“Only Nothing comprehends my Totality”… In ONE SingUlar pOint of Awareness YOu may catch a glimpse of me.

Why Most people don’t understands me? Coz You must become nothing, noone, nobody in no space nor time to even aspire to comprehend me…as My grand FriendO Once Spoke :
“Only Nothing comprehends my Totality” Gregor Švara

In ONE SingUlar pOint of Awareness YOu may catch a glimpse of me.

similarly…I’d say I prefer people becOMing Silent ,when they speak to me… I wrote of the Theme of BeC.OMing Mr and Mrs Nobody long ago, repeated in post from over a year ago… If One may … C.OMe…Embody Your.Self as NO-Body, leave this illusionary terrestrial terrain and Root Your.Self First in the Groundless Ground …Heart of Hearts … Sacred Space beyond the space and time and body as you know it…. Oh Well…… Well….Well…t.Here is a well… deep and full of Holy Grail Sacred Waters….

But Only NoBody can Enter its de-LIGHTful waters to swim In ….and babtise IN….

Aga Ka AriYAnnah quantum leap journey CHANGE .

LEAP DWELL…..INTO THE WELL…SO YOU MAY ESCAPE THE VEIL …OF ILLUSION…. But escape not as You …but From YOU…entirely beCOMing free from YOUR.Self , a construct of Mind Body Reflection… open up and IN .Stretch . It is Time …for No.ONE to Shine 😃

I will add here a lnk and text of my blog post from before few years :

ECHOES INTO THE WORLD TODAY : Theme for hUmaNITY ~ Become a Mr/Mrs NobodyQuantum Leap Journey ‘s #QuantumRemindersYou need NOT look for Love, because everything already loves you … ~ and all you have to do is to OPEN Your Heart and to realize that … Love is not found …. IT IS LET IN ❤

In a state of nurturing Surrender that only You can Gift to Yourself. The state of Diving IN~to the Eye of a Hurricane. Responding to gentle pull and whispers from the Soul…. when….You drop all “to do lists” and literally ….realize that Nothing else matters anymore.. but The TRUTH of the Authenticity Of Your Own Heart, Your Unique Divine Soul Essence. That comes from YOU and aligns You with those who resonate and feel true to You.The Re-Connective essence that is not tainted in its formless form by cacophony of external stimuli and floods of information and from all kinds of sell you this and that “experts”.

Become a Mr/Mrs Nobody. It’s paradoxically the most Powerful state of Being.And yet the Hardest one.So Become a Mr/Mrs Nobody for a while. In a State of Hollow Grace.

Have You met Yourself there yet? Are You ready to be No-thing?Let Us Re-Remember Ourselves…lost in he Void of the Vastness with~IN against all distractions … to Be truly Found. When One gets Lost so immensely.
In the Loving Embrace of Your own arms. Gently.It will align You with circumstances, people, situations that are in true resonance to your own recognized ***Essence.NOTHING Like it exist. #IntoTheVoid from where The Purity shines. Let’s strive for True Purity. From there the purest Action will reveal itself and mirror the Joy, Abundance, Love, Bliss that lies on the foundation of Purity of One heart IT~Self. ❤This is my INtention. For US/YOU/This World.Can You Imagine? Like Lennon once sung?
at the end of the world … Where the streets have no name…. Meet yourself HERE.
With Subtle Mad Love,~ Come and Have a LOOK into the Maze….to Be A-maze-d. New is to BEgin

I’m picking up torch again.Here. ANCHOR YOUR LIGHT Brothers and Sisters…IT IS TIME.

AgaKa in All and Nothing I remain.
http://www.quantumleapjourney.com …. into One existence and BeYond…BeYond the SilVer MOuntain…..
WHO knows WHAT is t.HERe….
WHO K.NOWssss…

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