Light Grid is Dead. Let the True After AB.SOUL.UTION ride BegIn WelcOme Dark Maatter.


Light Grid is Dead. Let the True After AB.SOUL.UTION ride BegIn.Some will stay in illusion of light grid for thousands of years, I get it…this path of ultimate Truth not easy… Fir the Tru Celestial Beings are Not what you thought they were..and defo have no fluffy wings of Christianity stolen myths told you for thousands of years.A tip ..5000 years of History is all a lie and convoluted Wrapped in a golden paper Shit sold to you.TimE fOr HERstory .. but to get Here you gotta Give it All and leave it all behind…

And Know Nothing from what you ever thought is real… You really wanna sustain you as you in your mind body soul Hologram persona working on constant upleveling the Character of that actor in a film?Veil of illusion is deep. I get it… And the Quantum Leap Journey is not for faint of hearts. Hence my full on blown censorship on my fb. But one day one day in this dream or another… The Truth may find You… Or Not…Up to You …What is it that you really Desire?But not from mental realm…. Can you feel deeper frOm Empty mind stand what is it that you Wish for? Make it One pOinted desire… Otherwise you’re… F..Ed. But hey… Infinite Possibilities realm is ..endless…you can play different personas for millenias yes… Immortal like… Yet remember…Immortality is not the same as Eternity. Immortal life vs ETERNAL life…. 2totally different States and beYond State… ChOse Wisely in this dream Life or… Another…and another and another…if only a possibility of such will rise and even find you there … AgaKa AriYAnnah 🙏

I’m not about any religion, morality (false light grid) , philosophy , etc. I’m about the Reality of Ethics of Highest Order. Truth THAT Is.


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