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Quantum Leap Change modalities of :

– The Healing Powers of Conscious Pranic Breathing Techniques that triggers getting rid of almost 70% of toxins in the body if done properly – Powerful Breatharian Techniques to restore Vitality, Connect with Your Inner Guidance and reverse aging

V.O.C.A.L T.O.N.I.N.G Workshops – Accessing the Healing of Your own Voice ( healing, awakening, opening up and aligning your energy centres and blocked Chi with some dose of Mantra vowels sounds invocations aligned to specific Chakra Centres; all aligned with High resonance background frequency music; )
The notion that sound is the creative force in the universe is not new; in fact, it goes all the way back to ancient history.
Tribes and ancient civilizations from Babylon, Greece, Tibet, and India have used vocal toning for healing themselves and others by using the bridge of sacred sound. Releasing pent up energy through the voice can help clear tension and open up blocked energy in the body. Sound was thought to be the principle healing tool of the ancient mystery schools of Egypt where tones and chants were used to manipulate energy fields and bring about balance in the body.

We release our emotions through vocal sound, sending a ripple of vibration through the physical body and energy surrounding it. The vibration of the tone ripples through the body and subtle energy system, drawing upon the body’s natural inbuilt systems of self-healing to strengthen and balance the electromagnetic field. Our thoughts and feelings are carried in the tone of our voice. Through vocal toning we restore health by stimulating the circulation and releasing held emotions and impacted memory.

We have chakras all over our body, but most of us stop seeing them after infant hood. Chakras are the name we give for the energy, or electrical life force which expresses our internal world. The word chakra means “wheel or disc” and although we have many, I will be sharing with you a brief overview of the seven major chakras and how they relate to vocal expression and healing. When balanced and in alignment, each of these “wheels of light” spin clockwise and are known to radiate different colors. We can activate each chakra by singing the vowel that it is connected with. When we do this [preferably with an intention], we stimulate that part of the body.
You can do more specific healing work on yourself by singing the vowels associated with each organ/chakra to help heal the core of the organ.
Our bodies, which are made up of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, all vibrate to certain frequencies. When we are in tune to the Sound of Creator within us via the Sound Current, we realign our bodies to the ultimate frequencies, much like tuning a piano to the correct key. When we are in tune with Prime Creator-Essence, we act, think, feel, and exist as Divine Creator – where everything is harmonious, balanced and working to perfection

– Alchemical, Remote Energy Transfer ( etheric surgery ) – scanning Your body and sending Pranic Healing energies to work with the wisdom of your body to restructure, repair and access the process of healing itself

Other Presenters and organizers : Laurie McDonald from True You Hypnotherapy Y, A highly trusted friend of mine, – Clinical hypnotherapist, ET Contactee international speaker.
Holly Marie, a shamanic practitioner, of Sacred Heart Ascension helps people get to the heart of what’s weighing them down by using ancient, multi-dimensional clearing technologies to uplift people into true empowerment and emotional freedom.

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