DragonLand is not mere DreamLand. It is True Reality Wizardry 🪄

How to describe My PerceptiOM of the Reality to you …let’s say in the easiest way….as some will not accept my SILENCE as an answer…

I will try with this.
and no, we do NOT FEAR THE DRAGON nor the proverbial “bad snake” from the tree of apples in Eden as Luciferis Character.. – this in fact came to free the manKind and Give the Esoteric G-nosis- Gnowledge/Knowledge to Liberate HUmans.
Tolkien Knew it too, only after befriending the Dragon You will come to see with the “Saruman’s” Eye…. I – I
in a direct experience, coz all else rumblings are merely illusions….
In Fact One must becOMe great friends and fellow Quantum Leap Journey travellers with the realm of the Snake/Dragons/Kundalini like…. but go all the way… not run away from…. or not even try…..if you are not willing to Surrender to WisdOm of the Sages and Ancient Futures.
It is not an easy Path….
definitely not for faint of hearts.
But onced courageously called forth and decided upon with a Brave Heart like Attitude… there is great Mystery of Wizardry revealed of this Holy Paradigm soaked in Majesty of…Grace, Awe, Bewilderment and Enchanted Moments… if Only Allowed…if Only a Road less travelled was chOsen…. Dakini Land..DreamLand dreamt frOm the Realms of NOT Imagination but REALITY. Which can not come from the Mind games and imaginations..it arrives as True Magic. in reflection to our Souls…

if Only…

. …Ride the Snake.

Happy to have friends WHO will one day make HerStory by their own share existence. With YOU on this Path Girls. ❤
Aka AhOoooooOOOOOO to TOtality ❤ as One and Beyond.
Aga Ka AriYAnna h Aka
Quantum leap journey – jump into Changes


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