INCLUSSION Auuum mm of It ALL. All ElementSS withIN Jourj Selff. MUuuSSt Bee Done to wake the ff Up ONCE & fOrj All. MAy it be So. ASSIMILATION StatiOm.Aumm. Not Your Stagnationmmm! A.RiSSe God damn it ! A.Risse!

INCLUSSION Auuum mm of It ALL. All ElementSS withIN Jourj Selff. MUuuSSt Bee Done to wake the ff Up ONCE & fOrj All. MAy it be So. ASSIMILATION StatiOm.Aumm. Not Your Stagnationmmm! A.RiSSe God damn it ! A.Risse!

I GOtt Youuu

INCLUSSION Auuum mm of It ALL. All ElementSS withIN Jourj Selff. MUuuSSt Bee Done to wake the ff Up ONCE & fOrj All. MAy it be So. ASSIMILATION StatiOm.Aumm. Not Your Stagnationmmm! A.RiSSe God damn it ! A.Risse!

MEET YOU.SELF Entirely. and Yess it meanSS all OF YOU. All SchiSSofrenic StadiumSS within YOur Self.

moment to moment as they all AriSSe and Honor thOse Elementss fully IN. WelcOme them WELCOME them. WELCOMAuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummm them. Entirely.

It takess courage bravery and Mel Gibsson like strength and WILL OF THY HeART frOM the movie BraveHeart. YOU WILLing to do Soooo?

MAke a vow and Pact withIN yourSelf that you WILL never Abandon YourSelf again and again and again…. have honessty towardss your own Spirit Soul.


Melt in and DiSSolve…. withIN to Solve it all and becOMAummmeeee as One with the true Salva.NAtionAummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm NOvelle Bright Radiant Peter PanSS and Peter PanniaSS… like DREAM like REALITY , NeverlandSS, NarniaSS NOvelle, True Epic WonderJ LAndSS, NibyLAndSS, JOJLanDDdddSS….

AkAtASSly Soooo… Sacredly and Divinely Soooo ha, CelleSSTially So haaaa huuu iiii Aaaaah

GIFT YOURSELF a WEEKEND of EASE and Pre pra pri Prjanic like breAth and Let yourSELF be Breathened by that Unfathomeable grJACE…. within and outSide in and PulSSatorjial in All directionSS claiming YOUR TRUE REALITY OF THE RESSURECTED SSPIRIT NOVELLE ….

THAT IS MY WISH FOR ALL.****************************************** ****


Pree3 Pri Noviiii


ASSimilllllAtiomAuuuuuummmmmm of YOU All withIn Me…. Dannnonki DannnonKA hhhhhh

Shanti DeUSssssss DeuSSS KoSSDAaaaa TeaUSssss…… DeUSS SymbiOtiC SynergiSStic, Novelle , aNew… Pure PriSStinely PreSSsstiguOuSsly Sacred Divine Radiant CelleStially Sooooooo haaaa hiiii huuuuuuuuuiiiiiii aaaaa Yet fully experienCed with All the muuuudyyy exisstential Ways of PerfffforjMance in Life as Life from pre pra pri vulCanic in Essence and Sublime in its Foggy Shapess of the ShapeleSS too….

All in ONE Pot offff SOup… WithIN…

Wstrz3asniete Wymiesz3ane…. w pelni zaprawione zaprjawa MujjjjajjjSSssKAhhhhh Sponad wszelkiego Zrozumieniaaaaa…. Amber LuminOuSS liquiddy PulSSatory , glorjiouSS… unbreakable unDiSSolving …Permanent yet Ethernally PulSSatorial… in its form-formless Dance of Playfull TranCe-Cen-DdddanCe….. in Sparkling Glowing lightSs of its Unfathomeable Innerj Side and Outer Shell cracked Wide Open in All directionAuuuunSS at the Same “time” , moment to moment in its “exisstencial” appearanCe…

So I Summon full ASSIMILATIOMAuuuuummmmm nnnnn of ALL THE ELEMEnnntSS…… ReSSurJectioAummmmm uof Our true Sacred Divine CelleSStial Ankhed in Ethernal RealmSS and SphereSS of ExiStenCe…( both maniffested and unmaniffested yet in potential of occuring in happenings ) SEfffffffESsss… Our SelffSs…OUR TRUE SACRED NAKED RAW ESSENCE , that We ARE, TRJANSSPARJENTLY SOOOOOOooooo..AkAtAeSSlyyyyiiiii Sooo ha hujjjj iiii Aaaaa nnn mmmmmmm

CelleSstially So hae aaaaaaaa Pree3 Zassady wszelkiego Stffforz3eniaaaaaaa… pree3 Big Bangggkkkk….

pree3 praaaaa NOvi novi…. pree3 …

bekus… – burpp like “figure”

small spark…that litSS it a BleSSed BElOved UNITED bloW GLow of and frOm JOJ…

AmritOuS AmbrjOSiaciekoffy JOY ESSENCE UnDivided….. frOm the BE.GENE.inggggkkkkk in Pure Sacred raw Dessire and WISH to JUSSt – create – BREATHE LIFE INTO Novelle GorgeOuSSSSS ..landSScapes…JoJLanddddiAssssss NibyLandddiaSS NeverjLandddiaSS….ReSSurected NarniaSsss…. And all LegendSS and Fairy Tales like Alice in the WonderjLand, PinokiO, Lakota tribe Ones, Hopi’s, Maya’s…, Smurffs, and All all All… taken Anew… ReSSurected and placed upon novelle dddisc… Platfform of reSSurJected and Injected With Allll.Pahhhh.I.SSeddttt LUFffffffffff of unfathomeable PrjoPulSSionsssss… (gr..)JACcciiiiEeee… ( grace – > JACcieeeeee !!! **** ) BEYJoond Duality NonDuality , good and bad, peace and war and all the sinister worlds of fairies also depicted before in taless as AliCe in the Wonderland etc…

Stop. Anew. AliCe – In a Novelle Way … – All.Ice. All Ice… fully Melted this Now and Mow and from thiss moew mow forever Sooo ha hiii huuuu iii Aaaaahhh aaaaaaa… and SO IT IS and So it Sahll Be frOm NOW ON and Alwayssss…AkAtAeSSly Soooha hiii and LuminouSSly Sooo haaaa and Cellestially Sooo ha in Pure Service and ALIGNMENT TO THE SACRED INNOCENCE – REAL DREAM TEAM ALLIANCE OF DRJAGOOONNSSS LINEAGE OF EMERJALD ORJDERJ..AND BEyonddd the BejonDdddSSerj…

Here we Go and Shine and glowwwfff..

this is my Wish frOm my Thy HeARJT for US all on ONE platfforjm…

CrySstalissed One … Disc… baSSed on



LIBERJATIOMAUuuuuuuuuuummmm for All for All forjjj Allllllllllll ❤

AkAtASSlyyy Soooo ! NOw Mow the forjce of Moew frOm thiSS space place beJond Space and Place yet frOm here anyway… – FurtherMore…sin BalanCed ( BAccccoooonnn!!! baba-JoccccccccccccKAhhhhiiiiiAuuummmm!!! ) Way and Serene in CharjiSSmatiC essenCe too…

HarjmoniOuS yet Dynamic and Esctatic and Eufforjic in Essence too…

paradoxically fully In with All handSS on deck and elementss all togetherj Now….. Mowfff…

of Goshh…

let’s Align…Align align…with this Sacred NAked Raw TrjanSSparjent Dream frJom what is truly REAL and WORTH Each breath and breathlessSS state to ProteCt and be in full on SerjViCe towardssssSS…coz WE arJe the STEWARJDSS of it…

do You remember? Rjemembjerjjj…. My DeerjsSSsss..dearjSSsss…

re-Ra Pree3 Ta – Rjememberjj..

and Gatherj… the memberjssss the Elementalss of thy Spirjit ANew and Novelle…As I gifft this WISH from my HeArt to YOU ALL my FrjiendSS , RjelativeSS, Brjothersss and SistearJsssss…. <£

And to mySELFffff as I am YOUuuu and we all are Uniquelly IndividualliSStically ourSelffes in OriginAlllll CelleSStial sparkling Bubbling pulSSatorial brjilliantt diamondiSSed ESSence..

My WISH is for the time BEing to ImmerSSe Ourselffs with no rigid structures and expectatioAummms in that Space bejond SpaceS and say I let it All go….. that is not Aligned with true CELLESSTIALLY SOoooo ha Pree3 Origin pree Ta pree3 TaRana , Pree3 Big Bangkk, Preeeee fszystko co myslisz ze WIEsz3 informacyjnie poczete w formacji kreacji… Preeeeee—- Preee3 cala WIEdza….do otpuszcze3nia.. i zaklikania … na pohybel poWIEdz3enia Sobie dzisss…

niech Sie Dzieje WOLAaaaaaaaaaaaauummm NiebAOA…

Z3 nia Sie zafffsz3e zgadz3ac tsz3ebpppaaa….

And Say Yesss to what may Come…

only fOr and Experjiment…

LetS try- DO IT ! it out a Novelle TrjanSSparent and honourable PlasmO radiant LuminOus “coat” … ( and stop making me instead your goat ..milky goat or judgemental goat that you focus on as a culprit of it all. and start looking for the core of it all inSide yourSelf. IT may be so fasst . It is Soooo SIMPLE! guys! so simle!!!!!!!1 but aint easy for the Egooo to be dropped … drop this shit ! coz I CAN SEE YOU ALL. ! And Feel you all. and IT HURTSSSSSSSS ME SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to feel those mechanissms of avoidance , denials, little and biiig lies you still cultivate within yourself in constant running away from what YOUR TRUE HEART CALLS FOR since the Beginning of time sace creation…into Aummmmmmm m&m…. Admit it Admit it Admit it and have courage to sit on those proverbial “hot coilss” until it burnss it all..all last false structuress and i take them all to DiSSolve withIn mySelf .. to help you out becOme Aumm Pristinely PresstigeOussly almost like PURE in your ORGANIC NATURE . from w.hence You never came out. But YOU are still dreaming in the Sold to you “dream” in ethernal realmss that YOU do.
IT IS SOoooooooooooooo sa huuuuu deuSS … Aaaa hhh )

I SUMMON ANDE COMMAND now ! TRanSSitiom StaSStion is OVER!

I Summon ending of all support to the being in the tranSSition and so called ” ah I do it becausse it’s only temporary… “….and you f do it day after day in this etherial realmsss… and it snow ballSS in its effects forever Sooo..never truly becoming WHO YOU TRULY ARJE AND WHO YOUR CRYSSTAL HEART IS CRYING AND BLEEDING OUT FOR TO BECOMEAuuum AS ONE WITH FINALLY Coz you OWN it to YOUR TRUE INNOCENCE. !!!


AhiiiimmmSSAaaaaaaaaa ummmmm



mmmm Nnnnnnnn

now Mow mooooow moew and frOm moew mow ff on forever Sooo ha huujjjiii A… and So it IS and BE it So.

I Had Spoken with deepeSSt care fOr all…na Ossssiii JAdoSiii ( Radosci ❤ )

Feel it.

Breathe IT. Accept it as Truly YourSS and LET IT ALL GOooo of what you think is right thing to do be and act frOm and finally becAummm As ONE with WHAT WAS TRULY Sooo PURE CRYSSTALISSED IN ESSENCE OF YOUR BRILLIANt DIAMONDISSED NATURE>>> FROM BEYOND THE ENIGMAAAAAuuumm and Great MYSSTERY…


AkAtA.Auuummmm…CelleSSTIALLY Sooo

Pree3 A, w.Hhere I truly ReSSide.

Ahoooo huuuujjjjjiiiii Auuuummmm






Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hh

nnnnnnn mmmm



THE ONLY obstacle to who you arje. :

GangaJii… frOm Papaji lineage . ( that at leasst may bring you clOser to the Beyond Truth I try to Shine Upon YOU from the timmmmess immemorialll..AkAtAssly So… )
PLEASE LISTEN IF IT CALLS TO YOU AND Humble yourself for at least those 55 min of this videO. :

From former x Beyond Quantum Leap Change

Może być zdjęciem w zbliżeniu


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