NEW Schools are to be based upon LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS, not grades , age and idiotic swotting.

In my Eye’s I-I HeArt of Clear Seeing of how it supposed to BE… Future Schools shall not be divided into classes, classrooms and grades nor selection of students should have anything to do with an actual age of a a girl/boy/androgenous one.Future schools will be based on the Levels of Consciousness one abides in at a given moment in space time reality on Earth sphere. Hence it does not matter if in one “classroom” are sitting / standing/ running while Playing in Wisdom learning ..infants and grownups together… ;
In fact I see a lot goodness stemming from combining in one class infants and 50-60 year olds politicians all together ( those with no paedophile inclinations of course …), who may start gaining true wisdom or at least have a taste of. In future classes there will be classrooms where infants are together with today’s university students, PH-ds etc, who may be on the same Level of Consciousness they Abide in. For the Newly Arrivals of totally New Born infants there will be special Schools of True Source Connection Abidance.
ThOse kids will not be treated with ANY sort of artificial blockages upon arrival like vaccinations nor any other form of shit injected or made to inhale to kidos once we come here to Earth. In Source Connection Abidance Schools, they will be taken as if it was a sort of old school earth kindergarten, but – ADVANCED – as it supposed to be from the beginning.

Where Abiding in Source Connection will be strengthen and pressure only put on firmly learning to stay with this Connection at all times in a Human body until it clicks, seals itself and one is good to go… In fact I see those Kids of 3-4-5 years old even becoming a CEO / Directors of the Schools where the “olders/adults” from yet undoing of all brainwashing from Old Earth education system will be taught. And those who stand rigidly behind THINKING they know something must be taken to ER like Schools where they will learn to Unlearn all that they learnt.

SO that there can even become a space for the true KNOWLEDGE/Intelligence of the UnKnown to have a chance to slip in… and arrive in them… not to mention starting to unravel the ego structures inside, mechanisms of defence and me meeeee meeeee little meeeeeee and my my my …mne and only mine kind of cabaret they have usually going on inside. 😉
Until all stages and level of the Unlearners from the old lying educational system at one satge come to Abide in True Source Connection and for all sentient beings on Earth no School will be needed as … the Entire Planet Earth will become a Living Breathing SOurce Connected Mechanism of Irreversible Connection . Ageless schools of no division – W.Here Timeless is in RoYal Grace…, hence age plays no role of relevance there.

In Timeless Schools of Twilight Z.ONE beYond space time reality. I truly Hope and Push this Solution to an outdated artefact known as modern Educational system based on rigid obsolete PROGRAMMING will cOme Into Fruition during my lifetime. Let’s SEE how it Goes…I place that WISH in the Future timeline NOW..Quantum Leap Journey Change .

This Type of School is definitely a school I was lacking when came to this world and never felt good in former school walls, although was a great student.
Today’s schools are not only obsolete but lacking soft skills and attitude of real HUman approach in commbining at heart the vision and care for the truest Heart Mind potential of a kid to be discOvered and brought forth, cultivated, cherished and developed in all possible helpful ways.
May the Schools of the Future bacOme our possibility already today, tomorrow, NOW.

With Kindest Regards and Love,

Aga Ka AriYAnna h

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