All Future Predictions is Soul’s Prison. Stay Away or go Astray…

Magic is HERE Now.
In the Etherial…ETERNAL.
No past no future
This mOment.
Open up 👐
Cling to Future Predictions, perspectives, projections and prepare for this favourable or unfavorably predicted conditions to come..and you’re a slave NEO….

You wanna make “God” ( Consciousness Pure Awareness) Laugh?
Make Plans, fill up schedules and make next 1-3-5 years plans Towards imagined , designed scenarios of how your life “should” be…

You are not here to Grow and improve your Life as a person having built a “good life” …you are here first and foremost to BecOMe as One with Life itSELF and flow as Life/become Enliven Awareness…prior to everything else first, and not merely trying to live a life. You don’t live a life , you ARE Life.

You ARE to Realize it CONSCIOUSLY and come in every Action frOm that place before thoughts, concepts, ideas, projections and perceptions held in your mind and subconscious, nor from all programming learnt and aquired.
Realise yourself as Such first..and go frOm there. As all else is a waste of time space energy, no matter how “successful” you will appear to have become on Earth plane. It matters not. In fact it’s even as if didn’t ever happen. Just sheer Smoke and mirrors. Sand castles play that I could blow 🌬️ with one blink of an 👁️ eye.
Maya. Illusion. You are not even there in that state with no real SELF RealisatiOM.

Merely an actor… Running In circles ⭕over and over ..selling your Souls energy out lifetime after lifetime…..on a hamster wheel 🎡.

You can present me with hundreds of your Self validating dyplomas certificates and PhD of all sorts and it will mean nothing to me, if I look right through you with one glance and know you are a sheer Pretense… Pretending to be someone , when in fact you are just a Hungry Soul who does not know Who he/she is and instead of seeking to feed and nourish It’s Spirit Soul first eternally , it plasters sandwiches 🥪 all over it onto the outer body hoping it will feed it.

I can see right through you. 👁️

Sometimes met in the street like in Bali daily street sweepers who hold no diplomas to their name and with whom I came to exchange a kind resonating look into eyes and smiles…we just K.NEW right mutual SELF recognition with noble nodding with our heads to each other Who we come across. Those “people” I know live an end cyckle life if last incarnations and end of Samscaras and Samsara karmic Wheel and hold more Knowledge and Intelligence applied in each moment to moment life deed, than most of those busy busy ” intelligent 🧠🤓” certs and diplomas gatherers. Literally, as if they were literally enlivening the ancient cave men scenario of hunters and gatherer kind of theme but in a “modern version circumstances”, yet with no much difference….

Wake Up. Or not 🔔

Really it’s up to You…..

AgaKa AriYAnnah 👁️🔥👁️
Light language sessions TotalitY purification transmission


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