Positive thinking vs Negative thinking …Or… maybe NO thinking at All, But Majestic Mind left AlONE.


Positive thinking vs Negative thinking …Or… maybe NO thinking at All ✨👌👁️💎No Mind no Problem. Only Universal Mind of CIA….- CELESTIAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY in MOtiOnMmmm… FOr that, One shall strive. …It ain’t easy… But it’s SimplE. And it will strip you bare Open of everything. To Reveal the Truth.

For those Advanced Souls that are ready to stop wandering for millenias…It’s better to be keeping ones mind quiet pure and emeraldly Empty …. so nothing will attach to one’s reality that is not REAL and true. What will come and appear in front of you from pure mind is – True Reality, to which you’re ought to respond…but it will come from ease and grace…rather than projected disharmonic thought forms of the fallen light grid system…….
Pure mind stems frOm not having been created by negative or positive thoughts…. – both lead to infinity loopong and we are here to break free to the True Kryst mind…Empty Vast, Sacred, Raw, Accepting , Allowing, Receiving from the higher /lower realms in convoluted harmony what is meant for you in each moment. Coming as you Are frOM t.Here. Unplugged. UnOpinionated. UnBounded. UnConditional. UnDone. Pure. Innocent and Beyond that to Galactic Vision…WisdOm from before Ages of Light Grid creation from Source itSelf.
Puere mind is Illogical…in fact Non logical..as logic is fabrication of the brain also, as… In Vastness of Reality of who you are and where you’re cOming from there’s No logic. It’s beyond logic . You are As Holy Spirit in and As of itSelf. In Pure Coming and Going yet Still. Pure mindzzzzz…enlightened and surrendered…SurREAL…..

That, my friends, is WisdOM….Of true Crystal Skull Prophesies. the 13 th Crystal Skull of Ressurection 🔮

And there is so much more frOm there and beyond….. in all directions and neither..as all cOMing first frOm Perfect One still and Majestically Adjusted CLEAR SEEING MIND/HEART/No-Thing …

AgaKa AriYAnnah 👁️💎🙏👽Quantum Leap Journey

Sessions TotalitY in Stopping the Mind. Unwinding in Grace.

quantumleapchange@gmail.com 333$


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