Strawberry 🍓 fields fOrever. The True Reality. AriYA in Grace.

Entire wOrld you live in is a fabricated Illusion.
Wake up..
Strawberry 🍓 fields Forever… Are true Reality my Children..
AgaKa AriYAnnah 👁️🔥👁️💎
Come back hOMe.
Remember that Old ways won’t open New Doors and realities…
There can be no plan b, c left “just in case” to return to ..if something won’t “work out “
it is either you close all Old ways and chapters and doors of false life constructs …or The New Doors of Perception and TRUE REALITY will not present itself to you in totality to claim YOu entirely.
No tip toeing.
Either all IN 1001 % or …go…play small….. in the fields of illusion and Matrix programming of what YOu’ve been fed to.
Close all old doors. To Open the NEW .
I know it is not an Easy Path. Fully on and in on INTUIT/FEELING/FAITH and Total Trust.
IN what YOU know inside is True….
That One spark in our Soul…oh it K.NOWs…. it K.NOWs…

To enter must leave the Matrix Game and fields of polarity entirely.
Enliven Goodness, Purity, Instant Arrivals of Cosmic Ideas given by the Great Spirit in a moment to moment basis.
A Way of true Wayshowers, The Essenes….
The Great Watchers of the Secret Eternal Flame.
From t.HERE I came and THIS I Enliven and this is SO.
And this is SO.
And this is Irreversible NOW. ANd from NOW forever.

ANd whoever is ready…. the Doors are OPEN.
Always … And I did a lot work in ethers here and across this space time reality to leave them open and teared open a huge Portal in the Grid for YOU to sneak out from behind the Curtain and Go LVE IN REALITY…
Wont be here for much longer…
But I did my Dent in the World I came for .

Planetary Liberation.
Egalite Fraternite Liberte …
wohoooo weeeeee…
watch the mind ! keep on going , do not flinch, do not react….. Be VIGILANT Brothers and Sisters, My Children, Till the End.
I AM HERE. ❤ with sOme Friends ❤
CrystaliZe Now 🔮
Kryst.A.LiZe… reAliZe 👁️🍓
Krystal Clear You must BecOMmmmme….

Eternally, Aga Ka AriYAnna h ❤
Claim Truth.

O my JOY is Real and it Is the Only thing that Can Move Mountains.
Essenes Way.
The Watchers.
Sacred Eternal Flame Guardian Custodian I AM.
And will not even flinch a bit frOm the Path of My ❤️ Heart.
Only Truth.
Absolute Truth .
Bowing to Nothing Else.
Strawberry 🍓 fields Forever.
KingdOM of HeAven is Here. Now. Beyond the Illusion of What Matrix made You beLIEve.
Tear it wide open.
It is time.
It is DOne.
It is So Now.
I have sPOken.

AgaKa AriYAnnah 🙏🖤💎⚡⚡👁️🎯

Quantum Leap Journey Change Now to New Earth Reality.
It is Done done ✅

Quantum Leap Journey Change Now
Leave Everything behind
Simply Say I refuse to live a LIE!


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