You can NOT sage or mantra or meditate Your Way away from meeting Your SELF in Fully embraced Awakening*

For the Spiritually Consumed Society… You can sage your room and house and self all you want and even stick magical gem stones and crystals all over the body and place them in every corner of your room for protection, you can listen to mantras all day , meditate, do asanas, yoga, and whatever your MIND will guide you to…. and wish upon a star even ….

Yet until YOU ACTUALLY Face that dark VOID INside and all YOUR darkness demons and MEET YOURSELF in ENTIRETY… with all the skeletons in the closet, under the bed and wherever… and HEAL the Split in YOUR mind…. Nothing will Change. YOU Are going in circles. Chasing your own tail. And YOu are literally FUCKED. Like Holy Molly Fucked. I know. I been there.

Face the BEAST to claim the FEAST of LIFE. Ain’t easy and pretty. You healing millennia from the inception of time space reality illusion and all lifetimes possible ever thought. Until you practice enough and get beYond it all Completely.

AgaYa KALight Language 13 REVELATION sessions. Transmission. from BeYond. 1.1 – Website. Quantum Leap Journey to be readjusted soon.Into #Nonduality We head aim to go tHere.UNITY Codes – Twin Flames. UNION. aNEW INSIDE.

Embody Your DESTINY* Be or Not to BE 2021

Embody Your DESTINY* Be or Not to BE . The only Decision to Make in Life is whether to choose to Be aLive or a living Lie, and Do All One can to correct the Course if Chosen Life. World is a Stage and it started with a Breath, Word and Intention…. I Came from the Future Timeline of New Generations. Holo – Healing HUman .

New is coming in all aspects of the crumbling system . There are 10 days of World PEACE Meditations being held all over the world by the Earthians, Guardians, Keepers of the Flame, And Annointed Ascended Masters living or Becoming…. IN Restful Peace of the Heart… Shall we Remain. Walking at night in deep dark forrests is my yet Best MEDICINE. Walking Fresh Baldly listening to each leaf shaking, wind Blowing, Darkness and Sparkles Glowing , Sharp coldness therapy for the mind in Mountains of the Winter Wonderland BeYond the Rainbow clouds. WHere the streets have No Name and each step on a firm Mother GaYa field is a New Beginning and Seed of my 13 Codes of Diamond Sutra for the Brave New World,


AgaYa KA Ya – Space Ka SpiritAga – AgarthiAn lineage ancestry my Human Self EmbodyingChoosing SERVICE PROTECTION AND LIFE. in Golden HeART. for All . Correct the course of your thoughts, feelings, deeds, emotions, get both hands on the wheel …we need all on the deck Now. IN MY MIND and Reality – We are all Winners. NOONE Left behind , although the old remnants of the world will be fading away – I pray for Easeful and Smooth Transition for ALL sentient Beings.

IN a Prayer for the ORGANIC LIFE I SET THE INTENTION OF ORGANIC STRUCTURE AND CRYSTALISED INNER OUTER WORLD AND WILLINGNESS TO RISK IT ALL FOR THE SAKE OF GRACE AND KNOWING ONESELF DEEPLY. Light coded language from 13 beYond and after the fall of Babylonian Tower. Sessions 1:1. We are being lead to the RoYalty . In order to embody THAT One must be Humble. AgaYA KA

Feel the mother…r COMPLETELY. Harsh words for the Harsh times. FEAR vs LOVE. Unconditional LOVE from BeYond, not the Human Kind.

Feel the mother…r COMPLETELY. Harsh words for the Harsh times. As it is literally the mother…f…r.Mother – Earth Jewell – the 13 th Revelation Feminine Essence AWAKENING – the merge of Both . UNITY . Androgynous. Masculine and Feminine in ESSENCE OF PURE FEMININE. The Supreme Power of Consciousness. Fucker – Fear, the Beast, the Scarred one, the wounded one, the patriarchal one.

The Fallen Power of Consciousness…Lower survival chakras energetic centres that keep HUmanity hijacked all over again and again.We MUST UNDERSTAND THE NATURE OF REALITY TO KNOW IT ALL.THE HUMAN SHADOW. THE LIGHT AND DARK AND ASPIRATIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS LEADING TO TRANSCENDENCE THAT MUST BE ACTIVATED FIRST, otherwise will stay asleep.When we give in to the Fear we are fucked. Literally. I know, I been there . It is paralysing and gets a grip on you that you feel there is no way to escape. Black Magic is Potent Here. The world is filled with It. When we face it completely… in safe places/spaces in its Entirety… We Liberate ourselves… and Pass that Charge Foreward.

IN THAT DEEP SPACE WE CAN RELEASE KARMA , clean our shit and move foreward riding on a White Wolf. There is a Law beYond Karma and it is called Grace. And it is NATURAL. And for the truly humbled ones and remorsing and devoted it will be GIVEN. Ain’t for Faint of Hearts. But Possible and Necessary at those times.
I was ingested in this since Birth. All Are before the shit of the system we grow up in hits the shit. Picking myself up and deeply KNOWING INSIDE it’s not the way. Anchoring the Light Codes since I remember and studying in depth esoteric knowledge and Tesla 369 since am 8 years old. There is a place of 3 years Limbo in my life as well, mostly 3 last years after encountering black magicians and being hijacked after resharing on free energy devices scalar energy and tesla coil devices as the FREE ENERGY Technology for All HUMANITY available for us all NOW. The astral realms and Dark Magicians act on leakeges in Auric field and Trauma that was not addressed or felt entirely in the body since birth and also in the womb prenetal stage as well…Yes e were conscious back then and felt everything including fears and anxiety of mum, the time of conception the way it was done and energies at steaks during that.

Those traumas must be fully felt and acknowledged. and FELT ENTIRELY…Each day now is like working with 1000000000 of years of lifetimes …You were all of It Darkest Dark and Lightest Light Workers. YOU MUST FEEL THE worst scenarios You may have done and Shine on it Pure Light chosen from the BeYond. All want to be Good and Compassionate. Not All KNow How to. Or have so many leakeges and Octopuses hands all over them that it’s hard to see. You wanna move foreward but feel you are being hooked and taken apart by something. Turn back into the Lions roaring Face and look deeply INSIDE. and roar back…with GENTLENESS. Seek those who can hold the space for you with YOU. Community. Connection. Touch. HUMANITY. We are on the Lineage of Evolution to Divine HUman Being. BeYond humanity can Imagine. The HIghest possible trajectory of our Destiny…will happen when we all Surrender our EGOs and choose to WE_GO.
Address Your Shadows. Address the Ego . Address the Fears. Do whatever it Takes to KNOW YOURSELF . I fucked up many times on this ride too.
No matter what Keep going.

LIBERATION lies in Completely FEELING all of it. And release ourselves from the Strings of the system …pappet masters. I Am developing a Light Coded Language and HOLO-structure reinventing DNA structure since 2013 as Given and Gifted to me and rememebered. Those Codes Are Sacred and they Sound weird for Human Normalcy language. I CHOOSE TO GIVE MY EXISTENCE TO THE POSITIVE POLARITY TIMELINE.
Will YOU?

AgaYaKaAga – Me on EarthYa SpaceKA Spirit as knowing myself from BeYond , from Nothingness.
AgartiAn in Lineage. AvaloniAn Codes.

After death we turn to…Ashes to Ashes or Bliss Garden to Bliss Garden? Let’s Choose GardeniA*

It’s time for me to speak and loose my fragile shame and ridicule on who I KNOW myself to Be . AgaYaKa. Holder of the 13th Key, AgarthiAn in Essence AriYanna Arcturus and Inner Earth Connector. AgaYaKa Quantum Leap Change Method. Futurist, curiosity driven weirdo since childhood, AlepH in Feeling, Q Innovator by thought alone in Creating New Earth . When all is said and Done we All go back to the …Garden… From Garden to Garden, not ashes to ashes…Bliss to Bliss…and yes the Intensity of holding that freQuency is stellar and incomprehensible to step through the Gate during Human life span cycle in the body..

Not for faint of Hearts. The FreQuency of 13th Gate, Star, Sun/Son to overSee it all …the capacity to contain this on mond body soul level in invoked connection to Pure Source Energy as Creation in One is unthinkable…unholdable and yes rapturously ecstatic in Essence yet can go both ways.. into Destruction and limbo or Creation and Allowing and Inviting it In . We must do diligent work to purify all aspects of our lives on the Path to God Goddess Mother Father THAT.

Ain’t rose and flowers only. Hot coils , burns, flashes, sun, snow and All the shenanigans in the way… But behind it all there is A Garden..a crystal Cave We must enter if we Choose to do so… There is a Way…a Gate. Unimaginable Wavelink so to speak..a different World. And it’s Natural ..and it’s In connection to All That Is…and in That space must endure to remain before the ego fear runs away. Body must be strong enough to conjure this. Being a Galactic Conduit ain’t an easy job. I know how dark this Road is and I know the energetic flames rushing via spine and entire body burning you alive.

Small steps brothers and sisters…to huge Leaps. My Quantum Leap Journey path since 2009 had been Quite something …that’s for sure.. for done of books to be written on and mistakes and challenges and struggles and coming from Purity and Heart Service to All to falling like Icarus into depth of dark halls I wish noone to enter..grid working on Earth since early remembrance.. But there is a Garden, that I carry at Heart memories…EdeniA, AgarthA, Crystal cities I came from and helped building over Ron’s of time as a Creator I remembered myself to Seed those seeds all over the Universe painting all into Existence…

Then we Arrive in this Human Body..small boxed container and feel like this skafander is to small… Like wtf… And tremendous waves of Grief flush in…flood us now as the depth of deep grief of being disconnected from the Divine Source..almost angry at ourselves for choosing this Journey on Earth in its perceived limitations.. But mayBE there is another Way.. A Path..hidden in Pure Sight ..when we Open heartedly choose and Ask to be a vessel of Most Harmonious Divine Force of Goddess God Creator to work through us in the Way that’s Organic. And purify all obstructions that may keep us in captivity.

No matter how long ..step by step..small Giant Leaps. In the Era of tremendous acceleration…start step at a time..and cultivate Presence before all else. I do not agree with the Biblical way of seeing ashes to ashes.. I know and experienced garden to garden way so many times. ..Now to clean ourselves sufficiently to Be accepted in Rightousness and abide in that Eternal Space we All come from forever. That is my Intention for All . AgaYaKa Light Language activations – Rainbow Bridge Vocal cord tonings, Breath of Awe Awareness.

And Project AgarthA to come to Fruition from Imagined and Remembered from what I Know but yet had forgotten upon coming here on Earth where we were put under strict rigid ways of formal EducationRestoring Eden, GardeniA, With Calling upon comrades all over the World, as Steward of the Lands, Gaia Sophia to create a sphere a Web of those places,And we will Interstellar travel in around 4 years and hop around those Sacred Villages.
That is In my 3rd i-I Eye. since Beginning of Time. We came here as Warriors…Keep on Walking…Please do NOT GIVE UP. I feel YOU. And the Garden is Breathing is in Fact One Breath Away… That One moment in Time… Where we All are Holding Hands in Grace.
Be strong Let’s Become Luminous.

With Loving Kindness.

AgaYaKa AriYanna
LOOKING FOR A WEB DESIGNER. older version on my

Light Coded after Babylon Tower Fall. One Language from Heart is a my Gift of Etheric Surgery and DNA realignment

Light Coded after Babylon Tower Fall. One Language from Heart is a Gift of Etheric Surgery and DNA realignment.

SUNscripted. With all Ray’s of Rainbow in it. Vortex anchoring Portal in South PL in Connection to Tor, Mt Shasta, AZ, Kailash, and much more. #SacredSoundsFromTheSoul Heart *🌸 RainBow Avalon

I Incarnated here as an The Indigo 2’s. NEW SOULS. We are specifically working to regenerate and activate the Human DNA template’s to its highest potential. This will be the group of healers, the energy transmitters, working directly in the healing arts in some way. Each one has a specific gift of healing tools, light codes to assist humans in healing distortions imbedded in the physical and energetic bodies. These distortions have been created and inherited from the karmic patterning resulting from all the incarnating evolutionary cycles. Also at this time of acceleration, it is required for some humans undergoing the Ascension process to be assisted with Etheric Surgery. Etheric Surgery is a new term for a new group of facilitators emerging to work on the multidimensional anatomy by supporting the Nadis system or other layers of the Auric Field.

The Nadis System is the Electrical Nerval Plexus that receives and transmits the new frequencies being absorbed into the entire individual energy matrix and the cellular body. It acts as an energetic “switchboard” for the entire bio-energy field. The Nadial System is located at the etheric template layer of the energy bodies and may need to be upgraded in order to be calibrated easily to the new energies introduced to the personal field. This rewiring occurs to hold the new resonant frequencies in the individual’s body with minimum discomfort. This will be a new career, as one of the many new healing modalities surfacing at this time.

Many of these Indigos are the teachers of the New Energy and will emerge to discuss openly about the Ascension Process and it’s meaning for the evolution of the human species. Some will be recruited to create Wellness Centers with various holistic healing technologies based on spiritual-energetic principles.

These groups are the bridge between the Old Energy world and the New Energy world. They are the way showers for embodying the principle of “Unification” and “Integration” and serving as the example of how to live in harmony with all things.


Quantum Leap Journey #LightLanguage #DreamsFromOneSoul #AnchoringLightTorch #Healibg #VocalToning #AvAloniA #AgArthA #EcoVsEgo #Creation #Seer #ModernShaman #Knower #13 #QAgaReminders #BeYond #NewEarth #Expansion #AddictionDeath #strokeOfLight

Do You Meditate to Connect Deeper or Escaping Your Life Responsibilities?

Do You Meditate to Connect Deeper or Escaping Your Life Responsibilities?

Meditation Can be a Mind Soul Body Spritit MEDICATION in total surrender and reverant LET GO or Escapistc running away from the real life Presence that is screaming for your Attention especially after You were already ACTIVATED and died few times in this life to pure NOTHINGNESS and You are still looking for the Big Aha Trumpet Moment when YOu might have already nailed it. Source Connected. Never Dis-Connected.

But possibility of taken on coats of thoughts, beliefs and paths of “others” waking up to what you have already long ago touched. Trust YOUR SELF. Become and Instrument for the Music of YOUR Heart. Be Willing to feel what is Right for YOU. In each and Every Moment.

People will be Waking up to the Unity Presence State …. LOVE. But You know there is Clear SEEING too. And Absolute. And BeYond Nothingness Portal Infinite Possibilities Foreward… But Stabilise FIRST In each step. Or when YOU go fast to the End …and still keep going rushing into the Infinity …PAY Attention to Presence and Bypassing leftovers. Take up the shovel and slear the stuff /shit you may have left behind. To open a CLEAR Chapter. What YOU touched already will never leave YOU. Your Heart will be in fear when YOU stop doing the RIGHT thing. Shine a light of Awareness on Traumas, mother father wounds… embody Compassion and Foregiveness towards all parts of YOU in all configurations with “others” >
to see clearly the Compass of what MATTERS most in this NOW.

AgaYa Ka Stabilising 1:1 session. Sound Healing Voice Codes of 13 Light Language. Intentional Pure Hearted Transmission. Adjustments. @AgaYa Ka

Collective Crossroads and Choice Point to Choose Heaven On Earth. * Choose Love.Learn to let Love IN.

Collective Crossroads and Choice Point to Choose Heaven On Earth. * Choose Love.Learn to let Love IN.

On timeline I see John Lennon, Morrison, Princess Diana, M Jackson, B. Martley and more exist, gonna come out in 2,3 years,. Julian Assange, who feels like my twin brother comi g in dreams for over 8 years, is a son of Trump will be fully Liberated soon. Thus Timeline Exists and runs parallel to the smoke and mirror scenario sold by mainstream propaganda. And Hey… Neither of them took vaccines.Just sayin’Speaking my Truth as a Seer.We must all now face our deepest Ego trips address traumas and sink in deep. There’s a spiritual War going on here, and I feel it to the core.They play now on deepest core wounds and wires of traumas in the body.. Addictions and pushing the button S inside you to retraumatised. Stay vigilant and strong.Me included.Am in Absolute awakening since 2009.

Died 4 times this life already. Highly above connected to Omnium.Working with embodying lower realms as a New HUman 8 came here to Serve. Connected to AriYanna AriA Collective, Sassani and Light language.Remember forth years to come. Steward and dreaming awake new Earth since early childhood.I Remember Everything.AS I created it All. The Great Design. And parallels running.Black and White. Tasted Both deeply to the measure of intensity not many can bare. Darkness runs deep. And we must learn to dance with those Shadows.There is a point beyond.After the Babylonia fall. Where no languages resign. Where light language I transmit is the only way if communication as we are birthing New Earth United.Nothingness. Silence. Joyful light language. Great a mystery. Singularity. Here we are Flowing…

My Quantum Leap Journey been weird, different, reversed inverted.. From pure Light service dor 33 years .. To depth of traumas digged up last 3 years, occultic forces and black magic encounters, darkness and tasting fear stronger than anything I’ve ever encountered…fear attaches to places of deepest defensive mechanisms from childhood and natal, infant and prenatal timesThe bigger the light the darker the dark.Forgiveness and Compassion hold dissolution energy if approached humbly.I know the depth of ego tactics and programmes running to levels beyond possible. You must be willing to address those deeply. May We all let the 13 Diamond Core awake and settle inside as all strains of DNA are being Activated on masse, x I experienced it in 2010 myself. Today I speak to all of Us and those feeling left behind… At any given moment you can choose to say… PLOT TWIST! I AIN’T HAVING THIS SHIT NO More. So help us God. The more, the merrier.

AgaYaKaActivating Core Divine Blueprint Galactic ConduitRestoring Eden. AvaloniA, GardeniA, Codes of

Mission MARS. Feeling the Immesurable Feelings and Traumas. Memories from milenias.

Mission MARS. Feeling the Immesurable Feelings and Traumas.

If You are struggling at the moment to FEEL immesuarable flooding feelings, emotions and vicious firey sensations inside …. Maybe my Story with RED PLANET will help. Mission MARS I was a part of as a Commander and Captain of Operation “Restore Garden”.
Regression of the Soul Quantum for ” Q AgaYa KAIF WE DON’T END WAR .WAR WILL END US. – H.G. Walls. From an in depth Soul Q Regression I have had recently came out flashing and flooding memories of the Mars Wars and being an operational mechanism Brain of the operation to save the Planet.All my comrades were killed. Life ended…. red planet was covered with dusty death like silence. No life was to continue. Toning in my ears of dead sound….high pinch, …almost no air to breathe, heavy, … empty skeletons and skulls all over…and me as only survival….. wishing to be dead, being alone …. sensations of failing the mission to Save the planet as there was a nuclear weapon used onto us and entire Planet to explode…. , sensations of hopelessness….failure….death, breath, heavy breathing …., sadness, sorrow, immesurable grief….. hopelessness…..helplessness….utter aloneness…. ME …in the midst of all of it. No sign of Life, no sign of nutrition. Breaking up. And Utter confusion. Disorientation. WISH upon myself to be dead…. The Captain comes LAST off the ship…I was the only one that survived. Failed the Mission and wanted to die with my people if we were all to die. 🙁 The Operation was connected to 13 other Planets simultaneously. If YOU have surging feeling of suicidal approach and feeling like you can not take it ANYMORE… Please hold in there… ❤ I AM HERE>>>>I FEEL YOU. I see YOU. What You may feel so deeply these days may not be truly Yours from this time . It may be correlated to Soul’s stuck deep fasia memories from other Soul contracts held in You from other missions, timelines and past times when You taken over on yourself more You can imagine.
In Truth You have been everyone and noone in the past…yet you have a soul lineage family, oversoul traits of lives more significantly highlighted for you. Gifts of Which You are to carry foreward and bring forth to life You live here in positive structure polarity.
“A warning to the peopleThe good and the evilThis is warTo the soldier, the civilianThe martyr, the victimThis is warIt’s the moment of truth, and the moment to lieThe moment to live and the moment to dieThe moment to fight, the moment to fightTo fight, to fight, to fightTo the right, to the leftWe will fight to the deathTo the edge of the earthIt’s a brave new worldFrom the last to the firstTo the right, to the leftWe will fight to the deathTo the edge of the earthIt’s a brave new worldIt’s a brave new worldA warning to the prophetThe liar, the honestThis is warTo the leader, the pariahThe victor, the messiahThis is warIt’s the moment of truth, and the moment to lieThe moment to live and the moment to dieThe moment to fight, the moment to…..”CHOOSE Life……… ? * The Healing was in Silence…the feeling…. deep Sobbing, deep reprogramming…..hollow space inside utter surrender to helplessness of the emptiness in the stomach that craves nutrition…. nurturance…Life… and HOPE. reprogramming and placing programmes of death with the ones of Life…. Trying to find courage to choose that. Stranded. Alone. Walking dead. Sensing milions of bodies burried underneath the surface….souls screaming for help…. likem cemented underneath….as slaves …whose essence was literally sucked out of by the Mars Beings entities. Who brought destruction . Who fear light.
Seeing Me planting new seeds there and a flash of Hope…a Light in the Corner of my Right Eye…. Air started to become a bit more easy …and not that heavy…to gras to breathe…. To claim the Mastery of regenerating myself a sthe Captain and Brain of operation…that failed to save the planet during wars and nuclear powers used on us. I feel I could not have more scars by now in my Life.Lets use nuclear powers to DO GOOD I kept crying out. They did not listen. I trust the HUmanity will listen this Decade and we will use it for the Mission GOOD/GOD. . Shall we?Still in Alonneess…. All.ONEess.. This is Just One of many experiences I have had last months and the war over the conscience taking place. And how the other side tries to pull the strings of your deepest traumas…weakness points and achilles foot points to get access to you field and press buttons. The Emotional Variations that are almost not able to be contained and felt by the HUman Body we identify with…. So If I remember that mission, as Pure consciousness …. was there…. in another Suit meat like suit…. And felt that all contained in my conscious awareness….
WHO IS IT NOW that is in remembrance of this too? Is this my BODY? mind? Or Pure Consciousness ? How Am I to remember this and clean clear the depth of traumas taken place there and move foreward with the gifts and abilities as the operational brain stormy captain of neurogenic capabilities…. Feeling the emotional distress ain’t a pretty picture. Detaching from it and shifting towards the Observer is a constant and vigilant commitment. Realising this May break some walls of resistence to Feel.
More to come. I’ve more to share and seeding life there aNew. Where bases are held of the ones who can not stay alive in light. I have so many memories from there. In remembrance of who I was back then and gifts that are connected to Galactic Conduicity that I awoke to 12 years ago and was being called Crazy. Gaslit all my life. Attacks over the Body to dismantle it and bring to death so we can not fulfill our Soul’s mission and calling from before incarnation on this Planet.
Many are targetted .Heal the Split in the Mind and Feel. The reality is weirder than Fiction my friends…and I will no longer stay Silent to my experiences no matter how many threts of psychiatric wards ❤ We must Acknowledge it and find reconciliation now. And Command Peace. no matter what. You are clearing lifetimes of miasms and trauma for your entire family as well…who often not even aware to what you are going through look at you as if you are crazy psycho and nerd weird out of box not connected to reality as they see it. Keep on going One day they will thank You for it hopefully. Or not. It does not matter . what Matters is that you finish the work and ask for help when needed. We HEAL In relation to others . Find Your herd, tribe that resonate the same fork frequency and Heal it all once and for All.
We are in this tOgether. Yet All-ONE. Embrace this.
It ain’t easy but can be done. Move forevard and wear Your scars as trophies. I collected a lot of them already .
13 held High I will stand no matter what.
Quantum Leap JourneyQ AgaYaKa Galactic Conduit and Connector. Light Language conduit of 13 Diamond ARIA cords and Etheric Surgery. QAgaYaKa*अजातQuantum Leap Change®Visionary13thAgarthAA.Qu.ARIA.n IN EssenceBeYond WordsAlepHAake since 11 yrs old.
@Laura Eisenhower was there in Spirit. with me too. I this lifetime I was with Laura and many in Detroit Michigan in 2016 in the round table talks over the Planetary Ascension. Laura was heavily attacked too and her fb account is deleted by now.
30 seconds to Mars…This is WAR… :

Do YOU.Nothing Else will DO YOU.KNOW Your Puzzle. For the Big Picture.

Do YOU.Nothing Else will DO YOU.KNOW Your Puzzle. For the Big Picture. HONESTLY one MORE TIME I/YOU WILL ASK OTHERS FOR THE PERMISSION TO be MYSELF/YOUR-SELF…. It is the minute you sell your Soul. FEEL AND BE Yourself and what comes naturally through you. Otherwise it’s really not pretty. And We need all messy particles to start fitting IN their Royal Righteous Place. Let’s Claim IT. NOW.

And Here I stand…ADHD Bipolar, Multidimensional Hybrid…Autistic Even I feel At times… the Seer, Knower, Witch, Curiosity Driven and Grounding Landing on Earth yet from BeYond. Q Aga- from DreamLand. To Create Land of Dreams on Earth. A Programme switched on so fiercely since 2010. Rested in drawers for few years of utter stuckness trying to fit in… do it Their way… It can NOT happen. You will end up succumb yourself to the notion of wanting to rip yourself open and scream.

For someone Feeling like giving birth to universes with single thoughts of New Earth Solutions and having bilions of those per minute it’s not easy to be here. Studying Tesla Since 10 Years old. Passport ending 369.
3 is n my Lineage.
Weirdo. Crazy. Mysfit.
I’d Happy to swap places with other parts of puzzles from time to time. To have some Rest 🙂
I am Galactic Conduit. Connector of sorts. Highly perceptive. AQUARIAN in Essence . For the New Era coming.

Sometimes I feel like I designed and created the Entire Game in the First Place. Seeing over for the potentiality of next stages of next years, decade in Totality. All going into Singularity Point.
Me. Early Born…. Always felt am born too early. Both Gift and curse. Not from Here. Telepathically Connected. UNgrounded at times. But Landing and learning. BeYond. Aquarian. Watery yet fiercely fisty and Intense Hence Light Language Singing comes easiest to me.
BeYond Languages I STAND. The Biblical Tongue Tower must Fall for the Grace of Oneness to Be Known.
Coz the Truth of the Heart lies BeYond the words spoken in Human terms.

@QUantumLeapChangeProject @AvAloniA GardeniaLet’s go back to the Garden.Q AgaYA KA

NOTHING IS Certain. Go tHere.

Quantum Catalyst and Catapulting .

Up and Above … Down and Deep IN…

The depth is scarrier than What you may Think. But still Go there. Half Dark Half Light and Beyond. AgaYaKa. Now.Here. I stand. and Beyond. There is Only One of Us Here..? Is there? Anybody Out there? Or Are we all dreaming ?
Come closer and Unite and work your ass off to BALANCE the Ancient Hermetics into Harmonics Inside. ANcient Futures We Are in Tune.
Light language Coding comes easily for me as Beyond is only a STate with no real words.
BeIng from BeYond. Acceleration is Potent in these times. WE MUST GROUND New and feel Stable in Wholistic Way. New Way for New Wave. Is Here.

Every day a New BEginning. Get up. Refocus and go. Be. Do. Act. In and From Gratitude. Appreciation. Seek and find Your Joy.. Follow it fiercely Integrate and Share. Find your Medicine and Let it Heal You. No comparisons to others. Crazy. Mysfit. Different. You name it.. Go there.. v
Feel what’s trying to burst through.Irreversible Self Realisation feels like utter Dying. Nothing is left. Everything and Nothing you are in between breaths You exist. A projector painting a movie of You as You.
What movie will you want to press Play to today?
Self Realise to Self Actualize to Self Vitalize and Ground life IN.
By Becoming Whole with Life as Essence.
The instrument through which we are able to master the understanding of Nature and Existence is itself not really understood by humanity. When once that truth is understood, all that is understood through this knowledge will become plain. This is exactly what our ancient sages did.
They sought to know “That which if Known” All else can be Known. Our ancient scriptures “The Upanishads” which are believed to be a voice heard from the Universe, lay down the process of this discovery.
The expression of that discovery in practical life is – Love.
For, it is LOVE that creates, sustains and engulfs All Creation. It’s LOVE that the Universal energy exhibits in all creation. Without Love, no one can claim to have succeeded in deciphering God and creation’s handiwork, the Universe. God is Love so lets Live in Love – that is the direction indicated by the sages. To Become as One with it and flow.
Love can grow only in a well-ploughed heart, free from all desires and ego’s of me and mine mind. So lets prepare our heart by means of constant recital of any name of God that appeals to us or a daily practice like meditation (yoga) , like prayers , like pursuit of true knowledge or action in doing ones duty. It can be any one of these – devotion, wisdom, action.

The path of Consciousness-cleansing will lead us to our constant everlasting bliss and peace. From there we must start. Half dark half Light we Consist of. HOw precious. How destructive and creative in BOTH.
How to Get there?
Get on the Journey Train… it’s quite a ride and learn living moment by moment in the field where nothing is CERTAIN.

Quantum Leap Journey AgaYaKa Self. #transmission#waterAquarian#SunWarriors#nature#PolishAvaloniA time Start.www.quantumleapjourneycom