Birth in New Earth Looks totally different. Firstly , It’s 3 days not 9 months. And it happens with no physical interaction but in HeART Coherence Connection sitting in front of each other in small proximity IN Meditative state in trinity connection of Ajna – Third EYE, Heart Centre and Womb-lower Diantiem Centre – 3 Diamonds in connection towards each other – between partners. It’s still overwhelmingly Organic, Orgasmic, Orgonitic Connection..yet Pure, frOm pure Spirit with no Attached shadows of the partners. All happening Intuitively frOm Heart, not mind. In fact it’s already destined for many future Hybrid Parents here. We consist of around 22 DNA strands of different races and are one of most advanced Race as Human yet were lead to believe we are “crap” and to be workers for other races mining us here. Most of it is dormant and not awake. Hence the scientific term “junk DNA 🧬” as if 99percent of your DNA was placed there by Mistake by Greatest Source mind and now announced by “intelligent” science that it’s not needed. Heloooo…wtf ? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰πŸͺπŸ‘ŒπŸ€«πŸ€”

A kidO “arrives” intO existence of an age arOund 6-7 yrs young consisting of High already united twin flame Consciousness frOm both Parent plus Her/his OWN. There is no such thing as the entire Diapers business etc. She/he is already grOwn up to 6-7. A proximity age of stable Awareness Consciousness of Originality if not tainted by the faulty early childhood programming we have had here for millenias of patriarchy. Now you know why certain cults , also priests say .. give me a child up to 6-7yrs old and we gonna make him our man. It means during this phase the subconscious and barely formed conscious mind will be programmed as a sponge absorbing water ( in this case not babtized HOly πŸ’¦ πŸ€•β­•πŸ”₯) to create an obedient Worker and “entity” totally stripped from Self Awareness, Sovereignty and Unique Connection to his or her God Given Aware Rights as a HUman BEing.
FrOM where I remember , I’m a MOther of already existent Hybrid Child and it’ll arrive at its perfect timing. Hybrid meaning not a deformed entity but fully evolved Original pure activated in Cosmic DNA of our heritage Being. Fertilisation happens within 3days and it’s somewhat of an Immaculate Birth -Arrival.
Happens frOM not – sperm like connection but AWARENESS Connection. Doesn’t matter if partners are woman and woman or man and man. We are Prior Energy First. And we are Bounded by this SelectiOM in gravitational alliance to each Other. T.Here. I said that. Enough hiding the Truths. Human Kind get off your knees….
End of Patriarchy and time for MotherLand MotherSHIP MOtherHood and Dark Maa’ter to take charge of thOse times. For that You must prepare and do the work. Let’s start remembering that being HUman is in Fact SUPERB… We just must reActivate our Ancient Future Memories, do the deeeeep Work …
And beQome what we were meant to Be as Celestials walking and flying this Earthly Realms.

Open the πŸ‘οΈπŸ’šπŸ‘± In Grace, AgaKa AriYAnnah Quantum Leap Journey


2 thoughts on “IMMACULATE BIRTH AND ORGANIC ARRIVAL OF A Hybrid Original CHILD in New Earth NOW.

    1. Hi Michael… same as I remember with YOUR feet…you never actually Clicked to BELIEVE IN Truth or healing or anything that could burst your rigid beliefs dead and unveil the entrappments by the general narrative sold to you by programmed society for over 5000 years. Ask YOURSELF how does disbelief serves you?
      that being said i truly hope You are well and allowed in one way or another true magical healing to yourself… from what I sense yous till keep yourself locked out of the Paradigm of magic majesty and true christ consciousness. Wake up dear friend… wake up…and question yourself


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