Collective Crossroads and Choice Point to Choose Heaven On Earth. * Choose Love.Learn to let Love IN.

Collective Crossroads and Choice Point to Choose Heaven On Earth. * Choose Love.Learn to let Love IN.

On timeline I see John Lennon, Morrison, Princess Diana, M Jackson, B. Martley and more exist, gonna come out in 2,3 years,. Julian Assange, who feels like my twin brother comi g in dreams for over 8 years, is a son of Trump will be fully Liberated soon. Thus Timeline Exists and runs parallel to the smoke and mirror scenario sold by mainstream propaganda. And Hey… Neither of them took vaccines.Just sayin’Speaking my Truth as a Seer.We must all now face our deepest Ego trips address traumas and sink in deep. There’s a spiritual War going on here, and I feel it to the core.They play now on deepest core wounds and wires of traumas in the body.. Addictions and pushing the button S inside you to retraumatised. Stay vigilant and strong.Me included.Am in Absolute awakening since 2009.

Died 4 times this life already. Highly above connected to Omnium.Working with embodying lower realms as a New HUman 8 came here to Serve. Connected to AriYanna AriA Collective, Sassani and Light language.Remember forth years to come. Steward and dreaming awake new Earth since early childhood.I Remember Everything.AS I created it All. The Great Design. And parallels running.Black and White. Tasted Both deeply to the measure of intensity not many can bare. Darkness runs deep. And we must learn to dance with those Shadows.There is a point beyond.After the Babylonia fall. Where no languages resign. Where light language I transmit is the only way if communication as we are birthing New Earth United.Nothingness. Silence. Joyful light language. Great a mystery. Singularity. Here we are Flowing…

My Quantum Leap Journey been weird, different, reversed inverted.. From pure Light service dor 33 years .. To depth of traumas digged up last 3 years, occultic forces and black magic encounters, darkness and tasting fear stronger than anything I’ve ever encountered…fear attaches to places of deepest defensive mechanisms from childhood and natal, infant and prenatal timesThe bigger the light the darker the dark.Forgiveness and Compassion hold dissolution energy if approached humbly.I know the depth of ego tactics and programmes running to levels beyond possible. You must be willing to address those deeply. May We all let the 13 Diamond Core awake and settle inside as all strains of DNA are being Activated on masse, x I experienced it in 2010 myself. Today I speak to all of Us and those feeling left behind… At any given moment you can choose to say… PLOT TWIST! I AIN’T HAVING THIS SHIT NO More. So help us God. The more, the merrier.

AgaYaKaActivating Core Divine Blueprint Galactic ConduitRestoring Eden. AvaloniA, GardeniA, Codes of

Mission MARS. Feeling the Immesurable Feelings and Traumas. Memories from milenias.

Mission MARS. Feeling the Immesurable Feelings and Traumas.

If You are struggling at the moment to FEEL immesuarable flooding feelings, emotions and vicious firey sensations inside …. Maybe my Story with RED PLANET will help. Mission MARS I was a part of as a Commander and Captain of Operation “Restore Garden”.
Regression of the Soul Quantum for ” Q AgaYa KAIF WE DON’T END WAR .WAR WILL END US. – H.G. Walls. From an in depth Soul Q Regression I have had recently came out flashing and flooding memories of the Mars Wars and being an operational mechanism Brain of the operation to save the Planet.All my comrades were killed. Life ended…. red planet was covered with dusty death like silence. No life was to continue. Toning in my ears of dead sound….high pinch, …almost no air to breathe, heavy, … empty skeletons and skulls all over…and me as only survival….. wishing to be dead, being alone …. sensations of failing the mission to Save the planet as there was a nuclear weapon used onto us and entire Planet to explode…. , sensations of hopelessness….failure….death, breath, heavy breathing …., sadness, sorrow, immesurable grief….. hopelessness…..helplessness….utter aloneness…. ME …in the midst of all of it. No sign of Life, no sign of nutrition. Breaking up. And Utter confusion. Disorientation. WISH upon myself to be dead…. The Captain comes LAST off the ship…I was the only one that survived. Failed the Mission and wanted to die with my people if we were all to die. 🙁 The Operation was connected to 13 other Planets simultaneously. If YOU have surging feeling of suicidal approach and feeling like you can not take it ANYMORE… Please hold in there… ❤ I AM HERE>>>>I FEEL YOU. I see YOU. What You may feel so deeply these days may not be truly Yours from this time . It may be correlated to Soul’s stuck deep fasia memories from other Soul contracts held in You from other missions, timelines and past times when You taken over on yourself more You can imagine.
In Truth You have been everyone and noone in the past…yet you have a soul lineage family, oversoul traits of lives more significantly highlighted for you. Gifts of Which You are to carry foreward and bring forth to life You live here in positive structure polarity.
“A warning to the peopleThe good and the evilThis is warTo the soldier, the civilianThe martyr, the victimThis is warIt’s the moment of truth, and the moment to lieThe moment to live and the moment to dieThe moment to fight, the moment to fightTo fight, to fight, to fightTo the right, to the leftWe will fight to the deathTo the edge of the earthIt’s a brave new worldFrom the last to the firstTo the right, to the leftWe will fight to the deathTo the edge of the earthIt’s a brave new worldIt’s a brave new worldA warning to the prophetThe liar, the honestThis is warTo the leader, the pariahThe victor, the messiahThis is warIt’s the moment of truth, and the moment to lieThe moment to live and the moment to dieThe moment to fight, the moment to…..”CHOOSE Life……… ? * The Healing was in Silence…the feeling…. deep Sobbing, deep reprogramming…..hollow space inside utter surrender to helplessness of the emptiness in the stomach that craves nutrition…. nurturance…Life… and HOPE. reprogramming and placing programmes of death with the ones of Life…. Trying to find courage to choose that. Stranded. Alone. Walking dead. Sensing milions of bodies burried underneath the surface….souls screaming for help…. likem cemented underneath….as slaves …whose essence was literally sucked out of by the Mars Beings entities. Who brought destruction . Who fear light.
Seeing Me planting new seeds there and a flash of Hope…a Light in the Corner of my Right Eye…. Air started to become a bit more easy …and not that heavy…to gras to breathe…. To claim the Mastery of regenerating myself a sthe Captain and Brain of operation…that failed to save the planet during wars and nuclear powers used on us. I feel I could not have more scars by now in my Life.Lets use nuclear powers to DO GOOD I kept crying out. They did not listen. I trust the HUmanity will listen this Decade and we will use it for the Mission GOOD/GOD. . Shall we?Still in Alonneess…. All.ONEess.. This is Just One of many experiences I have had last months and the war over the conscience taking place. And how the other side tries to pull the strings of your deepest traumas…weakness points and achilles foot points to get access to you field and press buttons. The Emotional Variations that are almost not able to be contained and felt by the HUman Body we identify with…. So If I remember that mission, as Pure consciousness …. was there…. in another Suit meat like suit…. And felt that all contained in my conscious awareness….
WHO IS IT NOW that is in remembrance of this too? Is this my BODY? mind? Or Pure Consciousness ? How Am I to remember this and clean clear the depth of traumas taken place there and move foreward with the gifts and abilities as the operational brain stormy captain of neurogenic capabilities…. Feeling the emotional distress ain’t a pretty picture. Detaching from it and shifting towards the Observer is a constant and vigilant commitment. Realising this May break some walls of resistence to Feel.
More to come. I’ve more to share and seeding life there aNew. Where bases are held of the ones who can not stay alive in light. I have so many memories from there. In remembrance of who I was back then and gifts that are connected to Galactic Conduicity that I awoke to 12 years ago and was being called Crazy. Gaslit all my life. Attacks over the Body to dismantle it and bring to death so we can not fulfill our Soul’s mission and calling from before incarnation on this Planet.
Many are targetted .Heal the Split in the Mind and Feel. The reality is weirder than Fiction my friends…and I will no longer stay Silent to my experiences no matter how many threts of psychiatric wards ❤ We must Acknowledge it and find reconciliation now. And Command Peace. no matter what. You are clearing lifetimes of miasms and trauma for your entire family as well…who often not even aware to what you are going through look at you as if you are crazy psycho and nerd weird out of box not connected to reality as they see it. Keep on going One day they will thank You for it hopefully. Or not. It does not matter . what Matters is that you finish the work and ask for help when needed. We HEAL In relation to others . Find Your herd, tribe that resonate the same fork frequency and Heal it all once and for All.
We are in this tOgether. Yet All-ONE. Embrace this.
It ain’t easy but can be done. Move forevard and wear Your scars as trophies. I collected a lot of them already .
13 held High I will stand no matter what.
Quantum Leap JourneyQ AgaYaKa Galactic Conduit and Connector. Light Language conduit of 13 Diamond ARIA cords and Etheric Surgery. QAgaYaKa*अजातQuantum Leap Change®Visionary13thAgarthAA.Qu.ARIA.n IN EssenceBeYond WordsAlepHAake since 11 yrs old.
@Laura Eisenhower was there in Spirit. with me too. I this lifetime I was with Laura and many in Detroit Michigan in 2016 in the round table talks over the Planetary Ascension. Laura was heavily attacked too and her fb account is deleted by now.
30 seconds to Mars…This is WAR… :

Do YOU.Nothing Else will DO YOU.KNOW Your Puzzle. For the Big Picture.

Do YOU.Nothing Else will DO YOU.KNOW Your Puzzle. For the Big Picture. HONESTLY one MORE TIME I/YOU WILL ASK OTHERS FOR THE PERMISSION TO be MYSELF/YOUR-SELF…. It is the minute you sell your Soul. FEEL AND BE Yourself and what comes naturally through you. Otherwise it’s really not pretty. And We need all messy particles to start fitting IN their Royal Righteous Place. Let’s Claim IT. NOW.

And Here I stand…ADHD Bipolar, Multidimensional Hybrid…Autistic Even I feel At times… the Seer, Knower, Witch, Curiosity Driven and Grounding Landing on Earth yet from BeYond. Q Aga- from DreamLand. To Create Land of Dreams on Earth. A Programme switched on so fiercely since 2010. Rested in drawers for few years of utter stuckness trying to fit in… do it Their way… It can NOT happen. You will end up succumb yourself to the notion of wanting to rip yourself open and scream.

For someone Feeling like giving birth to universes with single thoughts of New Earth Solutions and having bilions of those per minute it’s not easy to be here. Studying Tesla Since 10 Years old. Passport ending 369.
3 is n my Lineage.
Weirdo. Crazy. Mysfit.
I’d Happy to swap places with other parts of puzzles from time to time. To have some Rest 🙂
I am Galactic Conduit. Connector of sorts. Highly perceptive. AQUARIAN in Essence . For the New Era coming.

Sometimes I feel like I designed and created the Entire Game in the First Place. Seeing over for the potentiality of next stages of next years, decade in Totality. All going into Singularity Point.
Me. Early Born…. Always felt am born too early. Both Gift and curse. Not from Here. Telepathically Connected. UNgrounded at times. But Landing and learning. BeYond. Aquarian. Watery yet fiercely fisty and Intense Hence Light Language Singing comes easiest to me.
BeYond Languages I STAND. The Biblical Tongue Tower must Fall for the Grace of Oneness to Be Known.
Coz the Truth of the Heart lies BeYond the words spoken in Human terms.

@QUantumLeapChangeProject @AvAloniA GardeniaLet’s go back to the Garden.Q AgaYA KA

NOTHING IS Certain. Go tHere.

Quantum Catalyst and Catapulting .

Up and Above … Down and Deep IN…

The depth is scarrier than What you may Think. But still Go there. Half Dark Half Light and Beyond. AgaYaKa. Now.Here. I stand. and Beyond. There is Only One of Us Here..? Is there? Anybody Out there? Or Are we all dreaming ?
Come closer and Unite and work your ass off to BALANCE the Ancient Hermetics into Harmonics Inside. ANcient Futures We Are in Tune.
Light language Coding comes easily for me as Beyond is only a STate with no real words.
BeIng from BeYond. Acceleration is Potent in these times. WE MUST GROUND New and feel Stable in Wholistic Way. New Way for New Wave. Is Here.

Every day a New BEginning. Get up. Refocus and go. Be. Do. Act. In and From Gratitude. Appreciation. Seek and find Your Joy.. Follow it fiercely Integrate and Share. Find your Medicine and Let it Heal You. No comparisons to others. Crazy. Mysfit. Different. You name it.. Go there.. v
Feel what’s trying to burst through.Irreversible Self Realisation feels like utter Dying. Nothing is left. Everything and Nothing you are in between breaths You exist. A projector painting a movie of You as You.
What movie will you want to press Play to today?
Self Realise to Self Actualize to Self Vitalize and Ground life IN.
By Becoming Whole with Life as Essence.
The instrument through which we are able to master the understanding of Nature and Existence is itself not really understood by humanity. When once that truth is understood, all that is understood through this knowledge will become plain. This is exactly what our ancient sages did.
They sought to know “That which if Known” All else can be Known. Our ancient scriptures “The Upanishads” which are believed to be a voice heard from the Universe, lay down the process of this discovery.
The expression of that discovery in practical life is – Love.
For, it is LOVE that creates, sustains and engulfs All Creation. It’s LOVE that the Universal energy exhibits in all creation. Without Love, no one can claim to have succeeded in deciphering God and creation’s handiwork, the Universe. God is Love so lets Live in Love – that is the direction indicated by the sages. To Become as One with it and flow.
Love can grow only in a well-ploughed heart, free from all desires and ego’s of me and mine mind. So lets prepare our heart by means of constant recital of any name of God that appeals to us or a daily practice like meditation (yoga) , like prayers , like pursuit of true knowledge or action in doing ones duty. It can be any one of these – devotion, wisdom, action.

The path of Consciousness-cleansing will lead us to our constant everlasting bliss and peace. From there we must start. Half dark half Light we Consist of. HOw precious. How destructive and creative in BOTH.
How to Get there?
Get on the Journey Train… it’s quite a ride and learn living moment by moment in the field where nothing is CERTAIN.

Quantum Leap Journey AgaYaKa Self. #transmission#waterAquarian#SunWarriors#nature#PolishAvaloniA time Start.www.quantumleapjourneycom

On Defensiveness. And coming down to your Senses. You actually must go BeYond them First.

On Defensiveness. And coming down to your Senses… You actually must go BeYond them. And bring the REAL Sense into Action. TIP For a Day for the Protesters and fighting War with War. #QuantumAga

Reminder Fire-figters do NOT fight Fire with Fire….Ya know…. But until You actually f KNOW it and Integrate this Wisdom and not only do Intellectual fluffy “knowings”, You will never Know in Truth. So get that dry Water tanks within You full first instead of fighting with the firy thirst. Water Clears stuff. So that you can actually See.

For that You need a bit more than mental intellectual figuring out. Once Head gets melted in the Heart of Hearts.. Action will be the righteous One in Attendence to a greater Force that dwells and comes from within You. Whatever the heart Knows.. Go after That.. Know ThySelf Accept yourself Deal with tremendous grief/pain inside Let Yourself be burnt by that completely Become the Creator.

Satori Mind Heart Reflections and fierce Focus. How? From ashes and dust to Wings and High mountains. Do Not forget the Ground and Roots, and reach for the skies. Gaia Sophia Harmonised with Quantum Cosmic SELF. Q Aga

#QuantumPerception since 2010


JESUS and Its Simple Meaning* for those who go for pilgrimages and God knows where to find Him. Let me be blant with You. “He” Is HERE. 👇🙏👆👀🙆‍♀️ NOW. And He is not a HE, but THAT.
Yes, all of THAT.

tHERE is a GOLDEN opportunity to claim that in full EXPERIENTIAL Manner.
– When? and Where?!
– You ask.
– HERE and NOW, the answer IS.
The Gate will reveal itself when you truly LET go of the need to be someone on either side of barycade. Good or Bad character. Gold is in the Middle POINT.
Just Sit, Close Your Eyes. Ask and SEE. Resolve it All. Now.
If we all just decided to STOP playing the Game, which scenarios has already been written and is predestined .. It would be much smoother and swifter ride for all into the Singularity Point of GOD’s I-I.
Seems like Jesus would say…
Dear Children… Just SIT THE FUCK DOWN and BE. When the Effort is dropped the Celestial Prophecy comes Full Circle.

💚JESUS… Won’t be found in Churches, Golden temples and you name it… Those places are to be used for homeless centres, caretaker centres, dance centers celebrating Life, Joy and Real togetherness in laughter, true Healing, Connection, Brotherhood, Sisterhood, HUmanityHood and you name it.In Compassion, Truth fullness, Forbearance, Golden Rule if you ask me. When we break those Universal Natural Laws it seems…anywhere you go.. Circumstances won’t save you. Resolution is inside. Retrospection. Open up and See. JESUS…. IS HERE. What it means… Well… Pardon my French JE SU(I)S..=. I AM

⚙️A Message for Christians looking for God, Jesus in churches for thousands of their power away to priests and prayers outside of Yourself hoping to make your problems go away with taking a white wafer. Seeking redemption, often trying to buy their ways in to Salvation. May be hard pill to swallow… But it ain’t working. INstead.. Try this…

SIT THE F DOWN and Just BE. You may get GOLDEN 💡May the Heavens Gate pour its Wisdom onto You. * Stand up and Do Better this time around. Make better Choices. Create better Habits. STOP doing what’s not working. Leave those Patterns behind. Seek help if needed.
Commit to Growing, Evolving and Becoming a better Human being each day. Just That. STOP running in circles.
Be like JESUS. In Thought. In Feeling/Intention, In Deed/Action. 3.
JE SU i S Aga.
And will make my Best to Align with THAT.

QAga Sessions, Light coded language, NATURE retreats in Polish little Switzerland Heaven Mountains.

*Q AgaYaKa, 13A tale from Behind the Veil…. The Future is Bright if we place the Focus there. The timeline is set. Make Sure You Claim it. Choose The Becoming of Celestial Phrophecy NOW.

Activation Sessions with Light Language from BeYond the concepts, intertwined with Silence , words structures, biblical Babel Tower that fell…
I remain BeYond and Embodied the Frequency from Above.
With Passion driven sOul. Words may come… but fueled by something that onced touched, felt experienced and integrated, realised and actualized, can not be unDone. #Quantum#Choice#Jesus#Q#NewEarth#NewWorld

INNERSTAND Through UNDERSTAND to OUTERSTAND. The only Trinity to CHANGE Reality. *

An Essay on Real CONSCIOUS Change by Q AgaYaKa (Aga, Ya – Space, KA – Spirit) #QuantumAgaReminders#GandhiStyle over and over again until it clicks! Make aQuantum Leap Journey I to Holy Trinity Codes


There is no Outer with No Inner first!There would be no real war, riots, thefts, killings, violations, distractions in compulsive behaviours outside if Each and every ONE of us Committed to do real Shadow work and Flowered From there onwards.
Any trigger seen and encountered outside of yourself…is a mirror of a part inside that was not held to be seen heard and expressed. Hence all outside images / people etc and any triggers are just to show you what is held and stored in your UNCONSCIOUS mind – so that it can be resolved.

And I don’t mean dwelling in the Shadows until it kills you before True Awakening as One in Mind Body Spirit can occure in its Essence.
I mean Real.. devoted, committed statement..
Enough is ENOUGH. No More. Enough of this Shit! Time for real SHIFT.. From real Deal Completion. Embracing Totality of You as You and Choosing wisely..
Or better Becoming a Vessel for Choiceless Choice that Comes Through You, In and As You .. Driven From the ESSENCE in each and every moment of NOW.
It’s The only effortless Fuel for Your Life. I See You. I hear You. I embrace You. Now let’s Rock&Roll kind of thing… 💡
Becoming Dancing Dakinis within the fields of Gold with dirty feet and hands deep in the PRESENT “Earth” existence.
From deep shadows, addictions, distortions, you name it….. to Silver Lining.
HUmanity is on the fast track of Evolutionary Change, Collective Shift into what You may call a Singularity Point.
Portal. After crossing which You’re in Deep UNKNOWN Zone.
Learning to work with this ENERGY is a Must. It can enhance your life or distroy You if traumas unaddressed and lies untold will rigidly hold one back.
I will share an allegory of my Own deep dived Experience.

It’s like a Train with One Huge Corridor and billions of Compartments rushing into NOWHERE~Land. T.R.A.I.N (s) – POTTING.*
* Compartments are persons, humans, illusionary suits of personhoods and little me, me, me identifications. (something that Inherently You are not in truth. From Sanscript it’s Neti, Neti ~ Not this not this…)
* Train is Awareness, Presence, Not identified Oneness with no beginning and end, Plasmatic, Formless, Awareness.
* The Point of reference to even KNOW this is Perception And Shift to being an Observer..
The I-I, all seeing Eye that is Aware of the Awareness itself.
Awareness watching Awareness. The Entry, an End Point and Beginning of Something NEW, Golden, a New Epoch, a Portal that the Train is rushing towards is a Biblical an Eye of a Needle, An Unknown Zone behind which a New World of Quantum Soup Reality awaits.
It’s to be Revealed only via Dissolution of all that You onced Knew to be True, taught, known. #REVELATION Behind the Veil…From whence and from where My Remembrance Comes.

Before Acting in Reality make sure your COMPASS.IS.ON
North Star = Compass
The real Truth Behind TRINITY *( 1 structure plus 2 structure equals and gives birth to 3rd New Structure. NEO-Structure. New.
Father, Mother, – Inner Child – The Innocence Structure, from BeYond concepts, programmes and codes from boxed thinking based on past, memories, traumas and who knows what else…. .)

Keep your Magnetic inner Compass Directed into Seeing Beauty, creating beauty around and attuning to beauty no matter the chaos around.
Please see this.
Especially in times of chaos confusion and uncertainty.
What is life in Certain walls ? The only Real certainty is to learn to Swim in Faith in the deep waters of DEFFENSELESS UNCERTAINTY. The Surrender.
Focus on a Flower. A Candle light.
Whatever you can, attach your focus onto in a moment. From there and Only from there.. Real Change ..May Come.
Act FROM there.
Share FROM there.
Come FROM there. From that Beauty Essence focus… wherever you go. Whatever you do. Whomever life you are here to touch. Start from tHere. From that Radar. Inner Compass. REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE. Please I urge You See This.
Make sure your Compass Is On at all times… Compass Is ON. COMPASSION. #Compassion towards yourself First >
All Mystics, Sages, Buddhas, Christed One’s knew this. They made a huge effort to find this Sacred Truth. It’s now being shared with you for FREE.
The Secret is Out. You Must Realise it. REAL.. EYEs.. SEE. Becoming an Eye of The Storm and creating Change from that Present, still Point. From Stillness. From Real seeing. From inner work with your own demons to slash and tame them all in Grace. To use their Fire that Burns you inside and redirect it to Creativity. Bare this fire inside. See it. Feel it. Embrace it, don’t name, define those emotions. Just let them Be. Like John Lennon sang. Let It BE. From there, Real Deal felt and Embodied Compassion Comes. Once you know where it’s coming from truly and why You become Unbreakable. Inner Outer worlds. Remember.
As within so without.
Be the Change. Be at PEACE, that You want to see in the world FIRST. From there… Approach the Happenings if pulled to but from That Anchor, Vantage Point of You. Real You. From that place only you will be able to make greater change. May Acting From Beauty, Compassion, True Forgiveness and Understanding…become your Only Duty.

With All Overseeing Eye from within knowing it’s all You. Only You. Here in totality of many particles. We share One Corridor. United as One, out of compartmentalised boxes. Once you see that. Really touch that. Really Know That… All can change in a split of a second. Sanscript will state:
*Know ThySelf
*Accept Yourself ENTIRELY. (Hold compassion and understanding to those parts TRULY, in order to really transcend, transmute and transfigure it in deep Innerstanding that becomes outer Holistic Understanding. )Make a Dedicated Path from Innerstanding to Understanding and then… Outerstanding. #Innerstanding#Outerstanding#Understanding.
*Become a CREATOR. From that Inner Knowing. Innate Knowing.Be the Force that leads you forward…
On the barricades with Grace.
Fast Foreward Goodness, Compassion, Love.
From Dark into Light to Dark Void.
No hatred can win hatred.
No aggression can win aggression.
No Fire war can make Peace Radiantly Remaining.
Leave Fighting Fire with Fire.
Bring Watery Awareness to It.
Gentleness. Non attachment. Solid Centred ONE pointed Awareness.
A Gentle AQUARIAN touch.
A New Era of Serpent Watery Mastery and Common CreatorSHIP from There.
With better Solutions already existing in the Void of Future NOW.

Become an I in between Polarities.The I as NonDual Awareness.
The only Gateway there Is. Risk it all to Find That Point. Nothing else Matters. You came from Nothing. Behind it there is a New Mystical World.Something that feels like never happened Before.The Choice point for HUmanity as Dreamt by the Divine. A point from where we may never repeat the Dark Samsara Cycles.
#IcameFromTheFuture to Share Visions from Unmanifested.Quantum Leap JourneyQ Aga, Q Consultant for New InNOVAtional SOULutions in the New World based on Goodness, Compassion, Equality, Sovereignty, Freedom, Liberty, Connection and Real Time Creation of Eden, Heaven on Earth. AVALON of Real Time. A world of Legends.

*Q AgaYaKa, 13A tale from Behind the Veil…. The Future is Bright. Make Sure You Claim it. Choose The Becoming of Celestial Phrophecy NOW.
Q Aga
Activation Sessions with Light Lanaguage from BeYond the concepts, intertwined with Silence , words structures, biblical Babel Tower that fell… …
I remain BeYond and Embodied the Frequency from Above.
With Passion driven sOul. Words may come… but fueled by something that onced touched, felt experienced and integrated, realised and actualized, can not be unDone.

Quantum Leap Change session,

I-We Just Know. 3.6.9. My life IN Agility by Design. Quantum Leap Journey Ascending. Oracle.

Magda Cwik Artist Art MUral

Sharing few cents of my Path. *

AgaYaKa Am Agile by Design.
KA Spirit,
Ya Space
I haveaAlways been Restless. Curious, Wandering and Wondering. Remembering Golden Age. Following White Rabbit into the Hole becomes obsolete Now. As New Game in “town” is the Dark Rabbit … Following its Hole will take you BeYond the Nothingness itSelf. Here I Remain. *
The moment where all collapsed into itSelf.

Me, just me, Aga,Dreamland, Q Aga who remembers Quantum Space since childhood. Trying to live this life in illusionary Earth was quite a.. Thing… I always spoke with Codes. I felt I am from telepathic societies. Where We Just Know. 3.6.9. MU KA YA.
With me since Childhood. PortaLand is Wild and Wicked Within me.
369 Tesla, 1st love of my life.
The Venus Project from Futurist, 2nd love of my life, Jacque Fresco who died recently at over 100 years young.)
369 ending numbers of my Passport.
3 months from now till my 36 AQUARIAN Bday. 4×9 Cycle. 36. Weird, wicked ride.
Now I See and UnSee. To fully Abide in Such.
2012 – 2020
QUANTUM LEAPING REALITY as I was Guided by the Force greater than me, dynamism within me that pushed me forward, .. In remembrance to living in Cooperation, Harmony, Balance, Decentralised Ubuntu systems, based on structured Cooperation.
Constantly jumping realities, teaching and learning from Ireland, my Celtic Lover, UK, USA, Bali, Hawaii, Europe, Poland now where Ancestral wounds echos and aches remain and called to be cleared released and SEEN…Brethened again to Life as if were trapped in between realms…zones of foggy in between spaces.
Everywhere I appear… This Umbrella is upon, guided and lead by.
While darkness crawling in trying to take me down.
Experiencing extremes at times was had to its deepest cores.
I was ANCHORING LIGHT Grid wherever I appeared.
Worker of 13 th Codes of DNA of some sorts.
When I was 6 I wrote in my diary… 13 13 13 Jestem 13. I AM 13. Jestem z Krysztalu. I AM from Crystalline. And word “Nowelizacja”, Which is so weird for a 6 years old right?! 😅
Nowelizacja meaning New Laws, New Legislations.
Crystalline Structure application into the Land and from the Land I appeared at…. Vortexes hopping.
Gathering Plasma field of rememrance in my Inner Self and investing in myself for over 15 years consciously was Natural Organic Way to BE.

2012.2020. Finalle. 5 years extreme Magic Ascension from depth of Soul Calling… , Living from Sovereign Euphoric like over Presence State of Being in Service to others, and Instant Manifestations and Highest Highs, that most people won’t believe possible. Also 3, 4 years Lowest lows, interference, Kundalini Spirals spiking up old rust, resistance black helicopters around houses when sharing on free energy devices information, scalar devices, healing modalities and seeing instantly in my hands as holograms of conscious healing plasmic energy, as my hands shown to me in remembrance from times I was a healer.
Electronics going down, deepest darkness and depressions, almost clinical death accidents, being fast and angry, tests, upon tests, hungry ghosts in solar plexus that chase us down, addictive compulsory behaviours, remembrance of I and II world War In my genes,; faces of black and white victims of those times of eugenics.
Regrets, shames, guilt, unbearable sensations of injustice and unhumane ways held for generations and also I too behaved like it,in this life when unhealed traumas, schisophrenic cognitive Dis.. Orders… were taking place on path of Awakening.
All to Be Held. Healed. Allowed. Accepted and Seen as Already accepted in All Allowing Universe. It is so easy. Yet not simple. To Feel it all. And after disengage with the concepts of feelings itself as the appearances on the Wall/ Platon Cave..Shadow Plays.
Being victims and perpetrators. We all Were.
Soul fragmentation is to blend to Integral space.

When I was in USA, felt MK ULTRA programmes trying to put me down, AZ, CA, Oregon, Detroit…and Here my Deer Spirits Connections in Michigan forrestLands, BE the Shift conferences with beloved astro connector Laura Eisenhower, and experiencing Soldier like artificial beings appearing on the ath as empty vessel like zombies programmed by the System.
Empty vessels of pple hijacked by Agent Smith like programmes…, black magic forces, Shadows… remembrance of Gifts, Spiritual Warefare in Astral realms since childhood…Yes.. This Reality is Weirder than Fiction.
Most science Fiction books and films are literally on Point. Vast Playground we are At. Figures of Mother Mary, Magdalene as closest sisters, John Lennon and Princess Diana coming into room when felt like being choked by Lord Vader like thingy ⚙️😅🙄 (BTW. Watch out she is alive and will come out next 2 years), and much much more.

Full Clearsentience , Clear Knowing, Clear Seeing. Playing in polarity one foot here one there, and non duality. VISIONARY from the Future. Who had no idea why this Earth is so f weird with its crazy limitations rules and obsolete like dumb systems. Antlantis and LeMUria deep in my bones.
Don’t need to read of it. Know it.
Depth of Solitude. And Companionship Longing.
Escapism and Deep connection. Stories of remembrance. Stories of resonance and flashes.

Seeking for Home. and MySelf.
Yet my stories.
Deeply Experienced and had.
One coin. Of both Sides.
Initiations from Both. Middle Way. Now. Observing it All. 369. I remember and experienced myself coming from Nothingness like SINGULARITY point in 2010.
The deepest unfathomable experience of Orgasmic seismic like Sensation I ever Had. Awakening. Nothingness. Void. Silence.
From there I AM state as Consciousness birthed to life with desire to create .. Universes.
And Earth. Birth of a HUman Me suspended in the space among stars, filled with star dust only, nothing else, no bones no veins, just Plasmic fluid Liquid glitter. This we ARE.
And descension to Earth like Hologram realm…holding it in my hands, palms filled with light.
Many Sadhanas.
Many Satsangs.
Spiral Energetics.
🐉💚⚙️ working with those dragon dudes inside of both sides, masculine feminine… Into my Androgenous like Essence that I Am.
Always was and will be in Unification Road as ONE.
Many trials and errors. Getting to know mySelf and my uniQue Wiring. ⚙️ over and over again.
I’m Complete. Coming Closer. In InteGRAL Essence.
Deleting what’s no longer valid to stay. Dyscipline.
Is a Must. DESCIPLE Like.
And Knowing of Surrender as Trust. Not the concepts grasped my mind.
But actual Vital, Vigourous Coherence if Felt as the Heart.

I Created it All.
Forgiveness is what will stop the Game entirely.
Where did wars lead us? Fight fire with fire? Fire is Grace.
It can only burn what’s not real so you remain Naked.
Innocence, from before Knowledge information was implemented in brain structures. Best Schools are to Unlearn what You have learnt.
I don’t know yet I know. I have innate inner Knowing I can’t explain of how it’s all gonna play out. We can go there faster. If we stop playing Policeman and Thieves games, Oppressors and Victims, create better solutions instead and Forgive in its Vastness to ourselves and brothers and sisters in confusion As their cry for Love is Your Cry for Love.
All You see in the world is to show you what is in your subconscious mind.

So we all Can Go HOME

IT’S s a small percent of what Im here to speak of. Share if in relevance. Here’s a small snippets on my Quantum Leap Journey Transmitter of 13. Am done with this old shit. 13 Resurrection SHIFT is upon this Realm.
Here nothing to Say really. 12 Christ Cross biblical metaphorical stages…
are to be left in old reality so that the True Crysalis Crystaline Structure Remains in its Vast Totality.

Forces of mind will fight till last breath. Breathe Beloveds.
Breath of Q All Awareness that I facilitate is helpful on the Path. Gentle, not pushed or efforting.
And do not give up I say to mySelf and others in the mirror.
I know this road is hard and bumpy. I barely survived myself.

Experienced my own arrogance and ignorance due to traumas unclaimed and heald as well and running away from myself. You can’t change the outer before shifting the Inner. Here lies a deep Soulful Shadow Work of total Surrender. Be Done with IT. Again…simple…not EASY.
I know those programmes. But they can Dissolve.
Not with fire though. Remember when You feel the Fire…it means Grace is Upon YOU.
Place a more soft attitude of Observance.
With gentle Watery touch like approach.

And Embrace. Hold Yourself tight until You dissapear in Your own Arms.

There is an excerpt of a book from a friend of mine from UK, and Awake Being that will illustrate the Game we’ve been put to play and How to free oneself from it.

If you believe that you ‘have a life’ then no matter how awake you think you are, you are actually sleep walking. All of your so-called experiences, the great and the dramas belong to the sleepwalker. You don’t have a life, you don’t control a life and there is nothing that you have or believe you do that can prove otherwise. However, you can wake up to the life that you are. You can live in the flow of creation. Existing as both a unique aspect of life and as an integral part of the whole of the universe. 
You, like I have been subject to the biggest cover up in history. You are literally being hypnotised to death.”

By Paul Craft , UK “Hypnotised to Death”

* ** Quantum Leap Change Programme brewing.
Sessions. Inventions of Tesla to bring aLive are already here.
Mastering this New Reality, projects of Self Governance and Mastery in Sovereignty is a must for all now.
Beyond Presence. What can not be Spoken Of. Here only light Coded Lyran like Language Vibrational vocals come out from me, giving You what You need at the time You need it.
This healing Activating sounds. My Gift of one aspect of my Soul.
5th Element.
ALEPH. ETHERIAL in Structure.
Trying to Land now to bring it foreward.
No arrogance allowed anymore.
No addictions of mind, body and runaways.
All Addictions come from craving for Love and denial of Self Expression in the moment of what wants to be expressed.
Allow Yourself to Be as YOU ARE. Come as You Are as Curt Cobain sang .
That is where Magic will take care of You.

Q Q Aga

1:1. Slots are almost taken.



be-Yond PersonHood. How to WIN the Game. Unity in Diversity. Shift BeYond. Stop playing. Be the Peaceful Advancing Force that no Fire can stand. Forgiveness. Compassion. Forberance. INNER WORK. United Circles of Righteous Innocent Essence via Vibrational advanced Heart Coherence in True Standing. Artistry of Inner Balance must be gained to propel forward miracles. Rise above the chess Game. Stand Up.

Take YOUR Stand in BEtween polarities. The Middle Way. Wisdom from the Beyond Ness. It’s not about swimming all together in Awareness Pool and fighting with diverse opinions. Shine the Light of Truth from BeYond Awareness itself.. Will make the Win in tribulation. Fierce Androgenous United Masculine and Feminine in One Clear vessel is what’s Needed.

“Get up, stand up, stand up for your right Get up, stand up, stand up for your right Get up, stand up, stand up for your right Get up, stand up, don’t give up the fight”

But the Fight mentioned is via not resistence with fire. Its with showing Up a New Way. In regards to which old becomes Obsolete. Its already done.

Gandhi EVOLution and Becoming a Righteous example changed the world and brought massess of over 700mln people behind him. Advance Your-SELF aLIVE. Sisterhood and Brotherhood IN Grace.

tOgetherness in Uniqueness.

Use Your Passion and Gifts. Make Impact from What’s True to You when You get out of the Way of your little a self. The Gold essence liquid Nirvana in sensual feeling. Plasmatic is Resurrection.

As ONE and BeYond.

Q AgaYaKa

Q AGA Quantum Leap Journey

YOU Must Dissolve Entirely to SOLVE. Surrender into Nothingness.

Hide and Seek in Between Twilight Zones… Where Unconscious Conscious and Unknown Meet in Elevated REVELATION…
Dissolving… Dis SOLVE ing…
Dissolve to Solve
Where DreamStateLand PortLand PortaL-Land* and U-na-VOID-able Become as ONE. HERE I will remain. Can not be unDone. What has already been Experienced.
NOVE-lisation. in my SOUL.

Here at night in Grace looking upon stars in Awe and planting barefeet deply in the cold soil in Felt PAIN of this Slavic Land PoLand * a Country of Round Table from History Echos that I feel more and more Alive those days .. I remember The Arthur Round Table of Knights too.

The Great AVALONIA that rings deeply in my Inner World and Soul In Between Worlds I stand Here on the Sacred Hills… where Lay Lines and Grids of the World Meet. .. Working with Grid Lay Lines of Earth since 2012 when First Clarion Call got into depth of my Inner Being… Always being guided to those places no matter what country I was living In … Ireland, My Sacred Tara Hill, Newgarnge, and many more spots, where Celtic Kings and Queens are deeply aLive in each Breeze, where Mystical IS Real and as Real as in Polish Hills, USA, Bali, Europe where my @QuantumLeapJourney took me over the years…… Where I plant Seeds and Anchor what my Soul carries from millenia I was a teacher and mentor and a Student of better Ones who came before me…

I Play with and Know how Open Portals and See them from childhood times… When Shadows strike they will close. Not allow Your Heart to do so until You purify… I know this state too well too… Perfected Quantum Qi as rememberenca grew stronger and stronger each year in midst of even worst havocs run in and on my Soul… The Feeler… the Empath… the SEER, …a curse and Gift in One. and then the World of HUman relations… and stories upon stories and stories….

Playing the thief and a policeman, an abused and Abuser, a Victim and a Culprit , an aLive and Frozen One… When Echos of Traumas surface as Hungry Ghost of patterns saved in cellular level from the beginning of times it felt at times… I know them well… I used to be lost in them as well… stories…

And Now I find myself I can’t seem to find words the last years as only Light Language feels valid, True and from BeYond the words of separation… Denying what’s aLIVE in me makes no sense anymore. Even words are of Separation… Trying to bring this Beyond Living to the ground. After all I came to Be a ground Crew Wayshower. No matter if known or behind the scenes. I See feel from Heart – the Light coded messages comes out in spontaneous alignment to what is needed and must occur in that perfection of a moment. Living moment to moment…

Life after awakening years ago… Knowing my Essence and releasing only what’s REAL as Healing and Guiding Compass. Finding Silver Lining Here on the Horizon where Worlds blend, merge and dance in between realms in the Silent mysty zone of foggy veil… Here where Dancing with Shadows makes no sense anymore…. As For where Real GOLD mine resides is in the Depth of DARKNESS, not merely in chasing shadows. In Dark Lands of Blinding VOID …I meet my Dragon friends and Flow the Wave of the Darkness with only Heart Compass as Navigation Device. Here I feel most aLive. This world I wanna Share. This is where I come from .
Where Nothing Darkness Everythingness and UniQue Soul Blueprint Meet as ONe and Clarity becomes Radiant.. Step by Step Breath by Breath… Where I seed further Dreams …Into Matter world as a Satelite from BeYond. Can’t realise all Myself so I throw them with Abundant throw onto the fields, into the Etheric Waters from all around You…

So when You Listen carefully ENOUGH…You will catch a glimpse , hold it tight if relevant and make Into MATTER here on this Illusionary Earth Grid we fell from Grace upon… Ahooooooo from the Fields of Gold , Polish AvaloniA, Polish GardeniA, Quantum EdeniA .

Where Mystery Meets Reality in One Blend.

Q Aga Quantum Leap Journey since 2012.
Half Shadow/Half LIGHT/Half in Darkness of Darkest Dark… 8 Years in Completion coming to 9….where all 3 Will Blend … Into Singularity from where I came… and what I remember experientially from this life.
To my A-Quarious B-day in January if it will Be freely Given to Enliven To.

01010101010101…36 9 369 333 36 4×9 Cycle / half/half.

All my LOVE.