TRUTH – as the only Scafander and Armor you must wear. No Heavy artilery needed if you are for the Win…

TRUTH – as the only scafander and Armor you must wear. no Armors needed. no heavy shit to wear. in Fact…NOTHING At ALL… ***

When we speak TRUTH…RAW SACRED TRANSPARENT REAL…FUCKING MESSY IF NEEDED…WHEN WE HONOR TRUTH IN US IN EACH MOMENT..NO MATTER WHAT…. We are a perfect match For the truth only and thOse who are on the Path of Truth. Therefore we should be not afraid of anything in the smoked and mirrors circus stage…. Only nothing can touch us in truthFear is a match for those who are somebodyAnd have something to defendI’m noOne and tbh I’ve nothing leftWhen YOU SPEAK TRUTH , NOTHING CAN TOUCH YOU, and in fact you should aim for NOTHING … ( if you FEEL what I mean by THAT ) ….AND YOU ARE NOT A MATCH TO ANYTHING THAT COULD DO HARM… AS YOU REALISE YOURSELF AS THAT PURE NOTHINGNESS…BEYOND… SILENT YET FULL TRUTHTRUTH IS NOT A MATCH FOR HARM…COZ IT’S IN HAR.MOOONY… WHEN U ACKNOWLEDGE TO YOURSELF YOUR FEELINGS AND GENERALLY ALWAYS SPEAK TRUTH … NOTHING WILL HURT YOU, AT least not the REAL you, as I don’t care about the bundle of thoughts, programmes and projections you appear to be a PERSONA of..… Only mind games will try to come after you, stupid external rules etc.. and all this circus happening around us, as a perfect match for the circus you carry inside… that can never be fixed…it can only be liften up…. and the animals caged there to run ….. WILD AND FREE…AS YOUR SOUL LONGING FOR LIBERATION FOR EONS OF TIME TO RUN WILD, FREE….. not caged in a Circus of stricted rules, tamed longings, and put out exuberency for life. … ONcE lifted, you stay on a higher ground in an eye of the storm… nothing can tuch you and u wont magnetise, pull in anything if you dont feed that fear…Ain’t easy…but hey…Managable… HUman Conditions into Unconditional Awareness at a distance glimpsed….. We the CARETAKERS of HUman Consciousness ...WILD LIONS WALKING FREE….

This karmic cykle of humanity must come to an end. all that is old and attached to old ways can’t get thrOugh the eye of a needle….so what is there you still are afraid to let go off? now go and practice loosing exactly that thing in your life…. becOme more fearless ( not stupid though ) each day…. move fOreward. if YOU must be alOne in this for a longer while. So Be it.

Just knOw We are many and when time comes you will find your brothers and sisters all over the Globe…as a perfect match to the WORK you did upon your-self , false self it the Gem coming out of the Coil dust more and more each day in and out….. breath by breath….

Aga Ka AriYAnna h AriA – New Earth where Great Maa’tter resides. for session Priv – only true Seekers and Ready Adepts.

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