OAuuuMmmm TA(r)JE TUTTA(r)JE TU(r)JE SO(hhhhhh)A…from DAaaa Wishhhh of a little HeA(r)Jt <3

WIShhFully Sooo it IS.
Artist Unknown of photo, if known pls let me k.Now.

OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SO(hhhhhh)A. …..OAuuuMmmm TA(r)JE TUTTA(r)JE TU(r)JE SO(hhhhhh)A.
WIShhhhhh fully Sooo….Wishhh Upon A Starjjjj I feel like in this Now… And MAy it Be Sooo O o ❀

Tibetan ❀ MAnnnnt(r)jjjjAaaa…. with my “personless AddSss On to it πŸ™‚ ” fOr :

LiberatiOAuuuuummmmmm frOm samsaraaaaA IRREVERSIBLY SOOOO CELLESTIALLY SOOO and It is So NOW and forever So.

AKATAEAuuuuuuuuuSSSsssssllllyyyiiiiii Soooooouuuuu!!!

I Summon and I prostrate to LiberatEeeee, As White TajaaaaA Mother of all the Victorious Ones. And CellesssStial In G(r)jAceeee Novelle Pree3 Priiii Novi Shanti DeUSssss DeuuuuSsss AmaDeUuuuSsss IdeaAeOuSssss Childdddiiissssddd from the Botommlesss PitFull of my Heart….. ❀

The Tara mantra is OM TARE TUTTARE TURE SO(hhhhhh)A. ……meaning liberating from samsara.

TARE shows that Mother Ta(r)JAaC liberates ALL living beings/SentienCe ( dead and Alive in all forms ..and realms spheres and kindgdoms and queendoms of existence manifested and Unmanifested yet in its potentiality of CreatiOm… in Eternal Realms and Cellestial ❀ ) from samsara, from true suffering, or problems. TUTTARE, liberates you from All the fears., Conscious or Unconsciously realised as of now in this Moment Forever Sooooo

And So it Is…

It is Soooooooooooo…

With Loving KINDneSsss…

just BecAuse…

Why the f Not…. ❀

I SuuuummmmONnnn Cryssstal clear true seeing for all ( methaphorically and physically – mind body soul True Spirit in FuSion and Devine Grace to its PerfectIOM in State from any default state in Pure RejuvenatiOAuuuMmmm and ReStoration and RecalibratiAuuum to its Purity of its Origin PriOr Design , from before any manipulation of thy Genome done, and So it Is For All and All And Neaither and Beyond..And it is Soooo

I Had Spoken from My Free Will …

with Cellestially envowen Loving Kindness…. ( ps coz being a “prick” sucks… truly … πŸ™‚ )

A AJA ….And Preee3 THAT


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