“TrOjan HorSe” in KingdOm of Heaven & Eternity..Sure. White Unicorn 🦄 Way, with 👐😺 CryptOnite of Drooling Infant Way 💣 bomb like Crystal Style✨🧸🐣🌅🏩👐👶🐑🌷🎉🌺💖

CrySStali3ed 🔮 Clear 😇🧸 Innocent 💕🥰 💜
Child like K.Nowing and Pure Wishes IntenSSions of KidO’s “minds heart 💜” as the ONLY Way. They Are the Only GOdddSsss HERE to Be 🥳🎉 CelebrAted.

All on the Deck of CRYSTAL CLEAR CRYSTALISSSED CELLESTIALLY SO PODIUM OF NOVELLE AJA …or none. Even thOse living in eternal realms and kingdoms of Edenic Blue Heaven for infinity eternity…. !!! ENOUGH!!! ENOUGH ” ENOUGH”
CoolabOratiAUmmmmOmmmmAmmmm NOW Innocently, Cellestially, Eternally, AbsOlutely So… AgAtAAA’s shrine of the Crystal Heart Filtered SO! NO OTHER WAY FrOm NOW ON!

Cleaning Up the Eternal Realms and Spheres of Existence and NeptunLands and KingdOm oh Heaven ( aka Eden) as it turned out even Eternity and WIECzyStosc Was not so pure pure pure Crystal Clear CrystaliSed as of the Child-Like Purity Scale (and it IS the Only Scale I will meassure WHO stays and WHO Goes .. and I wanna take YOU all so You better Drool like infants coz the time’s up soOn.. ❤ )
So It Turned out the Heavenly Realms and Eternal Realms… Needed a clOser LoOk… and A brush …. and Needed a “TroJannn Horse ” in a way under the Hood ( aka old version of Robin Hood, bit a bit sooofter… ) Version of White Newly bOrn Last UnicOrn and a return of a Queen of entire Agarta to actually Place Order in HERE too. Coz Truly..RelatiVes…WTF! … This Shit’s gotta Go! and sometimes it takes a truly Shitty vomit like “work” to get things DOne in HERE!
(thOse WHO K.Now what I’m talking of and about..k.Now.. 😉 … eh)
So NOw… DEER Ones …. End of Your Stagnant Ways even Here of Being and “enLivening” after Life and Death itself…
All Up and Down and in all directions Shaken up, down, right, left In and out and off and Away in all directions, and Blended , merged irreversibly with my Secret Open CryptOnite AmrOSsssiaC like “ESSenCeOA”, hidden not only in my INsides But alsO in My InviSSible IntenSSion and Original yet ImprOved and Totally Nouvelle GenoMmme shrine of my Heart’s True WISH ( Cellestial “deSire” ).
So…Here I “Am” ….. Cleaning and BabtiSsssing with CrystaliSssed EliKSiJ…. – POtion set in MOtiOm… frOm the Space Place of a Cellestially Pure INNOCENCE of a Child in its IntenSSSions and WISHES…. – this my Deer BelOveds was not yet Delivered Ever … And is …Yes… ekhmmm ekhmm… a Bit New… novelle…as it shakes up all ways stagnant even Here in Heavens…, But I prOmiSe YOU this…after the Gestation PeriOd – that is will BE fast as You let it all In and You got the Tools of :
1 SsssiiiiiiiCccciiiiSiiiiiiiiiii

Kind of thingly as a toddler infant drooling kidO would have say in Sheer Excitenment and Awe and Wonder and Euphoric Ecstatic curiosity …. and Now Off to You… to play with the drooling words and Opening CryStalised Heart Chambers in its “vibrations” of those phrases repeated until it all clicks and settles withing and around your bubbles – sphere of your Auric “Selves-Elfs” so It can Abide. And t.Here will be true transparenCy as of All filtered IS NOW ONLY Irreversibly So via my CIA System of Not only Eternally OMNIUM PreSSent Seeing and k.NOWing and in Service to All “Life-Sentience and Entities” but CelleSStially So…. InnoCently So, CrySStaliSidly So…. PulSSatOry So… Plasmaticaly So… ; CIA – CelleSStial INtelli.Gene.Ce AgenCy ( Agents of my Heart… tryllionS of cellestial twinkling crystals Brilliants, Emeraldy and Luminously Sparkling – for the BEnefit of All… – this is So..maY it GlOw…and Hey Ho Ho HOooo Hooooo Novelle Santa Came to “town” – Realms… Eternal Realms and Cellestial Realms.

So we can All Live on ONE deck of a WISH WELL …

How’s So? You May Ask…
This How….
Coz I – Say So…. frOm the BOttom of My weary – MOther like with Prior First Origin “Child” , yet RICH Heart…and in Honor to HUman Genome – as thOse “creatutres” may had been manipulated via eons and their genome was overtaken so they could not realiSe their Divine Being – HUmanA potential… as it was in Prior DeSign… but Now I say that alsO frOm that Gene.Om…. I came here to Place the Cellestial Order – Ordeined in Grace of InnoCence and in Tribute to Such Human Child…. and NOt frOm the Podium of a Goddes, Queen nor any sort of Phenomenon Unicorn or whatever to be admired …
Either we End Up Admiring our Cellestial Eternal GOODNESS IN Brightness of WHO WE ALL ARE…or No other Admirations will be AllOwed in MY sphere Of “Existential” Realm of Novelle CrySStaliSed New (g)AJAaaaaa…. nnnn
And this is my Deer Ones…the ONly PlatfOrm to “Stand” on ( if you can say this this way as Gravity will soon Go …as the Solar System is FinitO ❤ 😃 ).
AJA …Cellestial Planetary OrganiSSm …Enliven with Highest Understanding Connections to Synergistically OMNIUM Cellestiall Run Operative “Open System” of BrilliandiSssed JoyOUS Engine….through the Shrine of My Heart…
Lets Do Some Epic Art….
All HAil NOW…
All tOgether in Open Alliance of DREAMLANDS FOrever Eternally Cellestially So….We GlOw may we all GLOW…..
Thank YOU all FOr YOUR ATTENTI.OAUmmmmmmm.
AAA hhhh

AriJanna h -~√°°°°°°°°°°°®>
former Quantum Leap Journey Change ..NOW…

My WISH upOn….
Ñovelle Awakening …🌷🎉🥳🥰👶🌺🐦👐🦩🦜✨✨✨✨🕊️🏩🌅🧸😇🔮🦄🏞️✨✨✨🦋🦅🐣🌅🤩🥳

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