And It IS dOne. KingdOM of Heaven. Restoring Eden on Earth Plane Sphere. I was Here. 👑🧭👁️

* *******************************************👑
The FOrce of COMPASS🧭ION….
Compass Is ON. …*

I came dOwn Here.
I LOved it all back to Grace.
It’s been a Journey… Oh yes..Hell 🔥🔥🔥❤️‍🩹👁️🕳️🙈❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥of a JOurney…
I did not Give Up.
I Love the Entirety of all of Creation too much…
Like a MOther loves a child…
It’s really hard to explain..
One day humans may knOw… Or not… Am not here really for the Tonny Robbin’s sort of apploud it feels…
It’s a bit… Deeper and more…Well…let’s say.. secretive…
And it’s All GOod NOW.
May My kids cry from the tears of JOY only..frOm now on .. never again frOm Suffering…
EnOugh of this Shit. I cried Rivers of those here..
Cleansed the rives with those tears it feels too.
The taste of the suffering from the ignorance traumas trapped emotional knots generic genetics 🧬 manipulations to human genomes and so much more. I’ve seen 👁️ it all…. I felt it all.
New Organic Origin Principle Maa’t is the only Order. Now.

No way astray to any sOul.
It is dOne. It is So.
I have SpOken.
And am the PriOr. ( Not from ego … Far from this .one may understand or not…I’d really care. I k.Now what I k.Now. )
Thank you Again Body Suit…to sustain it all…on share Trust Faith and Courage in the face of Unknown and thOse billions per seconds New earth like solutions that you send into and envoven into Space time reality light Grid here to bring and reConnect the Righteous Changes and set all in place…
Thank you My Quantum Computer like brain 🧠 heArt og Agata’s body suit Avatar, that you did not burn yourself from all of this in the Process and processing all thOse data streams at Once,’s been a LOT neurotransmitters recoding reprogramming per nanosecond it felt for decades, with trillions of Pick up solutions to all faulty systems on Earth grid working not in service to Life…to reBoost them all.
The Right Way that IS. the ❤️ Way…

Thank you Agata body suit that you did not allow them to make you believe you’re crazy and psychiatric wards are places for such…
Oh you watch me now…. All psychiatric Wards and hospitals gonna luciously reinvent into Best Medical system Sanctuaries…for the Real HerOs…

Oh We k.Now. and time to reJoyce for my Guardians, Earth true Stewards, Custodians of Eternal Flame 🔥👁️🐲, no more suffering for any of the Real Knights ..herOs.
The era of ignorance service to self boxed thinking and arrogance is OVER .
Game f Over 🎮🎯
All children free Now.
Liberation on all levels.
Faster than it was even set in plan originally at Source.
Autistic , Dawn syndrome kids… Also real HerOs.

Vaccination agendas ..go fuck yourself now.

Oh GOd it’s 🐝 been a Lot…since I arrived Here…
Walking in Dark as Dark 🌑 🖤🕶️ Maa’triCe that holds entirety of this shit show light shOw you Projected Here…
Time to return HOme sOon enough.
The clean up Team is set in mOtioOM now too…

the Real Onesthe Shiny Ones , NEW Conscious SOuls are summoned to lead and wayhOw the Way…

“New KIDS on the Block”…will rule now frOm understanding and Turned on COMPASS 🧭 I OMmmmm… ThOse 👁️🐲👑

Quantum Leap JOurney Change
AgaKa AriYAnnah 👁️🔥👁️
With stable 🔥 Fire in the Middle. You enter my Field, my Zone… Watch out if you not ready and pure…you may get 🥵🔥… But it’s gonna be a good wound… It will Heal… Lifetimes…

Allis Well know…in all of creation.
It’ll take a little time 3-4d planes catching up to higher vibrational resonance of Mission Restoration Of EdeniC templates.
But it’s already Happening.
And there’s no way back…

May My/Thy KingdOm QueendOm cOMe Now


And so it Is.
And it is SO. 🕳️🙏💎🌪️🌪️🌪️🦄🐝🔥👁️
GoOd Speed to you All.
In Reverance, Grace, And Understanding Steeped in and frOm deep Innerstanding… 🥇

AgaKa, a sImple BOrn Polish Girl…WHO just happened…to LOve too much…
Am just a simple Girl…
That IS ALL.
And that Is.. EnOugh for NOW 👁️🙏


was “Fun” ride… 🙏❤️‍🔥🤔🥵😂😂😂


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