“All You Need is Love” – cheezy “The Beatles” line or the ONLY overlooked answer to true Happiness?

love If you find yourself still deliberating on the subject in the title above – find your answer in this wonderful recent talk by Matt Kahn, spiritual teacher and mystic from True Divine Nature. The “Love line” has been in circulation for centuries. We heard it in poetries, in books, in song lyrics, in art, paintings, spiritual teachings by many “gurus” throughout history….and yet it seems something so easy turns out to be the hardest thing for Humanity to embrace. Why is it so?

Sometimes you just need to hear the answers over and over again to understand it fully and wrap your head around this concept. Unravelled, New Paradigm of Spiritual Teachings Wave represented by Matt Kahn may be a good start to do so….

Just listen and start resonating with Love frequency, will ya?! 😉

There is something more here to mention about the LOVE FREQUENCY – 528Hz :

“This frequency brings transformation and miracles into your life. It is said that tone ‘Mi’ is used to return human DNA to its original, perfect state. This frequency also activates your imagination, intention and intuition to operate for your highest and best purpose.”

So, while meditating – do some experiment with 528Hz love frequency running on your headphones like tuning into this video underneath.

Attuned Vibrations websites states :

“This healing frequency helps you flow in perfect rhythm and harmony.

Nearly our entire global economy is built upon a foundation of illness, sickness, and death. The powerful Sound of Love can end the problems on Earth today. Use the 528 Hz frequency to restore human consciousness to its full power and potential.”


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