative therapies based on the right nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, herbalism, medicinal plants, energy therapies, electroacupuncture, bioresonance therapies, zapping and working with frequencies for reversing and alleviating illness, and then – studying neuroplasticity through neuroscience, quantum medicine and epigenetic (above genome) approach to regaining health.
Personal health struggles and also family member loss triggered putting me on this path and I never looked back since. I saw how crippling medical system is working from inside out and how it often helps to put a patient to an early grave. Once I started digging and looking behind the curtains of what people are generally lead to believe ( medical system as the one and only solution to all diseases… really…?!), I was hooked on helping getting this suppressed information out there and help people as much as I can by delivering a choice. One door lead to another, then a new set of doors of perception started opening, then a window opened and another and then…there was nothing to stop me from this ongoing process of learning and gathering information and knowledge connected to healing. It’s an ongoing process and learning in this matter will never stop.
I will include here some basic information that I’ve already shared over the years with many other knowledge thirsty people who wanted to have a choice and be able to decide for themselves and their close ones which way to health, which health protocol and therapy makes the most sense for them.
What people don’t realise often, is that any of medical diagnose as bad as it may appear carries a notion of closed boxed thinking and labelling into a narrow one way road with a wall at the end of it. Ask yourself what do you usually do with a label, a tag on your newly bought clothes? It’s usually itchy, it pinches and irritates the skin so much that we need to cut it off in order to feel relief. Yet when it comes to mental tags/labels, we seem to cling to them without questioning their existence and putting up with the hurt they cause us. Why should it be easier to cut off  a tag from your t shirt than an invisible tag inside your mind formed by falling for illusionary social constructs and conditionings?

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