Pure Mind. Clear Intentions and InteGRAL Acti.ON> …*

ABSOLUTE is Purity of Mind and all thoughts. Not further tainting the world with thoughts of creation..Becoming unCreated . Abiding in Purity of Crystal Mind Heart And Womb 💎 into Eternal Flame that Once Lit..Can never dieI tOuched and embody something so greater than me for the last decade yet always t.here, that I cannot Denny anymOre.

It’s liQuid Gold and Worth Priceless. Innocence. Vulnerability. Castration now of old minds….it all gotta gooooo….


But soon change names. CHANGE enliven.

Living moment to moment is the scariest yet truest thing that one can do. And no, it’s not a path for everybody… You may need few more incarnations…or hundreds or thousands, there’s no real judgement… Nothing. All is in it’s Perfection. But hold intention to break Free. I wonder if I’ll be able to capture the Essence in me in words. It is a sort of radiance . And definitely not for everyone to bask in it’s Sun. Devoted my life to THAT. Subconsciously and Consciously more of the last 16years in speed of light that vibrates in my veins. We Are living Mirakles . Let’s Do it Better this time arOund. Tom to heal addicted Brain and HUngry ghosts . Feed them with the feast of NOTHING from external…but the drop of Gods Universal Force that can end it All. Truth is beyond quantum . There is a panel control beYond. Strive fOr a VisiOn. Not merely another pointless manifestation.

WHAT is Your Calling.

🔥🌊AgA Ka AriAnnah 👁️


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