PrOject Planetary LiberatiOM. GlObal ClariOM 🤙🐝 Call 🔔

Space Before Thoughts Artist
YOung 🌱 GuaneSHA BOrn .

Quantum Leap Journey Towards Thy CHANGE .. since Birth .. I wOrk fOr…
Tryllions of lives in making Truly .
Project Planetary LiberatiOM written IN my Bone Marrow Plasmic Run Corridors … Me MySelf Placed it t.Here…

For the Unfathomable LOve for HUmanity and all of CreatiOM…
MissiOM of One 💜..thy Sacred Heart of Heart That IS, not merely your human flesh one…
Its an Art in and if itSelf to ReConnect with Thy HeART ❤️

RestOring Eden shooting 🌠⚡⚡ up Codes in Divine Ordeined Order for those whom I trusted will hear the ClariOM call 🤙, thy 🔔 Bell of Cellestial propulsions and Galactic Importance of it’s Leverage and Legacy to cOMe..
I did not know, I just had like a weird Mother like Trust and Faith that my “Offsprings , Children ” will hear and respond ….
ReRA.MemBrAnCe 👁️🧭🌪️🐲

Navigation 🧭 of Infinite Dimensional Spaces while in a HUmanA bOdy Suit… Yes, quite a f Challenge..
Juggling Quantum like in propulsions AKASH of Both Earth terrain Plane Sphere of Light Grid and beYond of 99.9999% 🌑 Cosmic Galactic AKASH of GalacticA REAL HerStory and even Beyond is… Mmmm well… Very interesting 🤔 Task to even fathom. 🤙🤗😂☄️🙄🌠🤔🐲🙈👁️🌪️🌪️🌪️✨⚡

I AM Here. On the Cockpit Desk. Still.
And ain’t gOing Nowhere, in fact I’m already NOW.HERE. , until it’s all dOne
EnLivening Destiny… And yes, not always in the most Gracious and easy to understand from Agata Human suit body box perspective 🤙😂🤪🤔🙈🤕🧪🧪🧪☄️⚡✨🌪️🌪️🌪️, but it’s all gOoood… Coz I AM.. INSpir(it)ed 👻👻👻 …

Stay On the COurse Rebiata!
Mummy driving this 🚢 Ship Train 🚂😻😻😻… With my 👀 clOsed and no hands on the 🎡 ( Karmic) Wheel anymOre 😂🤙👁️🐝🧚…
Changed Trajectory… ..on the Etherial 🌈 like Line…
It’s a bit bumpy 🛣️ Road I KnIw…
Hang On a bit LOoonger…

Ain’t Easy but no way back…all In… With EASE this time ArOund ..
Do not give Up befOre Dawn…

RA raaaaraaaaa SA mmmmm BAaaaa
AgA KA AriYAnna h


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