You Are the AbsOlute. This is yOur Movie. Eternal Truth is beYond, but on the Way you can learn to not suffer the Path 👐

🐝 Be ABSOLUTELY yourSelf

You are The Absolute.

This is your ‘movie’.

There are no ‘others’.

Push your Edge. Be Fearless. Be Bold. Be Courageous.

That is the Truth of what you are.

Remember your Self.

You are supported!

Old thought patterns will arise. It is your job to continuously declare your true desire to realize your True Self beyond all thoughts and ideas in every waking minute/hour!

When these thoughts arise, you must surrender into Presence and not identify with them, no matter how painful, scary or bad they sound.

The ‘Person Mind’ will are try and any every convincing way to keep you reacting from a state of fear to stay in control of you and keep you from your Highest Potential of living and knowing yourself as the Eternal Peace of Presence.

You must Trust your Self fully and trust the Truth of Presence and find your Self there continuously again and again and again.

Push your edge each day, a little bit more and more.

Decide that you want to know your Self. Decide that you want to Be your Self. Decide that Self realization is your priority.

Experiment with new creative ways to access Presence and stay as Awareness.

Create a schedule but also stay flexible with yourself by allowing time-frames to shift. You can always get up earlier or stay up a little later and prioritize your Self and achieving endless peace above old habits and patterns.

Focus your Consciousness by realizing your true desire for liberation from the Person Mind.
Move forward ⏩
Be proud of every step you take…no matter what.
Fail better get up . Move forward from Stillness. Warriors. 🕳️👁️❤️💗🧙‍♂️🙏⏩🐲🤘⚡👐

This is really just like the First Step…… but try at least this! People…Or NOt…. or run in cyckles.
It is all up to You 👐♍💫♀️

AgaKa AriYannah
Quantum Leap Journey Change


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