There Is the Return of Christ happening! RETURN frOm Where…? Like C’mon! Drop the Falacy & align with hOMe NOW.

Artist Unknown ❤ but Highly Appreciated. May Abundance find its way to this Author *

Everybody is talking about the Great Return of the Chryst/Second Coming of the Chryst in these times/days. Coming and the Return of the Feminine Principle….
But if You take a distance like Deep Breath…and sink deeper into its falacy at its root and origin of this message…. – RETURN FROM WHERE? LIKE WHERE DID IT GO? “HIDING”?

It is always HERE. Isn’t It? It didn’t go anywhere… , like where would it goooo? It is right HERE.
That is the pOint. It is the ETERNAL NOW. Eternal meaning what? Meaning it is NOW . Here it is ETERNAL For God sake. Like how can One not grasp this “concept” ? And how could it allure and evasiveley skip one’s notion of undertanding for so many years…thousands in counting?
Mind programming is sooooo deeply rooted ….in the Field…
* Hey I do not judge…I once was one of those sleepers…yet always on thy Quest for thy Truth I felt so deeply Calling frOm my Heart no matter how strongly I was programmed, Implanted, And manipulated in my Human genome…. I worked my ass off to purify and reestablish the connectionnwith purer and purer and purer Organic Original PRIOR to all manipulation of Genetics and Human Genome DNA done – and cleansing up to its Origin pre-fabricated Divine Pattern … DNA .. Of a Divine HUmanA as it was Originally Designed at the BEginning of times-space Creation which, also is Happening right NOW. !

So Thy Principle of the ETERNAL HERE AND NOW IS… Mmmmm…HERE and NOW…Simply awaiting YOUR Return and not like it will return coming in bowing at your feet and asking to Waltz with it in a dancing manner….It Won’t! Coz it is NOT about Going “anywhere” , but about recogniZing that You are already t.HERE. If only You allowed Yourself that deepr sinking in, back and back, prior and prior, surrendering silencing, noticing and totally ACTUALIZING Step by step what is in fact….”TRUE REALITY” and Hence it is Already SO.

It is not the return of the Chryst for You at this specific time and age …It is more like RECOGNIZING that it is in fact YOU and only YOU to answer the Clarion Call trumpets going off in each moment of the day for you is only you stop and LISTEN with thy little narrow Line inside Your HeART. ❤ ( Yes it is an ART of its sorts and it’s GOog to learn to practice this “muscle” as it is not really a HUman flesh Heart that YOU are tyunning in to listen With and FrOm… ) .

So it is all About YOU REALIZING AND ACTUALIZING Yourself in its truest Essence of Reality of Thy SELF in its Origin…Prior to all ever Created…You must becOMe Unmanifested, Uncreated, Uneducated in a Way…. so You come to k.Now and Learn ONLY Da Way / and Da Path of the Sacred HEART of HEARTS.

You must simply Aloow YOURSELF to Return to the HERE AND NOW with no other desires, wants, needs and expectations held as a “plan b, c, d, z…. ” . One Gulp, One Grasp, One Chance to Be Swallowed entirely….One Chance but Full….Total and All Embracing DIVE IN into the Black…Vast, seeming Unending pit, Uncertain HOLE where you “walk” /”fall” with no gravity with blinders. Held by NOTHING but Trust , Faith and devOtional Peter Pan like Child like almost Belief ..IN MAGIC. *****

…. the Fall will take its course on You …. the Void of Vast field may seem unending but YOU must persevere…its hot coils….. what is at the bottom of that vast black Hole You may ask? That is , my friend for you to discover…. who k.NOWs…… what may be hiding down down down t.HERE….?MayBE … .. a feathered Bedn made out of soft leaves and feathers of all sorts of eXotic Birds? 🙂 ….
But that my Dear / Deer You must – Go Check Yourself – Fully IN. IN one Go , In One INstant …All cards on the Table..Saying I WISH Only for this … You may Even hold YOUR breath until there is only One last chance left – and true Soul’s Desire…to Know “God Self” and To know it ONLY. No back doors kept aside open. A true Soul’s desire /WISH to merge with and get to “Experience” the Unfathomeable – “Unexperiential ” ( coz it is not even an experience…. ) in a way…UNFATHOMEABLE GAZE INTO TRUE REALITY… and this ..I can not explain in Human words to YOU. ❤

AgaKa AriYannah
Assgard Ordeined /Reverance
KONnnnnnn Aka ❤


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