Let Life Penetrate You. Drop Resistance.

The worst thing you could do in life is to be determined not to be affected by life. This is the harm that the glorification of “the enlightened guru” has done to us.
The enlightened guru seems unaffected by life.
This could not be further from the truth.
“The enlightened person – so to speak, lets himself be completely penetrated by life, BUT in the ABSENCE TO RESISTANCE TO THAT PENETRATION.
In the absence of resistance to being affected, there is nothing in him for life to injure or destroy.
If You strive to be unaffected by LIFE, the resistance You have is to FEELING” (…)
And the Secret of a BREAKTHROUGH is in the ability to FEEL itself. Remember. Remember….  

We Came here to Master Powerful Emotions. Recognize that and step into sitting into your Mastery…Feeling Into it… No matter how uncomfortable the initial feeling may be. It’s like a fire burning. But this Spark of fire 🔥 will jump start something so much bigger within that you could never imagine. ..
Investigate this wave. ***** It carries treasure. Be Patient with Yourself Above All. ****
Don’t try to get something out of the experience. Just Be with IT.
Just BE. And Open Up. Do not expect fire works to happen. Just Be.
Hold space for whatever wants to come up. Observe.
Allow. Welcome. Make space within. Be for a while.
Trust me. Just try it out.
( said the girl who’s been addicted to “doing” and “delivering”, “providing” for years.  )
Well You can trust me on this x

Time for doing will unfold naturally effortlessly and organically. Priority is in the Being. Then Follows Conscious Action ) ********

Blessings to all who forgot how to give attention to Feeling,


Last days here I’m going through are just so Surreal… My mind can’t make sense of anything…being invited to something greater within that logic can not simply comprehend…with Mastering powerful energies. On logical note, outside .. nothing makes sense anymore. ..
Keep and #BeThePeaceCentre during INtense changes. #Changes upon Horizon.
Ask a question …
What is trying to Emerge out of me here?
What Am I being invited to BE-come…?
It’s in the Feeling… Not evasive escape.
Let yourself/ourselves FEEL.
The hardest thing for Human mind to give attention to. Because it is the HEART 💓 that is sending the INvite to catch that Inner Wave .. and Surf INto the Unknown.
Mind likes Known. Heart yearns for something Greater….
Intend on … GREATER.
Let’s just All IN-tend on Greater. Will You ?
And keep at the back of you being the phrase that no matter what…

New Earth Festival ~Ancient and the Future: A True Game Changer -Gem of Festivals designs Consciously Unique Experience of Your Life

Ancient Futures NEF Sponsor_Pack_02

This Newcomer Festival will be Asia’s very own Burning Man ! 

Video of the Festival summed up in 2 minutes can be accessed HERE. 

I am extremely happy  to announce that I am taking part in Co-Creating this year’s seeding to Existence New Earth Festival  in from 5-9th April 2017 in Bali, that is a true, shining gem in the vast sea of Festivals, focused on delivering the real, tangible experience and the Change that the world is ready for. As a quantum coach and investigative journalist for years I have been thoroughly studying the work of New Earth Nation Movement for years and blogging about this one of most creative force of change in today’s reality. The acceleration of change at the times we live in now couldn’t be greater with all the solutions we already have accessible NOW.
The sense of Importance and necessity of this Festival appearing on Global scale of others could not be more timely. The ripple effects of this unique event will bring exponential growth for entire Humanity.
“Be The Change You Want To See In the World”. Come and Co-Create in cooperation and secure Your place at the Festival by getting the tickets and becoming a significant torch – light in the lives of others.

The New Earth Nation’s inaugural festival – Ancient Futures launches in April in an idyllic and serene location outside of Ubud in Bali. The five-day gathering aims to bring together creative visionaries, change makers and thought leaders to co-vision a solution based approach for a new future. To create the container for this a compelling group of speakers, healers, innovators, entrepreneurs, artists and musicians have been brought together to offer their talents and teachings in what promises to be a holistic and nourishing experiences for those participating.

The New Earth Festival is designed to bring our global community together to connect and create tangible solutions that benefit humanity. Through the co-creation of play, celebration, nourishment, healing, learning and teaching, we nurture the sovereign creative expression and ignite inspiration within us all. lead the change The New Earth Festival unifies and supports education and learning at it’s core.

It’s divided into unforgettable sections of Music & Performance, Symposium, Wisdom Keepers, Artists, Nutrition, Experience and much more that You can read about in Here.  ( Vision, Experience, Essentials, Connectivity )

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Alternative Energy, Free Energy, Plasma Technology, Healing Technology, Nano-Technology…and more – Tune IN :

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Sharing and putting out there – pushing forward… an amazing Interview a friend of mine and founder of ECETI Ranch – James Gilliland  (www.ECETI.org) , delivered in his latest Radio show : IMPORTANT and wonderful information that I was tapping into and gathering for the last few years. :

“As You Wish Talk Radio with James Gilliland, Brett, and M.T. Keshe. Listen in, as they discuss the reality of “Free Energy,” right now, today! They also cover how to bring about “World Peace” using this technology.


Topics:  Healing Technology, Antigravity – Counter-Gravity Technology, Free Energy, Earth friendly Technology, Plasma Technology, Space Travel, Gravitational and Magnetic Field, Free Plasma Ball – as a Living Entity – You communicate with it through Your Emotions, Peace on Earth,
Unity Consciousness,  Replicators of Free Energy, Creating materials out of Energy,  Nano-materials, Agriculture through implementing energy devices, Free Healing Devices, Polution Technology to Clear polution, And Much MORE….

Guest Occupation: 
Nuclear Scientist, Magravs Energizer, Alternative Energy, Plasma Technology Devices.
Guest Biography :



Mehran Tavakoli Keshe was born in Iran in 1958. As the son of an X-ray engineer, he was introduced to the world of radiation and nuclear science at a very young age. In 1981 he graduated from Queen Mary College, University of London, as a nuclear engineer specializing in reactor technology system control.

Unsatisfied with the nuclear technology of the time, Mr. Keshe went on to develop his own system for the production of gravity and energy using a small plasma reactor that is clean and safe. He covered all aspects of the design of a new plasma nuclear system from the very beginning to its present stage. This has included the design, the fuel, the testing and practical applications.

Since 2002 he has been developing the full range of his technology for launch into the scientific world and industry.
European and international patents for the technology were applied for in early October 2005 for all aspects of possible use of the new technology, covering some hundreds of applications.

At the end of 2005, several static plasma reactors were built to confirm the theoretical principles of the technology. These static reactors all work at room temperature and at normal atmospheric pressure, and provide voltage and current.
Since the beginning of 2006 several prototypes of dynamic plasma reactors specifically designed to achieve lift and motion have been built and successfully tested.

Through the development of these new systems, deposits of nano-carbon have been generated, and Raman spectroscopy has confirmed that these are in Sp2 and Sp3 form.

The use of plasma reactors for health purposes has been tested, in cooperation with doctors. Some of the results achieved in these trials can be seen in the Health section of the Keshe Foundation website.

A paper was published about the direct capture of CO2 and CH4 from the environment, where the CO2 and CH4 were in a liquid state at room temperature and room pressure. The CO2 and CH4 were proven by IR and XRD spectroscopy performed by a Belgian university.

In July 2009, the first book, “The Universal Order of Creation of Matters” was published. In early 2011, the second book, “The Structure of the Light” was published. In October 2011, the third book, “The Origin of the Universe” was published. Several further books are currently being completed.

During the past decade, Mr Keshe has been actively teaching the Magrav plasma theory, as well as presenting the concepts of World Peace that must accompany the release of such technology. In 2015, Peace initiatives include, “The Peace Roadmap”, a paper which outlines the procedure for establishing the promised World Peace. A Peace Treaty proposal to the Vatican is delivered by Keshe in Rome. In October 2015, The 3rd annual World Ambassador’s Meeting, “Free Energy In Exchange For World Peace”, was held at SSI with many nations in attendance. A Magravs Power Unit was presented to each of the ambassadors. All those who manufacture, distribute or receive Magrav Units are required to sign the World Peace Treaty.

In 2014, Mr Keshe opened the SSI lab to live 24/7 video. SSI lab tests with reactors, showed strong magnetic field pulses (up to 129 Tesla), and weight changes that have been recorded.

Fukushima Radiation Decontamination tests were done in Japan in 2014, with the nano-materials created in the SSI labs, in co-operation with the government of Japan. Mr Keshe wrote the paper, “Keshe Foundation Contribution to Fukushima Decontamination Solution”.

Other recent papers from Mr Keshe include, “Oil, Gas, Protein and the Earth”, “Bacteria and Viruses”, “A New State of Matter (Gans)”, “Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)” and “The Unknown Truth about Homeopathy”

Throughout 2014 and 2015, Mr Keshe has developed and released products to the public based on the SSI lab technology.

The products include the “CO2 Capture Kit”, which demonstrates how Keshe nano-technology can create useful new materials. The “Pain Aid Pad” and “Pain Pen” products are now available for processing pain. Most recently, the “Magravs Power Unit”, has been manufactured, which is a plug-in plasma source that reduces energy requirements.  In October 2015, Mr Keshe taught a popular week-long course called, “The Blueprint Teachings” about how to build the Magravs Power Units.

The Keshe teachings continued through 2015, with live online classes from the Spaceship Institute, and the weekly Knowledge Seeker Workshops. Hundreds of movies and videos have been published on Youtube, Facebook, and websites around the world, with many thousands of people following and practising the Keshe technology. Mr Keshe continues to give knowledge and show practical demonstrations on how to create nano-materials, new substances, energy, and lift.

Keshe Foundations are being founded in many nations around the world, including in USA, Canada, India, and Germany.”

The link to the podcast again is here:


And You can tap into a youtube message from it here:

Feel free to explore and share widely if resonates .
My goal is to bring all solutions available out there that serve Humanity and all Movements and Projects delivering such onto One Page of Cooperation with each other and Creating a Truly New Earth Possible For All of Us Here and NOW.
Do Your own research. Gather Information. Share. Investigate. Share. Share. Share.
In UNITY we Rise.

With Love,

Quantum Aga
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13 Year-Old Invents Tesla Inspired Free Energy Device for Under $15

#BoostingUpBriefly What’s already been shared and out there.
New Generation of Children coming IN to Wake us UP.

” Inspired by the geniuses Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein, teenager Max Loughan loves to invent things, in fact, he says he has known his entire short life that his purpose was to change the world with his inventions. And he may just do it.

“As cheesy as this sounds, from day one, on this planet that I knew I was put here for a reason,” said Max. “And that reason is to invent, to bring the future.””

1 .   This inspirational  13-year-old kid has again proven that useable electricity can be harvested from the atmosphere all around us :


2. An exceptional talk Max delivered at Nexus Summit 2016:


3.  Short presentation of Max’s device :

“In a demonstration with KTVN, Max uses current created by the machine to power a strip of LED lights that he had wrapped around his twin brother, astonishing to both his own family and the visiting news crew.”


“The suppression of free energy devices and technology by the energy industry and by the government is an established fact of our world. Using many techniques and programs to suppress ideas and inventions like Max’s is finally coming to an end, however, in the information age. Now anyone can participate in the energy revolution.

“My true goal is to help. It is to invent a future where people can be happy, where they can be safe and sound.” – Max Loughan

You can red more about Max in this short article for Waking Times by Terence Newton :


Please share widely.


Design Your Future Life/NOW through The Art and Science of Conscious Creation – with Fernando Vossa.

One of the most impressive visionaries and DO-ers out there who’s work I’ve been following for years – The time for his Inventions and Living by THRIVing is NOW. Get to Know a friend of mine – Fernando Vossa :

“What does the sweet spot look like when the scientific process embraces spirituality? How can we develop an empirical approach to holistic research so that the end results are viable solutions for our most pressing challenges ? Like clean water, sustainable housing, healing our bodies, organic farming and natural abundant energy. Researcher, artist and creator Vossa has been asking these questions with a passion for accelerated re-evolution. The catalyst for a global shift is the breakthrough thinking that can transcend scientific dogmas. It offers us an inspiring view of research in complete creative freedom.

Fernando Vossa has been designing technology experiences for over 18 years. Mr. Vossa’s approach is to reach the psyche and heart of his audience using multidisciplinary techniques from Industrial Design, Cognitive Psychology, Virtual Reality, Cinematography, Architecture, Graphic Design, and Fine Art.
Mr. Vossa’s accomplishments include being part of leading edge design teams for major brands such as Microsoft, Sony, US-WEST, GE-Aerospace, and most recently unfolding innovative installation concepts at The Center of Mass Creation.”


Fernando Vossa on Veritas Radio – 1/5 – Free Energy, Healing Technology, & Cosmic Awareness ( interview starts at 6:50min )

Part 2/5 etc. :

Please look for further parts on Youtube 🙂

A must listen to is this 2 part Presentation :

“Vossa Introduction to Engines of Mass Creation concepts Part 1 of 2”


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Awakened to Being a Galactic Connector. Being in places and Connecting People to People at the right time and place.

MAKING MIRACLES HAPPEN By Conscious Co-Creation, Synchronicities and Connected UNIversal KNOWing on when to Act. (Galactic Connection)
BEautiful Things are happening when we Choose to Focus on Unconditional Giving, Love and when we come from UNITY, COOPERATION and Co-Creating Focus. I Really Believe that by working in Unity and Cooperation Humanity can recreate a pretty amazing world NOW. I Am here to bind all those Projects, Movements and Solutions together and Co-create a New World Heaven 😉 🙂


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One Video that may Change Your Entire Life and Re-program the way You unconsciously Create Your Reality.


The shortest blog post ever. The Compilation video from my favorite Bridgers of Science and Spirituality – The Operation of Subconscious mind and Your programming that keeps on running Your Life.  Feel the Truth here. Inhale. Breathe it In. Change the paradigm.

So honestly, I can write many words here… but basically it all gets down to….. JUST THIS. Take this 45min video tour – of the rest of Your Life :



With Love,


What the heck is going on? April 2016 channeled message by Ariyana Collective might give You a hint.

#LifeAsWeKnowIt 😉
During the last few years of connecting the dots of Reality/ties, following the white rabbit, traveling here and there and learning from all angles of tangible sources and etheric ones, I got connections with some amazing people from all walk of lives from highly recognized journalists, Earth grid keepers, entrepreneurs, whistleblowers, alternative media runners,  channelers, healers, shamans, integrative health doctors…You name it. One of them is a friend , channeler whom I met during some workshop quality times in Hawaii and upon our latest connection, I triggered a channeled message from him that I think might be of an importance to share here.
Matthew from Ariyana Channeling  ( Ariyana is a higher self aspect of Matthew made up of several higher density light beings) is based in LA at the moment and as we connected energetically via computers, we both agreed that it is highly relevant during those times within the entire Collective of people, to make this message flow publicly as it may be of Service to many out there 🙂  Feel it in your Heart and take whatever resonates with You through Your own discernment  :

“So we simply wish you to know and recognize all of the changes you have made within your field, Aga, and FEEL, yes FEEL, the expanded sense of oneness you now hold within your field. SEE all of the light now surrounding you that was ALWAYS there but had heretofore been invisible to you because you were looking “downward” in a metaphorical sense.

See how you did this on purpose, see how it served its purpose, and see now that you are ready to fly into the light. Spread your wings and soar from the ashes of the old, from the cocoon of yesterday. We wish you to know that your endeavors will be successful and are already reaching millions of minds and souls through your ENERGETIC work that you are doing yourself.

You see, you, the channel and many others on this level or wave of acceleration here on your planet are akin to pins used in acupuncture. You are each embodying a certain germane frequency and moving about to locations where that frequency can be spread and amplified throughout the collective conscious.

The collective is now ready to receive these energies, and with a final influx of wave X energy on June 20th, the door will be wide open, and the galactic councils watching over your planet grant all groundworkers and wayshowers permission to shine unrelenting (within the confines of the agreed upon reality within the collective). Read more :

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