Seed Love. Harvest LOVE in each and every NOW. No Global Meditations Needed. Become a Meditation NOW.

My, Q Aga, 2 Cents on #GlobalMeditations vs #BeingMeditationInEachAndEveryNow as the World seems going really fixated on them …and if you can see they come in circulations at all times.
Father Sky
Mother Earth… YOU KNOW….. and carry the Key, deeply In and Beyond all time and space
In every Now Now Now moment…return to your Heart.
Refocus on what Love would see with your eyes. Through Your eyes. What is Looking? What I is there to SEE through Your eyes?
How Love would respond versus how Fear would react…
Global meditations are nice but what about…. Making Every nano second of your life as Meditation in, from and through as Love in Action.
Direction Love.
Focus Love.
Response Love
Swallowed by Love
Practicing Love
Being, walking, breathing, sitting meditation of Love in each and every moment…

What about that? Versus certain timings, that remind of ..coming to the church for a mass , tick off….and then go about your day as usual.
What about being focused on Love, Divine Harmony, Joy, Peace, Kindness Solutions, Prosperity, Thriving, Health, Restoration of this Planet and your life in the Now?
In every hour, every minute, every second… Not only at 11 am or 11 pm this day and tomorrow…
Where is tomorrow? Have you seen it? Assuming you need to meditate at this and this hour the next 2,3 days is assuming that You can not have it done with NOW!…. always in the future, so you sit in meditation today in the name of Global sitting meditation but having in mind that you gonna sit tomorrow and the next day coz of “special energies “ coming to Planet puts you outside of this moment now .
As if it could not happen and be done with NOW. Today this second…
Coz there will alwyas be a tomorrow concept of meditation and the meditation done today at 11 am or 11 pm as sources propell you to do and join will not bring COMPLETION ..coz…hey… we need to do this tomorrow and after tomorrow as well.
Am I the only One who shares this perception?
Doesn’t it circulate Fear inside and takes you outside the present moment to fall IN Love with?
I challenge us all to do so. Starting from Now.., 7.50 am here…as good as 11am or 10:23 am etc etc. …
I am all about CONNECTION , don’t get me wrong. Gather and Create as Nahko Bear sang, but create in the now from Love in each moment in compilation with Wisdom and I truly BElieve the changes will be much greater. Please feel into It. Deeply today.
What Are we trying to change? The World outside?
But isn’t it a reflection of Your/Our internal Environment?
So how about cultivating Your Own Garden first, like philosopher Kant once wrote about.
I dare to ASSUME THAT THEN AND ONLY THEN …. THERE WILL BE NO MORE WEEDS IN THE WORLD THAT You are so trempted to go and de-root from outside.
Roots are DEEP IN-SIDE of each and every one of us. Roots are not outside.
I am not saying tdo not take action and disobey the attrocities or injustice seen in the world and align with conformity.
I am saying BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD first like Gandhi had shown us. Managing to make over 200 mln people follow his Peaceful – non reaction based, Harmonious Embodiment and not fighting the old. By an example he created a Movement out of no assumed movement to create in the first place. It birthed through Him from Deep inner Knowing what to do/be – come as in that moment in time.
Like a Vessel for ESSENCE/ial “Action” in BEing embodied in responce to the Call of Grace that I truly believe Awoke in Him and lead him to what was necessary/righteous.
So what I am saying here would be to water the flowers In your own Internal Garden first and de-root the weeds that are no longer in service to Your Life well-BEing. Not with pesticided angry approach but with compassionate, yet fierce Letting go of into the fire and Light of Grace it so longed for to become as One with .
Then, I dare to assume, the world will be full of flowers as well.
You will no longer need meditation. You meditate – contemplate on weeds – why are there tHERE and what would be a solution to them. But You don’t meditate on Flowers.
You just Love the flowers. Coz They ARE. And only when You will truly BE – You will be able to see and Feel this deeply. When You ARE – You will love the flowers , coz they ARE.
They just ARE simply themselves with no effort to Exist.
You will meet flowers with love, engage with and cherish them with similar resonance as cultivated in YOUR Heart-Lungs-Bloodstream- BEING.

Your Mind is a GARDEN, Your Thoughts are the Seeds. You can GROW Flowers of You Can grow Weeds

So I say contemplate and meditate on You… Your Life, see the shadows lurking in the corners of your etheric colon … address some deep shit there to be dealt with with. Apply some true, blunt Honesty. To be seen carried inside for so long and to be DE-COLON-oscopied as in “QUARANTINED” to its PURITY.
Purified in and by the waters of Compassionate Grace.Maybe this is what this whole Quarantine is HERE for…? Maybe it is Here for exactly that?

Maybe We are here to first Compassionately look within and see what inside of You might be putting a brick layer to those attrocities being played outside in the seeming world?
#Karuna – Compassion IN Action towards Your-Self and reflected for many.
#Globalmeditation starts from the Now and in this NOW it can become the True Remedy, a medication of ethernal sort injected and rooted deeply within , so you will SEE with Real I-eyes that no meditation will be ever needed. You will BE-come a meditation, coz of Medication that You chose to Invest into, Dived Inside and Injected ethernally into your “veins” as a Fluid of God. A kind of perpetuum mobile that will ALWAYS BE in circulation in your inner stream. A life Giving Force in constant FLOW. Let’s STOP for a second and Meditate on THAT.
With Love *
Q Aga
Note : I am NOT denying any kind of Meditations in Togetherness with rightous Intention. I Allow it as well. Coz it is already allowed. All I point here is , that it is crucial to work on our OWN shit first so we can bring to the table more of purified sense of Awareness of this Peace Love Unified field held within, in comparison to trying to faking the feeling of such inside, as it can not fully break through the distorted or stuck pipes inside hiding the unworked with parts of traumas that were not addressed, seen, compassionated, forgiven, loved … We live in the AND Consciousness. Inclusive Universe that does not judge. I am not here to judge either and there is no such intention in this article. It is This AND That focus. Not This OR That that makes a Difference. Inclusive. Not Exclusive. And to make the World go Round in a more peaceful manner , All I am saying is – to BECOME Really Peaceful with all of our most unwanted parts inside that hold the keys to ripple in effect of more Flowers in the world and less weeds to “fight”



A r-EVOL-ution in Approach to Corona Virus. a #LOVETHECORONAVIRUS #UKOCHAJCORONAVIRUSA Global CALL TO ACTION from Q Aga : TO reconstructure its vibrational lineage of harm into love.
So I am starting a r-EVOL-ution towards and regarding the Corona Virus and Pandemic of Fear. #LoveTheCoronaVirus vs #Fear theCorona Virus.
On collective level we have huge opportunity to shift the old paradigm of fear, slavery and consciousness of death on the Planet towards Love, Embodied Enlightenment and Transcendence based on Values of Unconditional Love, Genuine Connection, Kindness, Mutual Help and LOVE once more.
if the Universe is Simple……… what if it was all simple . Black and White. Jin and Yang. Day and Night. White and Dark.
What if we are collectively Shifting towards…. WHOLENESS and Completion that requires embracing the Darkness whithin us and transcend the fear towards it onto the POwer of Love.
So I am starting a local-global r-EVOL-ution of Corona Virus Transcendence.
Of Reconnection to Source and Completion via Acceptance , Embrace of it all , Recognition of our own Creation…. and CHOOSING Again with Love Approach.
With more Lightness. With a bit more wholesome BREATH.
What if the Universe is based on principles of Fear or Love . That there are 2 things to choose from .
What would Happen if Love WON. If we all collectively chose to aproach the circumstances with Curious Loving embrace of – So BE it. And Trust in the power of Love transmutation.
What if we were all powerful Magicians and Alchemysts here who wonder around in Forgetfulness of our powers for a long time and Are here asked to REREMEMBER IT ALL?
What if we can approach the Virus with a gentle…come on in…I LOVE YOU VIRUS… and feeling it so deeply that we end up reconstructing the energetics of the virus itself to a loving effect?
Can YOU IMAGINE? Transcending the Corona Virus that like everything else is Made of ENERGY….. into what we shape it into with our Thoughts, Intentions and Heart readiness to say ENOUGH of this shit put upon us…!
Can YOu IMAGINE the power we have collectively to shape shift this Corona Virus into its opposite ?
Can YOU IMAGINE then it spreading and causing global Awakening and re-CONNECTION with people’s Divine Blueprint and pure rerememberance?
Can YOU?
Can WE?
WE CAN create this shift the more of US Are Acting and intending in Harmonius Intention of the same Case scenario…the more of Us the better…. the more poweerful field is generated.
Can You IMAGINE a world where Virus spreads LOVE and HEALING instead of Fear and Death?
8 years ago I had a dream we are all in a Train …Train is accelerationg fast and at one stage we are all locked in compartments…. some people here, some here, Chinese people here, Polish here, Spanish here….. mindsets here, this mindset here…etc. The COMMON GROUND THAT ALL TOUCHED when entering the train was the ONE CORRIDOR IN BETWEEN THE COMPARTEMNTS. So why all sit locked in compartments? I ws flowating in between compartments as this Plasmatic field of Formless energy … as the Corridor… – That That I AM. Aware of a compartments , yet in between, FREE, FLOWING formless…

People were told it is not safe to go out to the corridor. It is scarry, death can be there. You will catch a draft and die…
Yet there was BREEZE IN THE CORRIDOR. BREEZE of Freshness was felt. FREEDOM.
I believe WE ARE in this time in History now where people are on the lock down. There is energy of Fear and Pandemic spread around. But what if we all Believed there is NOTHING To Fear in the Corridor? What if we Believed there is New , Fresh, LOVE to be found there?
What IF we all got out onto the CORRIDOR with assumption of Love to be met there and with the Love towards the Unknown coming from us? What if we ALL, even if with shaking hands, feet, legs etc….. STEP OUT to the CORRIDOR? Hand in Hand? Heart IN HEART?
Mind Locked with LOVE thoughts?
What if…INstead of Being told to FEAR THE CHANGE….We decided to CHANGE THE FEAR ? What if We all reversed engineered it?
Like…NOW? !
Aren’t You sick of this all Fear lingering around? Can we do it Together? Can we MEET IT WITH LOVE?
IMAGINE………what world would we wanna Live IN?
In the Sea of Endless possibilities…
IMAGINE…………………………. All the People….Living LIFE IN PEACE…………. Yeah Ha! ….J. Lennon.
Can We believe that in the era of Corona Virus, what if it is actually happening FOR us,not TO us? If It was happening For us…How can we approach it differently? And Feel it with Welcome and Love? Can we really create a field n which it will dissipate and recreate its Charge from harm to Benefit to Human Body? There is Only One way to find out.
At the End of the day what matters is Whether we Loved, Were Kind, Lived with Higher Heart Wisdom in Action and Love towards ourselves and others. Wholeness and Inclusion leads to LOVE . Denial and Fear leads to Death and Separation. Which Will WE CHOOSE THIS TIME? As a Human Race ?
Will We BE-Come HUman in (G)Race ?
Q Aga –
starting each day from NOW ON…. 25.03.2020 in each moment in each now…
Each day 8 am CEST TIME and 8 pm. _ will do 22 min of short sitting loving meditation / guidance…or silence. on Fb :
Love donations welcomed.
Tools/ Being/Connection to LOVE , Higher Vision, Building Structure, New Earth Overview,
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*The Era of Heart*fullness. *** May WE Call it IN-to our Lives 2020

Embracing, Allowing, and Calling IN *The Era of Heart*fullness. *** and HEART – full Connections might be the most Important and necessary mean for Human and Planetary survival.
Mind is a Robot. It is literally out of control Automatic walking talking disaster.
Under no circumstances trust it nor follow its sneaky endeavours.
It will lead you to jail at its best case scenario … It is erratic, distorted, distractive, chaser of a carrot and implanted with more programmes your TV set carries. Noise.
It is vital to practice Mindfullness….but I will go a bit further and say Mindfulness may become crooked in its way . What I proclaim would be what I call Heart*fullness.
Risk it all to uncover the Heart Voice.
Nothing else Matters.
But True Connection to One’s Heart will demand all from you…
The Fire of unearable temperature is there…. will WE bare ?
#Mindfullness #heartWisdom


GIVING UP TO WIN. God resides on the other side of Pride.

They are more related siblings than You may think
What does it take to Give up? Surrender ? In the meaning Give Up -> to BE-come a Winner…..
GIVE UP – TO WIN. ****
It takes not only radical self reflection and self responsibility alongside with vulnearability to ask for help if needed.
Be-ing Humble + Openness = Liberation
Dropping pride and masks aint’s easy. They are all well placed mechanisms of Matrix technology in operation.
Ego has 1000000000000 of deceptive strategies, spider webs, fishing rod and hooks, octopus like sticky legs and deceptive Light carrying entities that do everything to keep us complecent, obedient, small, in shame, guilt, regret, self harm, abuse, hatred, stuck, in fear, anxiety, contracting under all those layers of shadowy snow….
Underneath it all where light of breath can not enter freely – it is all suppressed. It is all stored, dusty, piled up and become rusty like old metal material undergoing corossion.
The Heart begin to build a wall. A Scafander. A rigid Stone like cluster of brics.
A shell. It hardens with time. Becomes more and more rigid, zipped up….unpenetreable, closed off and shut. Air can not enter in natural way there.
I learnt that too once. The hard way. Dormant traumas became awake once in my adult life and fear was leading the way. The subconscious and its scarred inner child patterns and strategies of survival were in the driver’s sit and taking the toll on my life .
It was not safe to be seen, to be out there, to share the truth of my Soul with the world in the more global scale way contributing to more. It was not safe to be seen as What was trying to unfold and communicate through me was so different , not “Normal”, un-conventional, wtf like…
There was a drive of Ego looking for validation and approval as well. Again voice of a onced shhut of kid. Not allowed to speak. To voice out its truth.
There was a sense of wanting to save the world from wrong set programmes.
There is still this sense. But from different structure. Different point Heart arrived at.
Change from within. Became the Leader once upon a time. And the Sense of urgency arrived to Share, To BE ME as Me with all expertise, experiences and gifts I can naturally show up with.
We can not do it all properly and find this Authentic Flow in Life is we do not HEAL those inner demonic , starving ghosts. We Must FEEL. WE can NOT Heal until we Feel.
So we must FEEL. But Feel fully. To the rock bottom. Where you think there is no more Hope. Where nothing makes sense anymore and you loose the sense of identity of point of living if healing did not occur earlier and certain foundations and values alongside with goals were not placed. The Point Where You give Up in Surrender if there is enough courage cultivated and Grace wants to work its way….
Be willing to Stay Humble. To Open up in the face of adversity, often tremendous fear and anxiety beyond norm…. let it have you.
Let it break You.
Let it crash You.
Find safe space to be held in that.
A Sanctuary.
Inner Craddle like Space, and often a Person, safe Arms where you can Fully FEEL Your-Self. Experience what was not allowed onced to be seen, acknowledged and ALLOWED to surface at a certain moment in time.
This moment is Where You may switch the Green Light on and whisper..I don’t care…
May Your Will Lord/Grace/Universe/God Be done through me , not mine.
Broken – O* P*E*N********** in bilions of pieces… Shattered Glass…Mirror….of ONE Screen.
Crashing all old paradigms of Being, behaving, thinking….
Are You/WE Ready? Are WE Willing? Will YOU/WE Jump? Go All IN ?
With Timeless LOVE,
Q Aga
Quantum Leap Journey
Make a Conscious Journey NOW
Session. Guidance. Reading, HELP – step by step.
1:1, or 8 weeks container in a HUB. Quantum Leap CHANGE Journey / Incubator. starting 01.02.2020. – Appreciate Heart Love donations to sustain and improve website, to keep it add free and get equipment important for upcoming projects to reach more people.

“If YOU won’t be willing to be a Fool you will never become a Master”


BE THE FOOL* Dare to Be the FOOL. A Mysfit. A MadHatter.
“If YOU won’t be willing to be a Fool
you will never become a Master”
– J. Peterson, my favourite clinical, American psychotherapist and psychoanalytic, speaker, author.
Breathe in those words. Gold is there.

All I can say is BE YOU. DARE TO BE You. No matter what. Risk it all to Find Yourself and Self-Express with no comparison to how you are supposed to be, no should and shouldn’ts allowed here. No status Quo. Question how things are.
OWNing your unique design and craziness is the most important thing one can do for yourself and the world.

I really can’t tame my Madness anymore, so will let it loose.
It gives me a significant Sigh of Relief. And honestly will make it my Life purpose, among many other, to help others find, uncover, redesign their Life Calling/PURPOSE tuned to their Uniquely structured Inner SELF – Soul Madhouse. And with no fear of being judged, pointed at and laughet at – SHARE THEIR TRUTH, aligned with and IN Service to others polarity.

Q Aga
Quantum Leap Journey

With Love,
Q Aga
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““Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.”
M . Twain
How ? —->…. step by step…
So We Landed on Earth. Quite an
Experience here…
In Between Worlds. *** Wander-ing In between Magic and Mud. SEEing it All. From lowest lows to highest highs.
In a constant Dance. Watch the steps….Observe the Steps of That Dance. Dance in Attunment and direction of Your Heart.
Have Courage my Friends….to WALK ON….
From “their” patterns, from status Quo that YOU feel so deeply is not working.
Lets have the Courage to LIVE. Lead by the COMPASS Of YOUR OWN HEART Beat.
Seek those who Resonate.
Love More , not Less.
Risk it all to find WHO YOU ARE.
NOthing will ever fulfill YOU. But That. Finding Your Unique Song of Soul You came Here to Sing.
Don’t let this song die with YOU.
Die before YOU Die. Walk ON.
Walk ON ….Walk ON with the compass hanging over your back. CArry this Compass of YOURS as a badge.
And first do it all… Find THAT Compass. Its resonance , its unique ATTUNEMENT.
Here for YOU to strip the layers. To peel the onion of layers that never belonged to You.
I know the Process is harder than what you ever gonna encounter. But the Pain to die without LIVING Fully as YOU is 1000000000000000000000000 times worse.
Decide NOW.
Live for Youself .
On Your own terms.
Nothing else is worth while.
Consider this leap now…. not when you are 80….
Find that sparkle, one sparkle inside and hold on to it.
I promise You it will LIT Your Soul in time…..
But do not spread yourself short to keep the false appearances that sit other people agendas and views of how life should Be.
““Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.” M . Twain
With Love,
Q Aga
Make a Conscious Journey NOW:
Session. Guidance. Reading, HELP – step by step. For HIghly determined to DIve DEEP and QUantum LEAP to CHANGE THEIR LIFE and make it LAST. Container fr all addictions as well and re-arrangement, Purity:
1:1, or 8 weeks container in a HUB. Quantum Leap CHANGE Journey / Incubator.

Come As YOU ARE. Betraying Your Soul is Fatal. Nirvana resids in Full Allowance of SELF Expression of Your-SELF.


Come As YOU ARE. Betraying Your Soul is Fatal. Nirvana resids in Full Allowance of SELF Expression of Your-SELF.

Nirvana resids in Full Allowance of SELF Expression of Your-SELF.

Nirvana resids in Full Allowance of SELF Expression of Your-SELF.
🙏💕Go where You are Celebrated , not only Tolerated.
Love People. Yet flactuate towards Preference and magnetic resonance of Your Heart towards Environments and People where Yu feel Alive.
Just Let people Be THEM-Selves. Their Authentic Self .
True Self. Do not diminish it.
I DO TRULY BELIEVE this is the Remedy and a ME*dicine for the achy Hearts and the world.
Kurt Cobain Knew Toooooo….  listen to it again. There are gems there.
Just BE YOU. BE YOUR-self. No masks, No false pretense so that you fit in or fear being punished, victimised, bullied, laughted at or rejected. Trust me…. BE YOUR-SELF . NOTHING hurts as much as a betrayed Soul Spirit of Yours. Its Unique structure and how its wired as YOU. Trust me. NOTHING is even close to the pain that will occur and gather after time and time coz you let yourself be diminished, fit in, tailored made.
You can NOT be contained. Embrace the Vastness. FEEL IN your OWN vibrational wires and Honour Them.
You are Wired the way YOU ARE for a Reason.
No feeling is hard enough to be felt together with sense of embarrasment and being laughed as coz you are different than the common mentality and status Quo. In comparison with loosing and not letting Your Spirit Soul Body to roar and express It – Self.
***Find and get to KNOW Your Self . Accept it. Embrace it. Be proud of it and do not shame it.
Honour Your-Self above all.
At mine You can always come as You Are as long as You let your Spirit show itself naked. Raw. Leave YOUR comditioned maskas on the doormat. And Enter…
who u are
You are safe with me :
Quantum Leap Change Hub /Incubator Online 6 weeks course series,
Book a session and let it be done.
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Q Aga

Inauthenticity and pretense will Kill You.Why BEing Yourself is the ultimate Liberation. Do not dim Your Light. Seek it First. Own it. Know Thy-Self.


In-Authenticity and false Pretense will Kill You.Why BEing Yourself is the ultimate Liberation. Do not dim Your Light. Seek it First. Own it. Know Thy-Self, my friend, Know Thy-Unique Self Dear Cosmic Traveler. And Shine. Build Your own Operational Handbook for this Life. Do not let others chained by the status Quo for decades hand You one.
Risk it ALL …to find out who You are. Risk it all to sing Your Song.
Die BE-fore You die.

Inauthenticity and pretense will Kill You. Literally it takes years from Your life. There is nothing more deadly than that. Living under the masks of trying to fit it. SLowly dying. Crawling under the manifestos and rules and how things should and should not be of others.

Don’t You dare to dim down the Spirit of YOU. Don’t do it. For noone. It feels like shit. and tastes alike. Leaving a metalic like taste in you mouth. Be Yourself no matter what. Hold in your hand a Golden Rule though. Guided by Universal Laws. The Real ones. Laws of ONE> * Spirit. IN – Form. Frome Forlmless.
I don’t fit anyone’s Norms. And yes, I am considered a misfit and crazy. Whatever labels and definitions from their state and level of consciousness anyone wants to assign on to You. You must LET IT BE.

If You gonna breathe life into it. You loose. It will mean anyone can control you with their words. Master your vibration and OWN it. Find Your Unique Fine-Tune and surf on it. Smoothly wave after Wave and when the storm comes sink deeply in the Silent Deep Darkness of the Ocean , underneath it all.

No matter the words like dropping bombs from othersaround You. Be YOU. Fight for Your-self….with Peace at Heart.

And love those who do not get you nor understand, even if they are closest ones…
Walk On . Walk on even if on the hot coils for a while…. Walk ON….on the Path…the way YOU ARE. The way WHO YOU ARE. You feel it and sense it in your bones, deeply in your fascia, it crawls in your gut. You know it. You can sense it. Your preference , choose it. Go there. Grab it. It won’t be comforteable at first. at all. Seek it. Seek discomfort as comfort will drag you down and streap you naked and plunge onto you its own clothes and armours. You know Youself better. You crave this Naked state – but on your terms. You will be stripped naked. But You will be the ONE who chooses what clothes to wear NOW. And NOW. and NOW. And the Next moment. It willb be chosen upon You by You. Higher You. the oNe from Beyond. Who knows You better and is YOU.
Don’t loose it. You are playing with Your life here.
Play it wisely. Give it all IN and Up for that ONE surrender.
You got this.
It may have different shades and colors. BUt them All will be Radiant. even the Grey ones. All SHades of LOVE. Radiant Love. If YOU choose. If YOU choose to Risk it all for YOUR-SELF> ***

Seek tribe. Seek those who align, who get You whoe been through certain stages. Seek Communion-nity. WIth a sense of strong Individuation Seek friends conscious therapist, a Guide, a trusted Mentor, Space Holder… 
Those things rarely can be done in solitude and thinking you got the full strength.
“The most beautiful emotion we can experience is the mystical. It is the power of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead. To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty, which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their most primitive forms—this knowledge, this feeling, is at the center of true religiousness. In this sense, and in this sense only, I belong to the rank of devoutly religious men.”
Albert Einstein
I chose his train long ago. The Mystical way of Being. Won’t change trains now. Let me in to my World and help me find you Yours.

Quantum Leap Journey. Quantum Leap Journey
Quantum LEap Change Academy/HUB/Incubator 6-8 week online from 2020.
Sessions 1:1 Quantum Consultant, Connector, Seer, Feeler, Quantum Soul Spirit Body Fusion Facilitator and vital practitioner.
Come, ask, be seen, held and recalibrated.
Q Aga
Shine on more Love not less. – May it Be a theme this Christ-mass. 
Give Space for SILENCE this time of Year. ***
Bless x Aga

ON the importance of EMOTIONAL TRAUMA healing, coping mechanisms, frozen emotions and ways to start dismantling …




ON the importance of EMOTIONAL TRAUMA healing, coping mechanisms, frozen emotions and ways to start dismantling ... {Polish Below. / Polska wersja nizej.}
“Traumatic events, by definition, overwhelm our ability to cope. When the mind becomes flooded with emotion, a circuit breaker is thrown that allows us to survive the experience fairly intact, that is, without becoming psychotic or frying out one of the brain centers. The cost of this blown circuit is emotion frozen within the body. In other words, we often unconsciously stop feeling our trauma partway into it, like a movie that is still going after the sound has been turned off. We cannot heal until we move fully through that trauma, including all the feelings of the event.”

Susan Banitt

What we get from here is the simple….yet NOT Easy to implement Truth that in order to Heal You need to FEEL. Deeply, truly, WHOLY and in total surrender, and non-attachment to the outcome – meaning very often you need to be at a point where you do not truly care if the feeling will stay or go away. Often if there is an agenda of trying to feel something fully in order to make it go away, it will most probably STAY. Even clinge onto you even more than before. As You appear to approach it with an agenda of Resistence…..well, soothened resistence in this case – as You at least show the willingness to feel the occuring “pink elephant in the room” but resistance. Meaning that at the same time You want it to go away. Hence resistance at its core is still deeply rooted.
Truth Knows that and will not make you “pass the test ” .
And As You may know whatever you resist , persists. What I came to notice, is,  that any forms of trials of feeling the feeling with that hidden agenda in the pocket – boomerangs back onto the person with vengance bigger than the initial feeling have brought upon.
Total and ultimate surrender into the unknown territory of most rejected feelings and emotions ain’t easy and requires a true courage and brave, yet vulnearable Heart of a Lion…and willingness for reconnection with Your INNOCENCE bigger than anytjing you ever wished for in your entire life.
With human conditioning and all sorts of ideas about life, world, yourself and good bad right wrongs attitudes….connected to wired mental cognition – as apattern retarded in comparison to HIgher Mind…that UNIFICATION with God-Self comes as harderst thing to aquire in this life. Hardest yet paradoxicaly Simple. And Hardest yet simple but NOT easy.

It is often the Hardest thing a human came here to do. To Transcend the Mind in total Surrended to God Self – Higher Mind that in Reconnection with its Divine True Nature KNOWS how to operate the Human suit Vehicle.
Human mind goes neurotic and psychotic coz it thinks it needs to do do do and take care of everything in control. On the Path of Self realisation and slowly looosing the mind…it also becomes maniacly psychotic as it’s fighting for keeping control.
It is simply scarred as a small child would be when loosing a parent off sight in a huge crowd. It becomed frozen – slash erratic….
Why the mind becomes so scarred? Coz it doesn’t know where the path of loosing control may lead You…. and it can not see that there is  Higher Mind that is capable of taking over the wheel.
It only Knows what it knows and learnt till now. It can NOT know what it does not know. And what it does not know is what lies beyond the mind and its perception . Hence the Fear button is on. Fear of the Unknown and loosing control . The walls that used to pay a valid function in childhood / walls/tactics/strategies……become severely surfaced and often exagerated in triggered survival mode upon the life of an adult.
There is also an often occurance…..Often those of us who were forced to grow up fast and took on an adult role while growing up/ missing on a free falling , liberated childhood. … might also end up at one stage in their real adultery as an infant like. Insecure, disempowered, childlish in actions out of mere survival. It is often connected to locked up Trauma in a body . And this Field of Trauma Must be addressed in order to move foreward.  It is a Way of approach with PsychoSOMATIC tools on physical Body with Psychology-Emotions focus to de-Freeze state that causes perpetual loop.
The cycle needs to be Broken in order to truly move foreward.

Easier said than done. And at the same time it is the ONLY thing if done correctly in a safe environment, space and with right person/therapis/friend/Guide can TRULY change your entire life and ripple effect for not only relationships with your family but many others that came before you and that will come after you in your lineage. ….

TRAUMY ZAMROZONE W CIELE I PODSWIADOMOSCI/Kwantowa Psychologia i Podejsce do Uleczania . (95% ludzi zyje z automatycznych programow podswiadomych kanalow w ciele i psychice. Nielicznym udaje sie wyrwac z objec cyklonu. Trzeba walczyc o kazda jednostke. Tym, ktorym sie uda – nie tylko uwzniosla sie na skrzydlach magicznego zycia w wolnosci, na wlasnych regulach po ulczeniu i zespoleniu w Holizmie Bytu, lecz pomoga i ulecza karmiczne linie rodowe wstecz a naprzod w energetycznej linii odmrozenia. )

Wydarzenia traumatyczne, czesto z wieku wczesnodzieciecego a nawet plodu, z definicji przytłaczają naszą zdolność radzenia sobie.

Kiedy umysł zostaje zalany emocjami, obwod cyrkulacyjny poszczegolnych neutransmitterow wyłącza sie, gdys To pozwala nam przetrwać doznanie w miare nienaruszony sposob;, to znaczy bez popadania w psychoze lub wypalenie/przegrzanie sie obwodu jednego z centrów mózgu w chwili wydarzenia. Czyli bez usmazenia obwodu mozgu odpowiedzialnego za interpretacje wydarzenia/traumy.
Niestety kosztem tego rozdmuchanego obwodu jest emocja zamrożona w ciele.

Innymi słowy, często nieświadomie przestajemy odczuwać naszą traumę, jak film, który wciąż trwa po wyłączeniu dźwięku.
Nie możemy się wyleczyć, dopóki nie przejdziemy w pełni przez tę traumę, cofniemy sie na tyle gleboko by pozwolic sobie w bezpiecznym juz srodowisku, przezyc na nowo, w tym wszystkie uczucia związane z wydarzeniem.
Tylko wtedy …i az wtedy – nastapi pelne uzdrowienie.

To najciezsza praca jaka jednostka przyszla dokonac na ziemi. Czesto trudniejsza i bardziej przerazliwa, zasklepiona w czelusciach nieswiadomego umyslu, niz skok na bungee czy spadochronie.
Bezpieczna przystan i bezpieczna przestrzen , srodowisko w jakim mozemy na nowo przezyc wszystkie zamrozone w ciele emocje – to polowa sukcesu. i dlatego jest tak wazne.

Często jest to najtrudniejsza rzecz, do jakiej przyszedł człowiek. Gdyz zmierza sie z niewidzialna sila zasklepiona w nieswiadomosci.
Łatwiej powiedzieć niż zrobić. Jednocześnie jest to JEDYNA rzecz,ktora jesli wykonamy poprawnie w bezpiecznym środowisku, przestrzeni i z odpowiednią osobą / terapeuta / przyjacielem / Przewodnikiem może PRAWDZIWIE zmienić całe życie a efekt falowania nie tylko zmieni relacjie z rodziną, ale bedzie posiadal efekt na tych, które przyszli przed tobą i tych, ktorzy przyjda po tobie w twojej linii rodowej  🙂 ….

Q Aga on Healing Emotional Trauma .
Holistic Approach, understanding and Held Space is utterly important here.

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Call-IN All Mad/Crazy Ones.There is A Way via Darkness and Light – To WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

A WORD ON CRAZY PEOPLE *** or those who are called total Bunkers and not aligning with the present Social Paradigm…. those who do not FIT IN.
“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” Steve Jobs
Those who feel deep at heart ❤ that there is something wrong with the way the world is being run.
You do not belong and fit in coz you came here to BUILD a NEW way of BEING and a New System structure.
A Brand New World….. not fighting the old…
Let them throw rocks at You…. Do not throw stones Back at them. After All…You too are not without sin, ha? 😉 we all know this about ourselves…
Instead…..Pick the rocks and build a Bridge out of them. A Rainbow one if neccessary but deeply rooted in Ground. Make it not a floaty One. Root it IN. Create Foundation.
A Bridge to a New System – with Peace at Heart. Do YOUR Thing. stone by stone. Brick by Brick. There are others doing it. You feel Alone and You feel often you wanna give up. DO NOT. There are Others. There is Your Tribe out there and they too feel same as You. DO YOUR THING. You will meet each others. You will collectively find each other and combine Forces. Just Trust now. Just Trust and have Faith at Heart. And do not stop.
You can not fight fire with Fire. Build a new way, so the old way becomes obsolete in reflection to how it can be with placed in New Solutions.
If You consider YOURSELF ONE – a so called Mad One. Keep on reading.
There is An Awakening Bible written long ago – if You having troubles and tribulations during these intense times ….go read it. There are Golden nuggets there that will soothe Your Soul.
It’s called “Allice IN The Wonderland “.
Keep on Going.
There are others. There is a Way.
There is a Path less walked and beaten and You are ON IT. You KNOW deeply at Heart You are. You try to deny it.
You try to run away from it. You doubted it so many times.
We all did.
But somehow it comes back and back and back…and sometimes you wished it didn’t. But it does. It’s stubborn as fuck. …
And every time it comes back again You feel you going more Crazy.
But what is Crazy really? Drop the definition of it You heard from the system you so strongly do not belong to. Drop those labels and descriptions you might be assigning to what is going on with you. IN-stead Embrace it.
Trust that YOU are not alone . THERE are others like You longing for Cooperative Spirit to work tOgether.
Where Competition does not exist.
Where mutual help and GIFTING Your own unique way of Being and passionate gifts that Your Soul came here to introduce to the World can Thrive Naturally and bring more Goodness to this World .
You don’t fully yet Know what those gifts are. But You feel them strongly and step by step doing your work.
You get frustrated as f. with how the things are and why the entire system and world is upside down.
Draw from this frustration Fire and use it to Your advantage.
I can show You how. And I create Containers/Incubators for those Gifts to come stronger and Be KNOWN. BE SEEN. And Finally BE SHARED in Full Shine.
“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” Steve Jobs
Q Aga – (aka Mad Hatter.)
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Leaping tOgether. – No more Alone. Instead – All-As ONE.
One crew. One Tree. Many Branches.
Come find out Yours. Come. All is welcomed HERE.
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With Love, Q Aga
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