As fb reminds me….On this very day 2years agO… Guided by Spirit Connecting lay lines in Tenerife volcano bases Cannarries, for the upcoming explOsive season as we may know it this year… To make the Transition smoother…This Fire transmission and transmission is still happening and going on NOW, it was worked on by many of us to be smoother ride for all… We must Meet the Fire DragOns again and Again …Again… InSide 💠⭕

Now to make Peace with it and not Tame it but BeFriend it to the scale that was never known to HUmanity befOre. It’s not an easy ride nor Gate to ❌ Cross… But it’s possible and All must do it. Fiercely with Will ..yet Gently as much as possible… AllOwing yourself to be Burnt in these flames Laughing Out LOud. Sit with and thrOuth the Fire. Pains of the Ancient Ages… Across all dimensions space and time …In this Now and this..and this… And this…May it consume you entirely each minute of the day to make it your biggest Friend and All, not Beasty Enemy …In GracE and bOw to the Fire Element. 🔥💞🤘💠👁️✨

May this PraYer 🙏 help all Sentient Beings In this Now .🔥✨Beloveds, Here is an Ascension Prayer:From the Lord God of My Being, I Am that I Am, I desire today to express and renew my deepest Gratitude, for this wonderful opportunity, to present my request to be prepared for my Ascension, with my physical body in this Lifetime. I ask the Spiritual Hierachy of the Planet and all my Guides, Angels and Masters, to infuse in me, enough faith to continue on my pathway, with great determination, even if I do not see, hear or feel you.I ask that My Beingness be totally drenched in the purity of the Ascension Fire, for total purification, so that only the purity of my Divinity remains.

I ask for the courage and the faith needed to maintain this Goal, until the Ascension has become my reality. I ask for forgiveness for all the errors of the past, and choose from this day on, to live my life, with the Love and Wisdom of my Divine Essence. I ask for the full meaning of the word “Divine Union” be revealed. I ask for full support and assistance in creating my Spiritual openings and return of my Spiritual gifts. I ask for Divine Union and a greater connection, with all aspects of self, particularly my Beloved I Am Presence, and my Higher Mental Body.

I ask that the strength, Grace, Joy and gentleness and the Love be given to me, to pass all tests and challenges, presented to me, and to be taken to the next step and the next, until I Am totally ascended in the Light and free. I express my deepest Gratitude for the Blessings and the Healing which grace my life each day, and for my Ascension. With all the Love and my Gratitude, I bow to the Light of My DivinitY.

AgaKa Quantum Leap Journey Change …. WhatsOver.



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