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 AgaQUANTUM LEAP JOURNEY ~ CHANGE ( QLC ) with  Q u a n t u m  A g a :

Aga is a Quantum Leap Change Coach Facilitator.  She runs Conscious Transformations Sessions for individuals and groups, supporting them with high-next level personal coaching, Quantum consulting &  mentorship.  Aga has transformed hundreds of people’s lives from the inside out, powerfully helping each person to re-connect to their most authentic self and become aligned to their soul to play a bigger game in life.
I am not here to heal You. I am here to guide and catalyze You how to Awake and Embody your life and trigger this innate wisdom within Yourself on a deep cellular level to rewire your brain and stuck, limiting programming and beliefs so that You can reach the full potential of who You came here to be and what You came here to EnLive. I am here to Accelerate the process of You reaching the true Mastery that is within You .

By scheduling a Private or Skype / Remote session with me ( 144  Euro  ) –  As a Quantum Leap Change Coach, Quantum Qi ~ Gong practitioner, Medical Intuitive, Energy Conduit, META Integrative Nutritionist, Quantum Breathwork teacher, Clairesentient, I  start with Quantum Intuitive Therapy Life Talk to Guide You through Your Struggles to Re-Connect  with The True – You,  Clarity of Your Life’s Calling and Purpose, living a thriving, abundant, joyful, successful, fulfilled and happy life, which is made to be lived to its fullest potential in alignment to Your own Unique, Spectacular Blueprint.
I Help You conquer and recognize your deepest fears, and Quantum Leap Journey You from average to Extraordinary Living in Balance to Your Psychological~Emotional~Physical  State. ❤

Quantum Leap Change Coaching is a blend of many modalities apart from above :

***  The Healing Powers of Conscious Pranic Breathing Techniques that triggers getting rid of almost 70% of toxins in the body  – Powerful Quantum Breatharian Techniques to restore Vitality, Connect with Your Inner Guidance and reverse aging

*** Alchemical, Remote Energy Transfer ( etheric surgery ) – scanning Your body and sending Pranic Healing energies to work with the wisdom of your body to restructure, repair and access the process of healing itself

*** Intuitive reading

*** Quantum Leap Integrative Nutrition Holistic approach to healing with connection to Mind Body Spirit ) :

– addressing Complexed Nutrition ( Integrative ~ META high vibration Medicine )

– Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition

– Functional Medicine and META Health

– Guided Meditation Sessions releasing stress and balancing emotional state 

– Psychology of Inter-cellular Change ( Re-Wiring old beliefs ) to Access the Wisdom within

  • Rewriting The Blueprint Of Your Mind
  • Turn Off Autopilot
  • Merging Conscious Goals With Subconscious Agreements
  • Activating your Parasympathetic Nervous System on Demand
  • Boosting Your Happy Hormones
  • Supporting Yourself with Superfood Nutrition
  • Eliminating Inflammation & Anxiety

*** Holistic Acupressure / Gentle / and Thai Deep Tissue Massage Therapist focused on awakening Qi and clear blocked energy points in the Body ( Body Work ) through Etheric Surgery

*** SBF – Soul Body Fusion Certified Facilitator 

*** Integrative Holistic Bodywork 

Meditation for Inner Peace



Quantum Leap Life Coach +

 I also specialize in running Workshops, Sessions and Retreats and I am available to work on any Life Changing Conscious Wellness Retreats/SPAs as a Practitioner 

I teach / guide into deep restorative Integrative/Embodiment and Balancing of Energy Centers in the body with :

  • Quantum Qi Gong – Conscious Body Wave Movements & Soul Motion –  Qi Dance in correlation to Qi Gong bathed in recharging frequency based music in the background 

(Many benefits include:
relief from stress, calmer mind and emotions
healing of energetic blockages
activating endocrine and lymphatic systems
detoxification and weight loss
increasing energy and vitality
expanding consciousness
deeper understanding of true self
increased intuitive and psychic sensitivity
kundalini activation and more… )

  • Running V.O.C.A.L   T.O.N.I.N.G  Workshops – Accessing the Healing of Your own Voice ( healing, awakening, opening up and aligning your energy centres and blocked Chi with some dose of Mantra vowels sounds invocations aligned to specific Chakra Centres)

The notion that sound is the creative force in the universe is not new; in fact, it goes all the way back to ancient history. 
Tribes and ancient civilizations from Babylon, Greece, Tibet, and India have used vocal toning for healing themselves and others by using the bridge of sacred sound. Releasing pent up energy through the voice can help clear tension and open up blocked energy in the body. Sound was thought to be the principle healing tool of the ancient mystery schools of Egypt where tones and chants were used to manipulate energy fields and bring about balance in the body.

We release our emotions through vocal sound, sending a ripple of vibration through the physical body and energy surrounding it. The vibration of the tone ripples through the body and subtle energy system, drawing upon the body’s natural inbuilt systems of self-healing to strengthen and balance the electromagnetic field. Our thoughts and feelings are carried in the tone of our voice. Through vocal toning we restore health by stimulating the circulation and releasing held emotions and impacted memory.

We have chakras all over our body, but most of us stop seeing them after infant hood. Chakras are the name we give for the energy, or electrical life force which expresses our internal world. The word chakra means “wheel or disc” and although we have many, I will be sharing with you a brief overview of the seven major chakras and how they relate to vocal expression and healing. When balanced and in alignment, each of these “wheels of light” spin clockwise and are known to radiate different colors. We can activate each chakra by singing the vowel that it is connected with. When we do this [preferably with an intention], we stimulate that part of the body.
You can do more specific healing work on yourself by singing the vowels associated with each organ/chakra to help heal the core of the organ.

Vocal Toning works best in a GROUP COLLECTIVE CIRCLE to create a better resonance based on merging our individual vocal toning into aligned collective One-Healing Resonance.

Our bodies, which are made up of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, all vibrate to certain frequencies. When we are in tune to the Sound of Creator within us via the Sound Current, we realign our bodies to the ultimate frequencies, much like tuning a piano to the correct key. When we are in tune with Prime Creator-Essence, we act, think, feel, and exist as Divine Creator – where everything is harmonious, balanced and working to perfection. And since we’re in that higher state or frequency, lesser states or conditions that create negative experiences are not possible. 

  • Personal Stylist Sessions for Body and Soul. Working on all levels to help balance your life and make You feel good in and about the look of your own body. Internally and Externally ( Quantum Eco Style ).


P A Y M E N T :
Skype sessions or in person 144 Per Session.  Through Pay~pal ( Paypal = address, , or request direct Bank Transfer. )
A packet of booking 3 T.R.I.N.I.T.Y  sessions in 1 week apart from each other for reaching  Completion comes with a discount. x  ❤ 

For Companies and Firms 

I am available for your work events or on regular basis for reducing stress of your employees I offer to help your employees deal with and eventually significantly decrease stress levels and rise productivity through offering an Integrative Packet of the above service.

 For rates and collaboration for Group work please send inquiries  to : )


To Book a session via Skype or in person – contact me here: and Subscribe to my website 🙂

With Love and Gratitude,
Quantum Aga

5 thoughts on “Book a session

  1. Hi Richard! Thank You for reaching out ! Hope You are well. I am actually in a process of restructuring my website completely, so weirdly the contact did disappear… ha! not handy indeed 🙂 There is a business card floating on this page ( and on the about section as well ) with email – or phone number to Ireland : 00353 867256850. I do Skype sessions coaching and energy transfers. Please priv message me write on email and we can talk via Skype.
    Wishing all the best and Abundance of Joy to You !


  2. Ricardo Dear Brother of Light !!! I will connect to You soon via fb :))) Yes let’s have a session 🙂 Felt Your Energies coming long ago my Friend 🙂
    I will Write to You once off the travel road 🙂 It’s a Skypesession x
    Love You x


  3. Hi there dear Friend 🙂 Thank You so much for words of appreciation ❤
    Heartfelt indeed 🙂 Would be great to connect if You would like to have a Skype session 🙂
    Hope all the information I share is helpful as well. It's a donation based website to help me keep going ❤
    Big Hug, Aga


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