Be🐝ING alOne is never to Be lonely again.Truly. AlONEness will cure WOrld’s Loneliness.

LONELY and AlONE✨🌐👌👁️🦋💥🕳️🥇⛳🦸‍♀️👑🪄🕳️🌄

What people don’t understand… Often is that loneliness is not the same thing as being AlOne.
Where First stems from unmet needs, and yes we often need others to be a mirror for our unresolved unconscious issues and traits of hooks 🪝🪝🪝 envowen in human genome DNA for millenias🧬 of oppression, manipulation of genetics, patriarchal parasitic system built the way that you Constantly feel you need somebody else or something or whatever… Coz you only See with Blind human 👀
And do not realiZe even the Power of WHO and WHAT you are and W.Here you came from. Your soul parts are defragmented in trauma caused allover the time space reality from the beginning of your Creation, and not welcOMed back HOME to their wHOleness and Holistic Completion.
Hence the mechanism of pushed buttons of constantly needing somebody else, a mum a sister a brother a wife a husband coz it “Should be this way” is set in place. But that will never ever fill you in Truly. The Hole inside you will never be filled this Way. Ever. You are only looking at yourself running in circles …. Thinking you fulfill some duty of dragging yourself from one party to another or meetups from unconscious patterns.
It takes tremendous Courage bravery and Persevere to get to Know the Truth of WHO you are Prior to living all those unconscious programmes leaking from you like invisible Wounds matching another bleeding wounded ones.

Once you becOMe Hole. It all changes. And you will help entire System MatriCe Template Grid to return to it’s Holistic fashion too and as you resolve your biggest issues you envowen it into the field for all those who may be programmed with similar silent killers programmes in their fascia, Miasms,and entire Body Suit Small zone.

Coz what you long for is a True belOved in Holy Majestic Trinity like in it’s Divine Unity and then…
Beyond and beYond and beYond if you choose to Explore Further and get to familiarize yourSelf with your Origin , heritage, Real Soul Family, OverSoul Families etc ( with whom you can be in constant relationship and connection not from the human flesh to flesh like notion of perception 🙏👐👌🌐).

And Am not saying 🤝 meeting up with “people” ceases to Exist…, No.🤲 But it becOMes Very SeleCtive and mostly with thOse that you k.Now and feel are frOm your Soul Family, OverSoul Family, Twin Flames Like Family ..same could say Awareness of the Sacred Chamber Of One Heart and Aware more or less ..of the Importance of the FellOwship of the Guardians if Eternal Flame 🔥 of Life WisdOM, and one’s ” mission” ..true Prior Origin Design enliven more and more…
With those “people” … Meeting ups is a true Pleasure and almost Telepathic connection of True Knowing and Understanding of one another’s Ways if being at a given mOment and why.
No words of explaination needed further. You just meet your True Brothers and Sisters from beyond the human “personas” points of view ..which is…let’s face it…bleeeeeeehhhhh 😂🤨🤘

It is a Totally different state of BEing. Enlivening True Reality of You. Beyond Time Space limitations, locations, and even gravity ..which is again..also only a beginning from a higher even pOint og True Seeing, but for the purpose of this post, I’ll leave it for another HERstory…of Truth leaking into your tapestry of Mindszzzz..

Meet Yourself ENTIRELY.
Find the Maa’t Principle within yourself
Do the Real Work on yourSelf
Unclaster yourself
You are important and needed here.
Synergy System must be 💯 Complete. And if sometimes you need another to help you meet your needs due to too much overload of your programming that you literally can not swam out it as ❤️‍🩹 well.
But beyond all hold the Vision of PerfectiOM of yourself already and strive for this in relearning New Ways if BEing and your true Existence and Sovereign Right as a Free Agent of Consciousness with Natural Laws Given upon You. And then as a Totally Liberated Free Sovereign Equal to Alland beYond.. the Origin..Divine Being HUman Now.( With no ego constructs even possyto be attached to it.. ,you are just enlivening YOU.. not feeling better than or superior than anybody else…but yes ..your Presence becomes not for everybody to taste nor be around with. )✨🌐👌🕊️🕳️⛳🧬🧬🧬🤲🌄👁️

Return to You. OWN yourSelf in Totality first… To go beYond further into true tapestry of Pure Perfect Magic Realm of Existential Experience of Life as Life neither and beyond…

With Being KIND HUman You GlOw… Upwards fOrewards… With held Golden Rule at all times. In fact it just emanates frOm you. Because you becOMe Golden yourSelf…
And there is sOul much mOre…
Awh there is even sOul much More.

Do all you can to Return to the k.Nowledge of the 🗡️ Sword. ZoRRos in da Makings! 🤲🤘😂👐🦋💥🦸‍♀️
I Believe In You. So much you can’t even fathom just yet.

retUrn to AlONEness … Poke it, probe this Way of coming back Home 🏘️ Gather Your pieces of sOul unattached for millenias .. wOrk on AlONEness in totality. Observe your Reactions, patters of behavior, habits…dissolve dissolve dissolve in that Fire of thy Observence Gaze 👁️

Through this the sickness of Worldly Loneliness Feeling upon humans will be CURED.

Empty Crystal Clear Mind,One Eternal Heart 💜, clear Alive Womb full of Amrita’s JuiCes… Holy Trinity and BeYond BeYond ..

stabilize the Foundational grOund First. 💚❤️‍🩹🌐👌🧬 It’s not a Race. But do it all with GRACE… 🙏

With Gentle Love of Unfathomable Properties,
AgaKa AriYAnnah 🙏🖤🤍💚💖💛🦁
Asgard Order Ordained.
Galactic HerStorian, Galactic Custodian and Steward.
Alliance of Restoring EdeniA on Fully Liberated Gaia KingdOM.

It is Done. May it Ripple in Effects with thy Whitish Glowing Golden Silvery Liquidy reverberations upon Entire Earthly KingdOm Sphere Now.
And so it IS.⛳🦋💥🙏👁️🗡️✨🤲🕊️
Quantum Leap Journey Change NOW

ReRamembered and BeYond the …awhh…beYondZerrrrr… 🤲✨🕊️🐝🤘🕳️🪄🤝🦸‍♀️💥🦋🙏


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