BeYond MatriX and NON-Duality – True MAGIC AWAITS. Only for Most Courageous Souls. Just STOP – and FOllow the White Rabbit a bit Deeper.


Somebody told me …in Order to learn how to live here successefully You gotta Learn the Rules of the Matrix to Play the Game and Win.. and learn how to maneuver and override the rules here.
ME…….- ????????????????? You See this is the Problem with me. It has always BEen, it seems.
And it does not stem frOm nor belong to the Matrix Programme Written Script or Ever Did.
It is Encoded Deeply in the REAL SeQuence of the “DNA” Coding – if I may call it so, for the lack of better words…as the Earthy words simply can NOT reveal nor describe, nor even slightly come close to describe it to one. It has to be Experienced, yet it is not an experience, it is NON Phenomenal Arrival of Grace frOm Grace and can only be attained by Truly Devoted WILLingness, All IN fOr Sadhana developed by the Innitiate and/ or a Transmission frOm a true Sacred Hearted – The Watchers of the LIGHT Mystic .
It is Sacred and BelOngs to noONE.
And HERE I stand. As noONE.
Neither a Girl or a Boy .
Androgenous . Both and BeYond. As THAT and NEITHER.
Whatever the MOment needs me to Be . In Service to Others on the Organic Natural HUman Evolution.

As a Galactic Custodian and HUman Consciousness Care-Taker… “trying” to do my Best. As I too know deeply the Pains and upheavals this earthly Life comes with.

Whoever is WILLing and READY to abandon this Shit Show Teathre Sheakspeare was writting about what seems like yesterdays, but yeaaaars ago… – Then and Only can be truly ready… until then…
You will invest in Maya…But s it worth it? Karmic Wheel ….lifetime after lifetime? in a Loop…different circumstances…. same Wheel….Hamster Wheel and different human Suit running on it.
I came to Give YOU an opportunity to STOP.

I have been successful on Light grid…it is easy… focus put your mind to it… also in the era of passive income possibilities everywhere and learning of it withing few months time – and then being locked in and glued to your phone/device or wahtever to follow and push buttons to get the desired outcome to manifest the so called “success” to become millionaire , this that… whatever… Easy. Not saying it is bad or wrong if handled well.. but once you had a glimpse of and in depth Knowing of the True Reality like from..Harry Potter Alice in the Wonderland and criss cross with most Licious Avatar like Serene Edenic Landscapes… You just can not… I mean Can NOT leave this be as “dreams” or Imagination.

It is not Imagination. It is Reality, and if I will be here to prove this Right my entire life, so be it, I must becOMe a living example of True Magic , The Magi, The Wizard , the One who remember s more from my off Planet Mystery Schools trainings than what formal education stupidize us with .

So again, nothing wrong with being a millionaire on light grid and staying in illusion of locked up safety issues, but … it has always been off from early childhood, like there is something fishy and smelly about this world of illusion we came to appear into as Avatars….

True Millionaire mindset is a RealisatiOM of Total Abundance given in each moment and true faith of actually practicing this inner silent prayer and faith that All will be given in a moment to moment basis if needed while living in total Knowing of and Surrender to The Spirit.

For this to happen and Abide it is important and Vital to becOMe Spiritually Matured and Advanced Adept , True Seeker of Ancient WisdOm Heritage Knowledge – G.NOWledge .. -Gnosis stemmed frOm.

EsOteric truth masked for millenias and turned down , or executed for.

Can’t YOU see that playing INTO the rules of Matrix is actually sustaining the Matrix itself? Did you come for that? To prolong this shit for the future generations, kids and entire collective?
Do We really wanna head into the direction depicted in the 5th Element Movie?
With Elon Musk in the future as Garry Oldman up there in the artificial Space with his Space X and who knows what else endevours he so strongly calls for to escape Earth?

Are We truly voting for more artificial relations, – or better- no relations at all with humans..coz of course, one can catch a sneeeeeeeze, right?BUt YOU must learn the rules in order to survive, they say!
Me:…Do I? What about Thriving instead not merely learning to survive? If You wanna travel and they want a vacc passport in one train from platform 4th, and an evidence of the jab and a mask worn in the train on the platform 5th…. do I need to try my best to get the evidence on my phone and a mask on my face as a diaper ?
No thanks, I prefer to catch a train frOm a portal Platform 5,5 th , take my underwears down, stick my naked ass out, if in need 😂🤫 and shout SayonaRA towards my opressors and just take the train from IN BETWEEN platforms to a Destination That Actually Feels like HOME.

So no thanks, I do not need to get accustommed to the rules here nor learn how to override them and get “smart” in maneuvering . I came here with a Potent team of Light-Dark -BeYond – WisdOM Keepers Celestial Brother and Sisters and Entities of Ancient Future WisdOM with Whom I am to Destroy the Matrix itself. Gently, Softly, with no Power seeking scenario. By true FOrce. Aligned Serene Change as of becOMing One with it and As it.

Not learn how to live better on one or the other grid of the Infinite 8 shape possibilities of PLAYING into the Infinity Game. I did not come here to PLAY the Game but to Show YOU the WAY OUT OF THIS ENTIRE SHIT SHOW MONOPOLY GAME. Queens and Kings We Came to BE and no…
NOT ON THE PLATFORM OF THE GAME within the Game but OUTSIDE The Game… in the Realms of Etherial Liberation and FreedOM that Can NOT be comprehended , captured by thought nor violated from any force directed at it from within the Game . I did not come to play the Game Better. Nor become an Infinity – Limitless possibilities Manifestor in the Game. But the One who resides outside the Game in TOTALITY, in this World Yet not Of IT. This is What I came to be Initiated in Remembrance of this IntuitiOM and pass foreward. THIS MATRIX SHIT SHOW Gotta Go…my Friends….

No time to play in the Sand Box… Time to Wash the sand with Pure 🌊💦 waters of Pure Awareness… A River of Change, Babtized initiationns for the Ready to let go off Ones.

Either We go Magic or We go MIND GAMES….- but from the latter …there will be a stage there will be NO return whatsoever. The only thing You are Here to Learn to MIND …are YOUR E-MOtions. MIND YOUR EMOTIONS in this Earth School – Energy in Motion – Mind Emotions. This is the Earth School and Many failed it on Karmic Wheel for trillions of Years…. Evolution or Devolution / Degradation. Mind YOUR SELF frOM the Heart.


Sessions totality – Light language and Re-Connections to Source and Beyond. Gently.
AgaKA AriYAnnah ArAmeA Quantum Leap Journey CHANGE Now.

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