Calmly..enter into the Dark 🌑 night. BecOme as One with it All. Now. 👐 Open

Inner standing First in Alignment .
As One.
AtOnement with All that Is
Then and only frOm there all stabilise.
No outer.
Collective grid is so torn these days… Be vigilant. Keep your inner Balance Right on cOurse.
Do not Flinch.
MotiOM Stability
MOtiOM Coherence
MOtiOM in Reverance
MOtiOM Balance
MOtiOM Harmony
MOtiOM Silenced Peace as a Background for all your Seeming mOvements in the World…
MOtiOMmmm GracE
MOtiOM Gentleness
Softly ..Gently…they went intO an Eye of a DragOn , an 👁️ of a needle to restOre the 🪙 treasure 🌹💎❤️‍🔥🔥🤍🗽🧬💜💜💜💜💫🐲🗽🧙‍♂️💎🙏💠✨🤍

Spirit in MotiOM… Let HER take the leash …and Guide You hOMe in each breath , step, deed and occurance.
Let It.
Let it.
Let it.
Be the Guardian, Steward and the Captain of your Body Suit manner in Holy Fashion…tailOred especially, uniQuelly fOr You, as You and thrOugh You in and with GraCe. Not as or in maze….proverbial rat race…
So, no Children… We are HERE not to live in rat race 🐁 but to live in GRace, as a New Super Nova HUman G.Race….

Cellestial New Human with prefabricated Rejuvenated DNA genome structure. As Was All designed and Created at the root of the BE 🐝 ginning of time and space reality…🧬
( And how I know this? Because my deer, I do not exist in space time reality of this illusionary confusion anymore…., Nether do you, but you are just still…remembering…
In.Still and Apply . )
Yuhuuuuuu woohoo weeeeee Wu weiii…Here we Flyyyyyyy 🐝🐝🐝

AgaKa AriYAnnah 👁️🔥👁️🐲🖤💎🌹💎🧙‍♂️ sessions TotalitY purification transmission


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