Hang Loose the struggle. Give UP the worrying mind. Let go by embracing it all.

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From Europe with LOVE * with small BIG random messages. May they bring You some Aligned synchronicity in timing of this delivery. The whispers say :
Let it go. Give up the struggle.
Today it’s time to HANG LOOSE all of it.
Don’t tighten up. HANG IT LOOSE. All of it. Breathe.
Let the Autumn breeze pick it up. Like leaves by the glove formed from the wind and RELEASE once and for all. In a gentle embrace of Your Allowance for this deep SURRENDER. 
MEET THE WORLD withIN first. to Shine its Brightly Colours WithOUT.

“The Universe is not outside of You.
Look inside yourself.
Everything you want, you already Are. ” – Rumi

Trust it shall be all delivered. Open up.
Feel into your Heart. Gently. Bravely. Softly into the rough angles of seeming scary “dark valleys”. Have Faith / Trust.
There’s such a bravery in a voulnearbility. In gentleness.
Sending Courage for inner journey to All of Yous . Start with a Choice. One step. Leap.
#HangItLoose #MeetTheWorldWithIN , shall we ?
Reach out if You need Guidance with Committing to Embody Who You came here to Enliven ❤

Love, Aga
Quantum Leap Journey

Be the LIGHTHOUSE for One Another

My Declaration of IN~tention for today/Forever is for my~SELF/SELVES , all of US, hUmaNITY to Re-Remember our True Nature
#TheSource #MayItBeFulfilled *** Embracing our Diversity of Identities Suits put on the SOURCE Essence that is Same foe us ALL .
Hence IN Unity we Rise. *
Time to Re-Unite with this Source Essence. Help each other Selves feel it withIN themselves, and bring it to Fruition on Earth in your every day Life. Uniquely showing up and Be~ing YOU. ….
YOU. You. The Real You. with all the challenges ( not problems ), with all the vulnerable, tightened emotional knots in the body vehicle, with all the ups and downs… with all of IT… but withheld and sustained with the Knowledge of the pure Light essence behind even that ************ …
And from THAT place you start carrying the FAITH AND TRUST – that the Universe will work those out for you, through you …. when INvited and Allowed…
Then the people, the situations, the circumstances begin to change and show up – in your favor … not to “save” you as a victim, but to support you in all ways. Simply because you are WORTH it. And You are here to do the same for others.
Pass it forward. Pass on the LIGHT of mutual Support to one another.
That is how we Light Up the Civilization. Through Compassion.
It creates Ripple Effects.
May they FLOW Far and WIDE.
May we All get hit by this Wave.
Yet may we all have the courage to BE THAT WAVE.
LET’S BE The Wave Of Compassion And Unshakeable Service and Mutual Help In The World
Let’s just freaking DO THAT.
Let’s bring each other LIGHT torches.
No expectations. No attachments. Just In Service from the Heart. Heart Knows. IT KNOWS that by helping another – YOU HELP YOUR~SELF.
As Above So Below.
What Goes Around Comes Around.
Quantum Aga
If You need support on Your IN~ner Clarity – you can find me here:

It’s Not About GETTING and HAVING. It’s All About BE~ing and BECOMING First


And the Quantum Whisperers of the Wind said :
It’s Not About GETTING and HAVING …
It’s All About BE~ing and BECOMING
Who You really Are.
Not tainted by the ideas of others and external cacophony.
From there you proceed… and all will align as you Align with and get to know your Own 💓
Listen to the whispers from the Soul. Intuitively.
Take time to BE.
Paradoxically, This is the way of a Warrior. ***
Takes Courage to do so.
Let’s do it Collectively and One by One.
Let’s Find this Courage.
To Allow the Caterpillar flourish to its Designed Natural Butterfly state.
It can’t be pushed or rushed.
Nature does not rush and yet Everything gets accomplished.
It Needs to BE Allowed.
With Gentle Loving Embrace and not Resistance to All the phases in and during the Process.
As my
Quantum Leap Journey unfolds further in its EVOL~ution…. I hold Space for Yours… *
#DivineTiming coming for us All. To FEEL utterly IN #Completion 

Here for/with You,

Q Aga

It’s not about KNOWING the Path. It’s all about walking the Path with KNOWING


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It’s not about KNOWING the Path

It’s all about walking the Path with KNOWING

We Change

We adapt. We shape-Shift realities

We Evolve

We Walk with Head held High

Do not despair of not knowing every detail of Your Journey ahead

Trust in Yourself and Your Inner Guidance to take you where You need to be at

For Your Highest Good and Fulfillment of Your Infinitely Abundant Potential

Believe in Yourself

Feel It. See It. Own It. Claim it. Access It

Whatever You want. Whatever You desire

Be consistent and persistent with Your Inner Calling

Yet Open to Change and adapting New exciting “Callings”

Merge. Blend. Ambitiously

Dream BIG

From that state of Trusting in Yourself and Taking Conscious Action –

You will always walk the Path that Opens Vast fields Of seemingly impossible Opportunities

Grab them.

Feel into them. Whatever Arises.

Sometimes You feel You are walking through Vast Desert like Waste-Lands

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Give it all Up. Quantum Surrender.
Ask Yourself what is trying to Emerge here..? Be with Yourself.
Surrender. To the Sun rushing in rainbow liquid Light that I send now.
Give it all up. To Awake with Clarity. Do It. Do it. Do it now.
Drop all “to do” responsibilities for today.
Feel the Energy Rising. Tame it with a warm blanket of Your Own Soul.
Feel Into It.
#KnowThySelf more and more… step by step to Quantum Leap ***
Surrender to The power with~IN.
Time to Expose Your Real Heart’s Desires.
Listen to the Whispers Inside.
Jump on Your Path , Your own Quantum Leap Journey, no matter the intensity and tightness or pain of new energy wave unveiling … let it be seen be felt and dropped away…
Include. Do not deny. Do not exclude. It’s all about Inclusion.
Can You meet Yourself there? Sending a holding Hand to You.
Always HERE for You.
Say YES …To the Welcoming corridors of Your own Spirit’s Voice.
It calls for Green Light from You. To Shine through the Mud ❤
You are a piece of a Puzzle of a Grand Picture.
Honor the Process Wanderers. Be full in with it.
Pour your Breath onto it.
Breath of Fire 🔥 that burns through clogged beliefs. Energy centres that need additional jolt of Spin.
Quantum Breath that cuts through Gently.
Where from ashes you rise.
Where You merge with clarity of Your own IN~tuition.
And Act Consciously from Your True Essence.
I AM here for/with You.
#JumpingOffTheCliff #GreenLight

Theme for July for hUmaNITY ~ Become a Mr Nobody

Theme for July for hUmaNITY ~ Become a Mr/Mrs Nobody
Quantum Leap Journey ‘s #QuantumReminders
You need NOT look for Love, because everything already loves you … ~ and all you have to do is to OPEN Your Heart and to realize that … Love is not found …. IT IS LET IN

In a state of nurturing Surrender that only You can Gift to Yourself. The state of Diving IN~to the Eye of a Hurricane. Responding to gentle pull and whispers from the Soul…. when….You drop all “to do lists” and literally ….realize that Nothing else matters anymore.. but The TRUTH of the Authenticity Of Your Own Heart, Your Unique Divine Soul Essence. That comes from YOU and aligns You with those who resonate and feel true to You.
The Re-Connective essence that is not tainted in its formless form by cacophony of external stimuli and floods of information and from all kinds of sell you this and that “experts”.
Become a Mr/Mrs Nobody. It’s paradoxically the most Powerful state of Being.
So Become a Mr/Mrs Nobody for a while. In a State of Hollow Grace.

Have You met Yourself there yet? Are You ready to be No-thing?
Let Us Re-Remember Ourselves…lost in he Void of the Vastness with~IN against all distractions … to Be truly Found.

In the Loving Embrace of Your own arms. Gently.
It will align You with circumstances, people, situations that are in true resonance to your own recognized ***Essence.
#IntoTheVoid from where The Purity shines. Let’s strive for True Purity.  From there the purest Action will reveal itself and mirror the Joy, Abundance, Love, Bliss that lies on the foundation of Purity of One heart IT~Self. ❤
This is my INtention. 

at the end of the world … Where the streets have no name…. Meet yourself HERE.

Greetings and Postcards from Po-Land

With Subtle Mad Love,
~ Aga
www.quantumleapjourney.com …. into One existence…

Let Life Penetrate You. Drop Resistance.

The worst thing you could do in life is to be determined not to be affected by life. This is the harm that the glorification of “the enlightened guru” has done to us.
The enlightened guru seems unaffected by life.
This could not be further from the truth.
“The enlightened person – so to speak, lets himself be completely penetrated by life, BUT in the ABSENCE TO RESISTANCE TO THAT PENETRATION.
In the absence of resistance to being affected, there is nothing in him for life to injure or destroy.
If You strive to be unaffected by LIFE, the resistance You have is to FEELING” (…)
And the Secret of a BREAKTHROUGH is in the ability to FEEL itself. Remember. Remember….  

We Came here to Master Powerful Emotions. Recognize that and step into sitting into your Mastery…Feeling Into it… No matter how uncomfortable the initial feeling may be. It’s like a fire burning. But this Spark of fire 🔥 will jump start something so much bigger within that you could never imagine. ..
Investigate this wave. ***** It carries treasure. Be Patient with Yourself Above All. ****
Don’t try to get something out of the experience. Just Be with IT.
Just BE. And Open Up. Do not expect fire works to happen. Just Be.
Hold space for whatever wants to come up. Observe.
Allow. Welcome. Make space within. Be for a while.
Trust me. Just try it out.
( said the girl who’s been addicted to “doing” and “delivering”, “providing” for years.  )
Well You can trust me on this x

Time for doing will unfold naturally effortlessly and organically. Priority is in the Being. Then Follows Conscious Action ) ********

Blessings to all who forgot how to give attention to Feeling,


Last days here I’m going through are just so Surreal… My mind can’t make sense of anything…being invited to something greater within that logic can not simply comprehend…with Mastering powerful energies. On logical note, outside .. nothing makes sense anymore. ..
Keep and #BeThePeaceCentre during INtense changes. #Changes upon Horizon.
Ask a question …
What is trying to Emerge out of me here?
What Am I being invited to BE-come…?
It’s in the Feeling… Not evasive escape.
Let yourself/ourselves FEEL.
The hardest thing for Human mind to give attention to. Because it is the HEART 💓 that is sending the INvite to catch that Inner Wave .. and Surf INto the Unknown.
Mind likes Known. Heart yearns for something Greater….
Intend on … GREATER.
Let’s just All IN-tend on Greater. Will You ?
And keep at the back of you being the phrase that no matter what…

New Earth Festival ~Ancient and the Future: A True Game Changer -Gem of Festivals designs Consciously Unique Experience of Your Life

Ancient Futures NEF Sponsor_Pack_02

This Newcomer Festival will be Asia’s very own Burning Man ! 

Video of the Festival summed up in 2 minutes can be accessed HERE. 

I am extremely happy  to announce that I am taking part in Co-Creating this year’s seeding to Existence New Earth Festival  in from 5-9th April 2017 in Bali, that is a true, shining gem in the vast sea of Festivals, focused on delivering the real, tangible experience and the Change that the world is ready for. As a quantum coach and investigative journalist for years I have been thoroughly studying the work of New Earth Nation Movement for years and blogging about this one of most creative force of change in today’s reality. The acceleration of change at the times we live in now couldn’t be greater with all the solutions we already have accessible NOW.
The sense of Importance and necessity of this Festival appearing on Global scale of others could not be more timely. The ripple effects of this unique event will bring exponential growth for entire Humanity.
“Be The Change You Want To See In the World”. Come and Co-Create in cooperation and secure Your place at the Festival by getting the tickets and becoming a significant torch – light in the lives of others.

The New Earth Nation’s inaugural festival – Ancient Futures launches in April in an idyllic and serene location outside of Ubud in Bali. The five-day gathering aims to bring together creative visionaries, change makers and thought leaders to co-vision a solution based approach for a new future. To create the container for this a compelling group of speakers, healers, innovators, entrepreneurs, artists and musicians have been brought together to offer their talents and teachings in what promises to be a holistic and nourishing experiences for those participating.

The New Earth Festival is designed to bring our global community together to connect and create tangible solutions that benefit humanity. Through the co-creation of play, celebration, nourishment, healing, learning and teaching, we nurture the sovereign creative expression and ignite inspiration within us all. lead the change The New Earth Festival unifies and supports education and learning at it’s core.

It’s divided into unforgettable sections of Music & Performance, Symposium, Wisdom Keepers, Artists, Nutrition, Experience and much more that You can read about in Here.  ( Vision, Experience, Essentials, Connectivity )

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