Wellness comes with Nothing. Illness arrives with Everything. *

If You want to be Well, Nothing is needed. If you want to be Ill…. Everything you will seek to add on
Here’s a short Story of Wellness and Illness

If you want to be Well Nothing is needed to be added upon you 🤠
If you wanna be I’ll, you will grasp for everything.
recognize the InnerConnectivity and InterConnectivity to Everything and Feel Served already 🍽️

study yourSelf as a Hall of Mirrors to and choose the track of behaviors, actions, focuses you gonna perform in this Playa of Illusions on Earth in Accordance to line Aligned with Direct SOurce Connection.

We’ll = Well ..InterConnectivity
I’ll = ILL …NoConnectivity or Awareness of the Mechanics of Universal Truth.

Be Well. Recognize Nothing is Truly Needed as All is already Given
Be Ill … run after Everything in futile attempt to feel better and bandage yourself all over with seeming temporary solutions. ..
Instead dive Deep into SOULution .. Permanent Abidance in what’s REAL.

Know ThySelf
Accept YourSelf in Vastness and entirety of WHO you Are
beCome a conscious Creator
and then…
BeCoOme unCreated …
only attuned to That which already IS never Was and never will be but STILL ..remains
piff paff pooof …and just like this you dissapear…Consciously… this time around …

….🌹❤️🎪👁️🤠🖤💗🍄💪🤍🔥💠🦅🐺🦌🚀🤔🧚🐲🐲… .

With Supreme Grace and Wish for Universal HarMOny 🐺🦅🦌💗🐲🔥❤️💎🔮🤞🤞🤞🕊️🕯️

AgaKa AriYAnnah 👁️🐲
Link to Insta video.

wellness #illness

NothingReallyMatters #nothing #everything #paradox #endOfSeeking #Shakti #Surrender #Sublime #entirety #Totality #Quantumleapjourney #Chsnge #SupremeBeing


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