BecOme DELIVERED from Grace first …then Walk ON By giving off this NATURAL,Gentle Fragrance onto all that you meet and touch.

A TribUte to Only Mirror that calls me for years as a Self walking the Lines of Natural Landscapes.

And even if I try to let her go… Something brings me straight back into the fields where only Nature and no man are to be seen.. ☘️ for Now. NatUre becAme 🧬🔮my Dearest Friend. A Sanctuary , not an escape from but rather INTO like into arms of a BelOved, whose ntentions are clear and pristine in its neutral loving ORIGINal Nature.
I literally find it hard to be around people for longer anymore. Only nature as a Mirror. Mostly in alOne. And never feeling lonely. Always gloriously Happy with myself and my naturally envoven curiosity and wonder I carry with me as a friend.

Walking with no mind is not always easy. And definitely meets millions of armies of our logic mind.
Walking with no mind yet it is happening. And no purpOse yet Guided by something so Intrinsic in Me I can not help it but submissively go let IT take me by its invisible hand. So I Wander in Awe to a single Grass and SOunds of Wind. My dearest and deepest Brothers in this life and my Element. Air. Aether . AlepH. on the Top of the Pyramids in Sanscripts as often depicted.
Dancing in it’s gentle breeze and dancing still in its Potent swirls of 🌪️ like hails… I love both sO much…with no simple distinction to which I prefer more. I was born out of StOrm and it runs with a speed of Light in my veins…as Plasma in structure moving through me. Then I feel best at HOMe. HOMmmmm….clothed in this Plasmatic osMOtic like feeling of this champagne bubbles crawling under my skin… In all directions at Once. Embracing it in its trials is futile. It can not be tamed. And That’s Ok. I matured enough to let it be THAT way without my 2cents to chip in…and distort the pristine prestige of what is appearing as unaffected.
I perceive no bones blood nor cells there … Just that….that PLASMATIC Self…in gentle MOTION of infinite Erruptions of little volcanos inside… Breathing In Life and perpetuum mobile like feeling in each nanosecond of this Apparent Existence… ImMOrtally being Reset and restarted almost each day… This Plasma is here to help cut all left programmes and distortions running in the System … Like Mother AYAuasca without taking the medicine itself… Just crawls inside of me… Like snake.. 🐍whispering…

My Dear Child…AWAKE… AWAKE Deeper and Higher …stretch … In unfathomable One Line 🧬 and Seal in That fOrever. As it was designed…in..HEAVEN 🙏💎🦉

AgaKa AriYAnnah 👁️🔥🚀🐺🕯️quantumleapchange@gmail.comQuantum Leap Journey since 2011. Soon 🔜 Change as all is said and done. But Be as The One Abiding In as Who never left for a Journey in the first place. And now the Seeming journey continues but it’s from the DELIVERED Place 💠💗🦅#Grace#Natural#BornThisWay#QuantumChange#Agaka#Alchemy#Self#Awareness ##Surrender#NewEarth#TorchOfLightIAm#Source#Holy#Air#BeYondTheKnown#WisdomQuantum Leap Journey


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