True KrystOs vs Christianity and Alice in the Wonderland Hole into thy ðŸ’œ

Christian vs KRYSTAL Kryst 🔮

Chrystianity as a religion, and as a False teaching was Inverted by hierarchical “dis-Eased”, sick, rigid and controlling forces of patriarchy for thousands of years ..
when IN fact, trUly What billions of people are loOking for in churches and all for all those wasted time space realities they were cyckling in like blindfolded 🐹 hamsters on the 🎡 is few Truly Devoted “seconds” 🥇, Focused in ONE gooooo, Aligned and WISHED for cOMing to k.NOW gOd and GOd Only as AtOne with To becOME.

Or to depict it more visually. As in this Alice in the Wonderland clip.
FrOM the position of Deep Resting on the shOres of what you think is “the World and reality”. You live in… , You get a nudge..a Spontaneous Clarion Call of sorts to follow the Uprisen Feeling of curiosity befOre the thinking Mind kicks in and just go after that FEELing sensatiOM.

Enter a dark 🌑 🕶️ HOle.. And Fall Deep.Deep Deeper into the EverLasting VOid of some sorts within a narrow terrain of your Heart… And keep on Falling without the Need to attach or grasp for any seen objects in the Void or trying to catch 🪝 them and hang on to them… Just fall…. Like into a dark endless Well…. Not knowing if there’s a bottom or end to it…
Just AllOw your Self to fall in the Dark 🌑🖤 Unknown.
..and still it’s just like a baby Step of Getting to k NOW true Kryst. – Krystuc Principle of thy 13th and beYond , not the sOld to you Christianity of 12th Strains of DNA activation, all this Cross Christ and 12 activation station fallacy myths etc.

Wake up…
Get off the hooks 🪝🪝🪝 of 12 O’Clock round and round and round spin⏰, 12 strain of DNA 🧬 ( carbon based Slavery system, light grid of perpetual Looping ♾️ Zone), and ability to recognize and use 0.001 % of your Real HUmanA capabilities of Mind Heart only… , Together with being a victim to cykle of life death, aging, old age… suffering..etc.

Go beYond. Thy 13th Step. And keep on Moving fOreward.
T.Here is no time to loose, 🤫🤙🧙‍♂️🧪👁️⚡👐⭐💗😅 but why prOlong Suffering Essence in the field? And Fear? It just has a bit Offffff smell you know…. 🦨
Not better go Smell 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 Roses INstead? ✨💗👐👁️❤️🧡
All Hail Now!
IntO thy 🕳️⛳🕳️⛳…

And like I said it is just the BEginning step. Do not enter if you are not truly devOted to live in True UnisOn with Spirit as You Embodied , Your Highest Possible SELF prior to all your Thinking’s on who you are, concepts, ideas, imaginations, desires, wants, perceptions , projections and all coming from the known mind.

It’s not a Game after you Enter that. Pit. It’s REALITY.
And for those who prefer staying in Game like Mario Bross it simply will be hellish instead of…idk HellO HailO 😇 although to get a Halo you gotta GrOw 🤘😈 t.HERE too First!!!
Something to place the AureOla on you k.NOW 😇🤘😈💗🤙🤫🥇⚡👁️👐🐲🌬️🦚😅
P.s. Yes, it’s a Sirius message, Holy 🕳️ Ordeined.

AgaKa 🐝👁️ AriAYanna
Quantum Leap Journey Change


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