WHO wants to Go to Mars? COWARDS! Only cowards! Like Elon Musk = Zorg from the 5th Element movie.

You Are all characters in a movie. Including Elon , who is not fully Aware of the puppet show masters pulling his strings or simply afraid of those hierarchical Forces. It’s a movie scripted character dreamt by the Sick Mind Director, and managed from beYond as a vessel. And funny thing is Most people applaud the famous idols thinking they are the good guys. Do the work… Dig up the bigger picture before you’ll get pulled by the Storm so deeply that you won’t be able to get out.

Take the diapers off. Smell the shit a d dothe the cleansing. Take the diapers off your face then, the masks and start breathing..each day a bit deeper to allow more clarity too. Simply make space for Grace.
More of it. Stay Sane. Question EVERYTHING. Work on brushing intuition instead of mind looping games and sparkling carrots on the stick of promised endless manifestations … Can anyone in their Sane Mind and heart Connect the Dots of the shit Show you are all being played into ? 5thElement film ..shows it perfectly ..the entire plan, and it’s unfolding now…as they script writers are laughing in your face.
The plan is Staged upon you for decades already. But hey…you go to cinema, you applaud the good guys, you come back to your mediocre lives and unconsciously…play the bad guys . .. or pure ignorants.. taking no action.
And can you please people stop worshipping this Man? With no balls to do trauma healing bounding and his mother wound and become fully HUman and invest in Helping Gaia instead of Running away from himself like a f coward to Mars ?
Into the f Space outside coz he has no f balls to dive in to the Space inside? He is intelligent, yes, from Electric Minds neurotransmitters going off and on as a light bulb in a billion seconds like supernova all the time. So f what? I’ve ADHD too. Cosmic Kindzzzz. Highest propulsions. Can’t even record videos coz my electronics go off. I’ve Empathy though and Magnetic Heart… something dear Elon forgot coz he’s a puppet on the strings of his Masters ‘ he serves. Elon is being perceived by massess as a Shepperd…but he is same sheep … all he says on vision sounds like …Beeeee beeeeeeeee to me…
So easily to see throough this wounded kid.

Beyond electric and magnetic there is Something much more as well…and it cannot be easily entered if your intentions are not pure or Heart Light and Innocent.
I trust it’s not too late yet and if only he could change his f mind , and be helped to realise ,enlighten his mind…
I set a WISH for his Gain of True the Awareness of the REALITY OF THE BIGGER PICTURE and where truly he’s heading for next “millenias” of being a victim to his own Mind simulations.
Living on electrical thoughts and trying to figure out Existence …instead of KNOWING and acting frOm the Surrendered Opennes to PURITY OF SOURCE, of Organic WISDOM is an END wall ROAD… .. ….

If He did the real EMOTIONAL Work with himself…. and saw things CLEARLY, he would start investing his money into Actually saving Earth, instead of escaping it coz he grew no Spiritual Balls at all… Then we could go via the transition a bit smoother as a HUman Collective Wave ( for those on technology and beliefs in science ).

…Opening your Heart Mr Elon is painful, I’m aware…been there ..as you come to FACE yourself in entirety…. all of you, all your soul parts…but it’s doable.
Not easy but Possible. NOt as easy as going to Mars and space to colonize it….but Simple if you devoted to Enliven ONLY TRUTH of Highest Torch. Mars – fire. YOu wanna colonize Mars and Escape Earth as YOU did not meet the fire of Mars inside of you and want to fight fire with fire….. in this case even go to the Fire Planet – idk …to prove the enormosity of your Inability to Face yourself as a human being, igf there is any human traits left there inside of the “shell” suit you inhabit here…?
Even if you are already too AI in the being that overtook you…it is still possible for becoming in Service to Life , not against it and get the merciful blessing and brought to a higher plane of lightFul existence.

AIM for the he SourcE Connection. #saveElonMuskHeart#SaveYourHumanityInsteadBecomingMarsian ##NoToTranshumanism#MotherWound#EmotionalTherapyFiorElon#NoToMars#Gaia#itsNotTooLate
The repercussions will be irreversible if we cross certain threshold as humans being blindly lead by the false prophets and figures they look ip to that are totally fake actors, empty shell suits for the invisible hand working via them. Neurolink anyone to become more Robotized and heartly lobotomised, anyone? stand in a queue to Mr Elon. He will chip you as a Cow…so you too..can become a COWard as he, himself. COW(‘s)Awards!!! come come…elon has some chips for you – straight from ala McDonald’s factory …. (fish and chips anyone? 😉 )
….But with Pure SEEING UNDERSTANDING WILLINGNESS AND FEARLESSNESS Together we can CHANGE so much. Wake up people. Wake up Mr Elon. Do the f Real Work.

In reverence, AgaKa AriYAnnah 👁️🔥www.quantumlrapjourney.com Sessions totality – for real adepts quantumleapchange@gmail.com


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