“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then 🤔🙏😂👁️I am large, I contain multitudes” Walt Whitman

They told me you must take drugs to calm down and be balanced and slow….and all….there is something wrong with you…You ok? Yes, I Woke up. But you are a bit too…crazy… Lunatic ..you shoot words like bullets and you move too fast…Yes coz I’m in the Speed of Light frequency most of my day…But hey…maybe stabilize…bit… Try…And I tried to do it to come back to balance and Harmony, but it ain’t work for me. I feel more tired and pointlessly unusefuselessl. It tires me to be stable and trying to fit in calmly . It’s like a disease to my system. I’ve ants and bees in my veins .. of etherial activated bubbles of Love. Both Gift and curse I guess. I’m just not made this way.

Yes, I’ve severe ADHD, autistic almost sort, neurotic and overwhelming for most humans to be in my frequency, am compulsive as well out if severe Sensitivity “disorder” to the world I live in, coz I FEEL everything and everyone here. Am High maintenance, yes, as if am running on Duracell batteries in my veins at all times. I said no thank you. Won’t take your drugs. I’m a living dynamo drug myself based on heart frequency. It’s an art to actually master it otherwise it can end up not well prematurely. Is it easy be this way?

Not always. I’m compulsive towards the general injustice I see and blindly concrete made glasses on humans eyes. I’ve deep compassion towards them at the same time. They mostly don’t know what they do. “Forgive the Father coz they…” You know the story…what can I do…I know Who I am and no amounts of labels of crazy, mysfit, autistic, with down syndrome, all over the place or whatever else diagnose you gonna try to label me with will put me down. Did it bring me in most dangerous scenarios in my life and living almost in shoes of the Bourne identity movie character ? Yes…many times… Do I have scars and scratches all over me after not once not twice hitting a death including coma in human body here ? Yes. As my favorite poet state…..”Do I contradict myself? Very well, then 🤔🙏😂👁️I am large, I contain multitudes” Walt Whitman. Yes I’m vast, I can not be contained. Nor tamed with your fluffy dictionary like scenarios. And this is what they fear.

Unpredictability…your Spontaneous Spirit lead moment to moment on intuit and instinct and Hearts whispers what to do when to do it how to do it… They can’t hear hearts whispers, they can only read minds and thoughts…your planned schedules and predictable repetitive actions …Hence loving from true heart on a Faith basis with Father Source is a threat to them. That want you locked down so they can censor and monitor you. They say…but you’re like…. Too much…. Change your mind too much…

Yes, I’ve no obligation be the same person as I was 5min ago. In fact I’m not a person. Im NoBody. Mrs Nobody you can call me 👁️💎Yes, I’m all over the place!!! you got that right…coz I AM everywhere, beyond time space and non local in Awareness🙏🐬👁️🧬and I don’t need medication for it either!!! I’d say watch out coz I can biolocate in your ass and will cause constipation there for weeks to make your life harder. Worst what can happen…dying of constipated life…can you imagine..😂💉🤔🎯

I’m mostly calm in my High states, but am a warrior here for Justice and won’t fuck around with those who lie and constantly hurt the weak ones. I know how the programs work. I was under attacks and pushing buttons and acting as automat before out of survival too. Maybe to know how they think now…It’s a reptilian brain. HUman race get of your knees.They have jab like 💉 needles bio weapon, but we have etherial needles of sharp rain bow Spirit. Electromagnetic needles at Heart that if switched on…can radiate needle attack back of weapon harder than their sick agenda. Organic Love Weapon attuned to as many hearts as possible.

Don’t you try to calm me down.Am running on Fierce Love. Not the fluffy one between romantic humans .. seeking completion from one another…I’m ONE , both unconditional…and often what I’ll do out if this love for humanity may be seen as Wrong in the eyes of those who sleep. Again… Don care…” Forgive them After coz…”Those who are ready to join the Legions of The Legendary League. Come. Is there a threat in this? Yes, maybe even your body can die …but as long as it’s a right case…you have nothing to fear. You immortal and are already seated with God in Eternal Realm.

Now we just must hold on a bit longer to bring that heavenly radiations as conduits here on Earth. With Mad Crazy Unatterable Love, AgaKa AriAnnah 👁️@Quantumleapjourney Change


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