t.HERE is a Party at the AlONEs GATHERING. COMe In Divine HarMO(OM)ny ðŸ¥

One.with.Source Artist

T.Here’s a GATHERING… 🟡🎠📍

  • What? A Party? Gonna be booze🤘Where? Gimme the address I will drive! What time? .. Whohooo!
  • No, there’s No address nor time Set ⌚ to this One., first and Utmost this Most Important GATHERING is 💠 inside, you don’t need to move a finger to get t.Here.
    In Fact, It’s even closer than your body itself.. this is the Most important Re-membering – Gathering the Members ( round tables legendaries..🟡💎⚡💥🌺) that you Shall Seek first.
    Then and only then, and only frOm That Innerstanding of the comprehensiOM of depths of this InnerConnectivity ( but not the way normal human brain thinks of it’s definitions 🧠) You can BE released Into the “doings” in this World as a True HUman in Divine Essence.

It’s a Gathering, a Party 🎉💥🎁 yes INdeed fOr thOse truly Wishing to K.Now the Truth and truth only.
Without Obstructions, attachments, add ONS and hanging Hooks 🪝🪝🪝🔥 of : “Maybe I’ll leave a Plan B C D Z..doors 🚪open ..behind just in case🤔💬💭 something doesn’t work out! No, dear ones,in 🦌 Deer more like You must BecOMe, coz t.Here is no place for Such “just in case scenarios” HERE.
In fact there is NO place for any sorts of scenarios HERE at all 😅🤘🎠🕊️🟡🌺💎🙏✨👁️💚

So, no, no “just in case”, as all other Cases must be Deleted. You must be fully IN or Out or not Even try. No tip toeing beloved Relatives. And if you already went into the I AM stream of thy Flow River…there’s no turning back onto the Shore…you must do the Work all the Way…in your own Pace, don’t compete, compare Yourself to others, your OWN pace, you must keep it’s Balance and Go as Harmoniously as You can at any given moment presented to You 🎁 👐…and meet it “Head”-Heart💚 On first.!!!

So ..if you’re in DA river ..you must go fOreward on sheer trust of what Feels Right, and somewHERE deeply you feel that truth already, admit it, you do..it’s a very subliME like sensation , almost Unfathomable to catch…so subtle… Lighter than a feather and quieter than a whisper…. But it’s t.Here.
.. And you already know deep Inside that it’s the right ” thing” to pursue 🔨⚒️ , although the Archontic mind ego will try to take you out of this new ” Silly Thinking”. Don’t go for it’s tricks. Coz oh oh oh…It will try ! 🧠🤘😅💬💬🤔💭🤘
Rest You Case.
So Rest all your cases at the Feet of ONE desire to k.Now the Narrow Corridor Shrine of thy Divine Divinity Of You. And hold on to that Desire to know the Truth whOle Heartedly. Breathe through this Commotion with Certainty and Motion beyond 🚂 Locomotive LocOMotiOM … ( Chu chu chu chiiiiii..🤘……🚂💭✨👁️.).

And use goOd Feeling tOols of your Choice to break 💔 thy Heart Open and 👐 Open mOre and MOre… Of what’s “needed” at any given moment to push FOreward Inward Deeper Wider all around – ARA.Ound and Open in all directions at the same ONE “time”.
Practice to Rest As and BE 🐝 a “Determined Enough, Persevered Enough, in Faith, often in 🦮🦯 blind Trust and Unfathomable eagerness to conQuer all challenges thrown at you. Move As Gently ThrOugh them as You can. WithOut often..”moving*” at all…. Yet from t.Here…if you Bare to sustain it’s Fore enOugh..you will be ” Moving” it ALL… And Managing to ResOlve world case scenarios even written in and placed upon Global community from “sick 😷🤢 scarred mindzzz”, pretending only that they have the Authority upon this World or You.
Guess what .. nope, ain’t gonna happen No mOre.
As I Embody Entire Wordly KingdOM NOW and I came to Do Unfathomable GOodness, coz..why the Fuck not?😅🤔🌺🤘👁️✨🐝

In.Great Joy You must Refind Your alONEness.
Only that Will Fill in all Gaps and corridors within you longing and craving for millenias ..to becOMe W.HOLE.
Let it 🐝 Be.
Let it all BE.
Like Da Beatles used to Sing and J. LennOn in his newly AQUaired k.Nowing back “then” .
( Although you know he’s not dead , like really dead…he is Here, in DA k.Now, we speak often, lOvely Unpersonalized Sentient FellOw HE Is😅👐 Me like Him very MuchOs. 🙏🌺🤘💚 ) .

And Guess what We Really All Live In a YellOw 🟡 Submarine… Too , as The Song Went 🟡
True GemStOne of EdeniC PropulsiOMs… Inside You and Earth GaiaM QueendOM HERSelf.
Step by step…gently move t.HERE…move foreward…tOwards that reRAmembering…Gatherings…Sacred Gathering of All of You. As You and beYond. Into Magic.

To Summon REAl magic though 🪄 You must first know thySelf Accept Yourself Enliven Yourself in Totality in true HARMONY ( and not Harm.Only!!!🔨⚒️💥🪝💭🤔🔥🚫), k.Nowing yourSelf in each deed action and mOtion taken as purely stemming frOm Thy One Celestial like 🔮 Crystal Clear Intelligence, a Sacred Ancient Futures LuX God Self Mind Heart in Puuuurfect Cooperation working as One and for the Benefit of All Organism parts.👁️💎✨🙏

Otherwise True innocent pure pristine Magic Wishes will NOT work. Coz you did not Go thrOugh the♥️🥰🤍💖🖤💙💛💜💝💞💟🫀❤️‍🔥💝 Heat Passage fully yet, as an AnOinted and at One With , in At.ONE.ment – AtOne.ME.nt with GraCe in its Secret Workings ✨💥💚🤘👐
Coz Youk.Now, It’s not 🚫 a wishy washy ChaliCe Well for uncured, sick mindszz to set your Wishes upon and hidden agendas constructing themselves as false light….brrrrrr Enough of this Shit my friends, children and relatives… .
Sits gotta Go. As the SHIFT is Upon and in it’s Divine Workings Now and there is No return frOm this As I state it Clearly In this Here and NOW.
So, fret not, I cleansed thOse too from the feathers and entirety of MyceliUm roots in Gaia Spheres, with my Comrades and Stewards, Guardians of thy 🔥 Soul Family. FellowShip of Da 💍✊🗽 Ring …….
Coz Me/WE and Now even beYond Are Deer🦌ly belOveds In Constant GATHERING of this Sort and Am AWARE of it fOr a Looong LoooOng LoooooOng ” time”. 🤔😅🐝🦌👐🙏🌺)….

Mum with Maa’t returned and gave Birth to HERSelf in Cellestial Planetary AttuneMEnt to RejuvenatiOM RecallibratiOM to Her PerfectiOM state of Gaia QueenDOM ( as she’s a Living ORGANism Entity in Herself ✨🙏💎🌺) as I 👁️🔮💥💙💜 reRAmember mySelf in Novel New InnOVAtive Codings frOm first 🥇👑🌬️ QueendOMs Sphere of Assgard Agartha EdeniA GardeniA Spheres of How things Shall BE put in Order/ Ordeined. Ordeinly and IN Reverance NOW.🙏💎🌬️👑🗽🌺

So Me too Now as also birthed reRamembered Eternal Origin Child ( with Shiva Shakti Force Support behind Me ..🙏❤️‍🔥👐🤘) can RetUrn H.OMe as a Royal KidO, Eternal Child birthed in Joy fOr the Purpose of Experiencing Joy Expansion Happiness and Pleasure in all InnerActions 🔮💥💟
Coz this is / was the Purpose of CreatiOM of Life.
At the BE🐝Ginnie.ing / Beginning of it All.
To that I Propel and Direct and Command Now All Sentient BEings Entities and living essential Creatures across All dimensions space time and beyond realities to RETURN to in Divine Knowing, RealiZing and Actualizing.
Holy Trinity is just a BEginning.🔼🔽▶️◀️🔱 But fOr Now will do to Set Earthy Plane on its Righteous Trajectory as it is dOne Now.

You must kNow WHO and WHAT you are as an Enliven ExpressiOM of Absolute Truth and beYond. True Cellestial WisdOM in mOtion…moved as Holy Spirit in GRACE by itSELF. ✨💚💜🌪️👁️❤️‍🩹🤲🌺
Majestic in ways of BEing-Doing… WhenCe each thing you “do” ..propel onto Motion comes from RIGHTEOUSNESS..no good or bad no polarity no non duality teachings either…
It’s Way beYond… Connection to Origin. Prior. 🥇 First ORIGIN WisdOM Intelligence Intel.I.Gene 🧬🧬🧬CE

SSSsssssoOoooo, 🦌 Deerly belOveds… RefOund in and As yourTrueSELF may YOu becOMe in this MOment ..and the Next One and the Next One and the Next One….🐾👣🐾👣🐾👣🐾🐾🐾

And …. that is what I Truly WISH fOr You All Now and frOm the bOttom(less) Pit of my 💜 Now on and Forever and Ever and Ever in to Eternity, to Eternity and As Eternity in it’s unfathomable to cOMprehend Eternal Light WisdOM Fully Enlivened.

With Unfathomable Love
AgaKa AriYAnnah 👁️🔥👁️🐲🖤💎⚡🏔️🙏👁️
Quantum Leap Journey


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