When the Heavy Shit becomes Alarming… And what to DO with It….
Mind Will keep You like this.
Heavy cement like burden. You literally choke on the dust it creates when “monkey mind” chatter kicks IN.
Get Curious about the mind game. It keeps us all small.
It wants to Fog You out. See it. Be with It. Observe it like a curious biologist looking at the blood cells flowing and coming and going and rushing inside of a blood drop under the microscope…
Look at it from behind the “lens” .
And love it anyway… observe, observe the MIND. LOVINGLY.
So it can Serve You and not drain You. You got this… Breathe… ❤
Acknowledge at the same time that everything you feel is actually OK. IT IS OK. Don’t tell yourself that what you feel is NOT OK. coz it will perpetuate more. Like a Hamster Weel Perpetuum Mobile in neverending spiral motion.
Acknowledge that what arises is also LOVEable.
In other words… #LOVEitToDeath
You will get OUT of Your head more naturally when You Allow. Not deny.
I would love to take you through steps and tools that will help you on your version of Quantum Leap Journey.
Here for You. As I would be for mySELF. Reach out if in resonance.
IN Grace and With Love,

WHO AM I. The Art of Noticing what’s UNCHANGING…


Who AM I with no masks on?
Who AM I when the Body is deeply asleep?
Who AM I upon waking?
Who AM I when I pause In between breaths?
Who AM I in the evening? Afternoon? Each morning? 
Who AM I before even thinking of asking those Questions ? …
Dig deep folks, birth yourSELF more and more via some good old dose of #Selfinquiry.
This morning from personal mind perspective You may define yourself as this or that, grumpy, pretty, ugly, rested, tired, unmotivated,lost….
Yet before that concepts, definitions I still … AM. I/You still AM/ARE.
Just AM. All of IT. And NONE of It.
What Remains UNCHANGED? Always Here? In the Backgroung.
Strive for noticing the UNCHANGED…
Can You feel it? Can You feel Your I AMness?
Can You Take a Quantum Leap Into this …Noticing..?
If in need… I Am here for You as Your Accountability guide with Holistic META Integrative set of tools that will Elevate Your Life ❤ 

The Journey Begings When You CHOOSE to say so..
Offering an INTEGRATIVE Quantum Leap Change Approach 

Clarity vs Confusion

In the era where we all strive for more CLARITY , I manage graciously to Spread More CONFUSION in suspicious looks of concerned neighbors each time I go EARTHING in minus 15 and walk around. Definitely nailing Salvador Dali’s quotation these days :
“What is important is to spread confusion, not eliminate it.”
Mother Gaia fed me back with coming across this HEART pattern embedded in it’s frozen muddy womb.
It made me think…. no matter the challenging armour of cold covering Earth’s or peoples’ surface here… LOVE IS ALWAYS (T)HERE . 
Just needs to be Allowed to be Fully SEEN. *
#EarthingNoMatterWhat #432HzEatingUp
#FrostyBreath #ChallengeYourHabits

—– All my Love, Aga
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Quantum Leap Journey

What makes You stuck?


#AgasQuantumReminders Ask Yourself today…
Who AM I without my stories ? Who AM I? Why AM I? Why AM I here?

How can we release ourselves from Boxed existence ? What are the stories you keep on running in your head? What leads you yet once again to stick to known , safe reality that you do not enjoy? What scares You? What makes You doubt yourself again and again? What are the intense feelings you keep on running away from feeling fully? 

It’s time to OWN your beliefs and Inner-engineer to change. Feel. Become Real in Authenticity of Your Uniqueness.
Quantum Leap Journey to Somatic, Embodied Divinity with me.  Taming our Multidimensional Nature into ONE.
Let’s See the Bigger Picture Together.  
Let’s just dig it UP from under the layers of conditional thoughts patterns that are often not even yours to begin with.
I’ve gathered tools that will help you do that.
I call it my little Quantum Shovel Kit 
Start before you think you’re ready … 
Happy to connect with those curious ones to learn and evolve via 

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Am so full of flaws and scars, hungry ghosts from the “past” . I Am so full of flaws and scars, hungry ghosts from the “past”. Are You? Can You admit them or you are still in denial ?

Ashamed of your “flaws”, of wrongdoings, of your addictions, of your “past” behaviours … of the Pain hiding behind them?
Your deepest WOUND , your deepest crack , your deepest flaw is where LIGHT enters .
GOLDEN. ****
Make your pain GOLDEN. Paint it with LOVE paint. Can You EMBRACE it fully? Like FULLY in Acceptance and Self forgiveness? What does the Pain carry? It’s a Transmitter of Wisdom. Ain’t easy to go into it. I know it’s easier to jump off the airplane with or without a parachute or bungee jumping… You name it. I know. It seems all easier in comparison to going into the centre of your pain. But …..the PEARL is in the Pain Shell. LETS crack it open gently. GENTLY. Let’s make one string of Light enter, penetrate it…. Just One stream , One string of Light. … Just One for the beginning… then it’ll be easier…
I Promise.
FEEL it fully .
Melt the shell with Love Hammer knocking gently on it’s surface..
Find Space for it.
Quantum Leap Journey INTO it.
Knock knock….
Whose there? Go away? !!!
Knock knock….
Go away! Leave me alone!
Knock knock…..
Whose there? – replies voice from the inside of a shell. Leave!
Knock knock….
Whose there? What do you want from me?
I’m a Love Hammer… I came to alleviate your Pain… Will You ALLOW?
Ok, but ………I’ll take Only a sneak Peak….and come straight back to my cave…
I am Here For You. Yes, done deal.
Crack me Open a bit then…
ALLOW Your Pain see the SUN of Your Soul ( aka Love Hammer 😉 )
Seek those who can support you in your Shine Process.
Never underestimate a true value of a friend or trusted “other” who can help.
Reach out if needed.
And go All IN.
Aga from www.quantumleapourney.com


Funny how many things can come to ultimate conclusion within 24h.
Change upon horizon after summing up almost 8 months of deep long healing period and many humble Self Realization shifts. I’ll be deactivating myself from 99% fb groups Am in, unfriending most fb “friends” (nothing personal, just cleanses that need to take place ..too much fake, shallow inauthenticity in surface –
connections), taking my power back that was given away for way too long and taking most Conscious Action in Alignment with my Heart and sharing my Service Whole Heartedly and not in halfs here and there.
In preparation to many upcoming news and projects.
Will most likely deactivate Fb for a while as well.
#FollowYourOwnHeart #GoingMyOwnWay #EmbracingUniqueWeirdoWithIN that will naturally end up in More Service to All in correlation to Who I Am ( no comparisons here) #WorkingWithTrustedGuideOfInnerVoice #BeYourSELF #ListenToYourHeart* #NoMoreScatteredConfusions #Enough #AllowingEase #SharingMyGifts #Psychosomatics #MindBodySpiritHeart in ~EMBODIMENT.
#TiredOfPlayingItSmall #AdmittingHavingMadeMANYMistakes #TakingFullResponsibility #IAmSorryPleaseForgiveMeThankYouILoveYou #Hoponopono #OpenToRECEIVing #FullOnGiving #ComingToHumbleGroundAndHighFlyingDiscInMutualBalance
#AdressedInnerChildWork #FullOnReclaimOfInnerPower
#LoveUponConfusion #HumanizingSpirituality to name a few…
To express more… Bjork – “The Gate” visual song covers the rest of what I wanted to share. So Immerse YourSELF here ( full screen, on headphones ) coz oh Sweet Sweet Geezusssss THIS Soooong ! ->
Quantum Leap Journey
Sessions, workshops retreats, events, assistance…. If You wish to support my journey or contribute to my free sharings that resonate with you and help, you can consider visiting my website. Any donation warmly appreciated at this time.
As I’m currently trying to gather funds for an upcoming, important to me, intense teacher training last level from a method I know will help many if implemented in my teachings and plethora of tools I offer. So Thank YOU if you feel drawn to help me achieve this.
Or book a regular intensive session-Connection. Or a Packet of Trinity 3 sessions Connection.
Will also soon release a short donation based Booklet with addressed tips and solutions to many challenges coming upon people, that I had somehow been and worked through over the years.

The key to taming the Madness of the mind lies in 3 letter word…

Who AM I…. You ask…
“We’re all mad here.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
The Secret Sauce lies in…. OWN~ing Your Madness.

How to do so..?

How to bite on it?

How to claim this ownership back?

It’s a significant work in Balancing Mind Body Spirit Heart with few unique techniques I apply in my service coaching.
Quantum Leap Journey

BE~coming WHOLE through EMBODIMENT – why Mind Soul Body working IN Coherence is the Ultimate Goal


BE~coming WHOLE through EMBODIMENT.
Take few minutes to read if resonates. It comes from Highly trusted Source of a woman I used to work with and Hope it rings Truth for You as well. PONDER. DIGEST.ABSORB. if relevant. Time to BE~come WHOLE.
That’s why I put high additional emphasis on EMBODIMENT and techniques of PSYCHOSOMATICS I trained in my additional service offer.
This year begins the change in the law of structure in the planetary body referred to as Morphogenesis, which gives us opportunities to explore how these structural changes in energy to matter impact our manifestations. The physical body is extremely important during this stage, as what we are here to shift on the earth can only happen while we remain inside an ascending human body.

“As we move into the next five years, which are defined as the Morphogenesis stage of the Ascension Cycle, we are encountering drastic geomagnetic recalibration and structural changes within the planetary architecture that begin new stages of higher consciousness coming into physical Embodiment at multiple layers of awareness. As more of the internal circuity between the multidimensional layers of the mind are reconnected, the splits that existed between the mental body layers start to merge and unify, thus potentially shifting the perceptual experiences of each individual, as they begin to embody more unique dimensions of personal consciousness.

Theoretically the result is basic Embodiment that begins the soul integration merge within the expression of the physical vehicle. However, in the next five-year cycle we are about to find out what it looks like at a mass scale. That content which has been existing in the lower collective unconsciousness streams, or consciousness that exists within the state of sleep-stasis, is awakening now and becoming more conscious, surfacing at global levels. The ante has been raised which means all of us have to up our game, as we are being pushed to the next level of our spiritual development, no matter what stage we are in, we must embody. Its Embodiment or bust!

Embodiment is becoming consciously aware of our own biological patterns, their origins, and opening to the possibilities in how we can work to clear and heal them. What is our body’s wisdom communicating to us now? When we listen to our body’s needs and are willing to develop present moment body awareness, we are opening up our heart in order to register deeply felt sensations and impressions. Body awareness opens up the possibility of direct cellular knowing that relays intelligent information. We are also learning the importance of self-care and self-love as the necessary core components of cultivating higher spiritual and emotional development that finally allow us to experience authentic embodiment.”L.Renee
Quantum Leap Journey offers guidance and sessions in Psychosomatics embodiment. 
If any of my sharings seem relevant and you wish to connect , book a session or simply have a pull of energetic exchange to help me in my free sharing you can visit www.quantumleapjourney.com/donate. All would be very much so appreciated.



What comes to me intensely with the energies so deeply felt in the Collective last weeks is this…
INNER CHILD that calls for Your Attention wants to be PUZZLE PIECED BACK INTO WHOLENESS. ***
TO ALL BIG , ADULT – CHILDREN… IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT… ( with this comes to mind the phrase from ” Good Will Hunting” that Robin Williams kept repeating to Matt Damon… it feels relevant… )

We are all children in adults’ bodies. We often carry wounds and hurts stored in subconscious mind’s pockets from early stage times when we were absorbing everything on a deep emotional level. Coz we are like a sponge growing up… taking ON everything…absorbing often disruptive patterns and energetic strings from environment we grow up in….;

The thing is it all happens without fully developed yet capability of discernment and differentiating between those feelings that often become trapped, stuck, not fully felt, shoveled up, suppressed, just stored, taken on as a luggage.., as an alien passenger inside of us, that grows traumas year by year inside …coz never looked into … .
Those emotions want to be FELT and LOVED Into Oneness.

IT is good to have a SAFE container to do so, in environment that is structured in its architecture that serves you in the spirit of non judgmental #UnityConsciousness that holds the space for moving the energies of traumas.
Search for those possible places/spaces/tribes that may assist or accountability partners/coaches.
But You can start today with Yourself with one small step of action …that may cause a huge Quantum Leap once decided upon… So… What I Challenge You today is …
Embrace and HUG your Inner Child today. Just sit in Peace and hug Yourself, no matter how weird it feels or looks like. Drop mind’s projections.
Just GIFT Yourself a warm loving Hug, embrace yourself all over with your hands, plaster your arms all around you. Let this little Kido inside yourself, that longs for sensation of HOME and LOVE be HELD.
He/she longs for not felt before and embodied feelings that until met and felt, will suppress your feeling of Worthiness and unconditional LOVE, that yes… YOU ARE DESERVING OF no matter what.

The Ones that PUZZLE PIECE YOU BACK INTO WHOLENESS… no matter how long You gonna sit in that embrace… JUST DO IT. Just Hug Yourself for tonight. Small Step Today. Just One small Step…
I know… it Ain’t easy, acknowledging this Vulnerability and going IN to feel … is more Courageous than parachute jumping from a plane or locking yourself in a cage with spiders, you name it.. 😉 … but take this step.. just one , small step today …
The reward will be much greater than a lollipop.


To All Misfits, To the Crazy Ones with seemingly“(Im)Possible” ideas in 2018..

To all the MISFITS , to All seemingly Crazy Ones…those who never felt belonging, who never felt the way this world is being run is “right”… To .. all of my friends and beyond … I say #Abrakadabra to glorious, bound by polarity Human Experience for New Earth Creation in full Authenticity of each of your Aligned vision for what’s possible in the world that wants to spoon fed us doubt and notion of impossibility. To all of us… With the New Year … I wanna say.. May it BE a year of Biggest #ABRAKADABRA as of yet… 
My little New Years WISH for MySELF with taking Quantum Leap Journey to next Level of Wholeness, purest form of inner Soul’s Alignment in OWNing One’s unique Signature Blueprint , executing Visions and Connectivity and for entire #UnityConsciousness Wave … *

“Survival of the MISFITTEST :

The fittest to survive in a world where tomorrow is the repetitive extension of yesterday and today is the unfittest to survive in a world where a fundamental change is occurring and wherein a new tomorrow is aborning, which tomorrow no one knows and for which no one is prepared.

A new tomorrow is created by generations of misfits, the creative minority, who can stand alone against the stagnating devolutionary majority devoted to or complacent with the status quo, who can withstand the poignant insecurity of embracing the unknown and uncertain, and who can develop the power to shape a new future not out of mere dissatisfaction with the present but out of original visions of new possibilities.

History is made and a new future is created always by such misfits. If you are one of them, do not react to the present conditions but scale the depth of your soul and live your life as an expression of your evolutionary passion and creative vision. The misfits are the fittest to survive and thrive in a world in the flow of creative evolution.”

– Yasuhiko Genku Kimura


Posted by Quantum Leap Journey on Tuesday, January 2, 2018