Double Guanesha Omen, even better than One 🐘🌱 ReBOrn . New Royal Golden Child. May it spread Across the 🌎.


GuaneSHA Lord Omen 🐘 ⭐🐝👐👁️🔔💎🌈🙏⭐✴️✨
I love how Magic Miracles happen to me out nowhere. I found this little GOLDEN elephant like baby GuaneSha with trunk UP today…out of..nowhere…
Washed it with well crystal 🔮 clear tap water and placed in my room.
It is such a nice Omen…and I talk to it too 🤓🙈👐🤣📯🤪🤠… I placed it on the big Ganesha friend monument from East Lands and did ceremonies and spells too.
Together with the precise correlation of the other parts of stones blue beattle onyx silica quartz and the Amethys from the Amethyst Order Lineage Tribe ( Violet Flame in St Germain and Lady Portia hierarchy of Ascended Mastery ) placed on the white crystal Quartz from those lands here …as Gaia and onto the Pyramid with crystal roots and Tree of Life in the Up … and few other items…that are of importance when brought all together…it is funny how it looks like child play….but in truth…It is of Highest significance what I am doing here…lead by Moment to moment acting on the Feeling and silent whispers in my Heart…of Sacred of Hearts…

People think it’s child’s play or something, when in fact, this is pure White Magic of some weird propulsions…done precisely frOm Heart and for thy Service of all Sentient Beings. Out if some weird Innertia linked Unfathomable LOVE I carry for all of Creation like a Mother 🐝🐝🌹🐝🐝🐝 does for it’s hive Habitants.
It’s strOnger than me and it just is SO.
Envoven deeply in my DNA of Ancient Remembrance that I just Follow in Faith trust and Sheer Surrender to The Spirit Awaken withIN.

…🤠🤪🙏📯🤣🙈🌬️🤔🐘🔮🐝🌹oh God I hope there wont be a “twist in the plot” and instead I will Armagedon the World instead of saving it…🤔🤣🙈
But frOm w.Here I stand and See👁️ all is going according to thy Divine Plan of Origin…and even Better than that …in Accordance to Mine beyond Optimal Plan …
Let’s see hOw we lead this Awareness Trajectory for HUmanA Train of Evolution..
I attuned it From my side to its Natural Organic Original Order Evolution…repairing its fed for over 6000 years lies to humans made slaves…

Rejuvenation will take a bit for most stubborn and mind cabled minds…not all will make it in their “bodies” but all is on course. Bodies are not as important as saving Souls.

Yet no stone 🪨 will remain unturned

Nor noOne left behind.

All is to be done with Order. In service to All life as of it’s working towards Common Balance ♎ Harmony and Universally Applied PEACE of ABSOLUTE propulsions.

For this I stand. In Remembrance.

No turning back.
AgaKa👁 AriYAnnah 👁️💎🙏👽👁️🐲🖤


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