Full of SHIT in illusionary world run by programmes or Anchored IN Well Lobotomized Reality?

Full of SHIT in illusionary world run by programmes or Anchored IN Well Lobotomized Reality? I realized I’ve never matched the Status Quo. Always been such a Mysfit, Weirdo, Inverted to the Ways things were appearing in this world.It just never felt right. Fed by lies and Propaganda, heavy breathing under its own shit load it was given to carry. I’m so WEIRD it scares the shit out of me💎

Little to say …about others 😂But it’s Better to walk around with no shit💩 though, than as a smelly doorman trying to sell you some new scent of BullShit here and there known as marketing strategies, Mumbo jumbo Spiritual Circus 🎪, Any political, social, educational agendas set in place in fake foundation of HIStory instead of truth of HERstory.

Purification. And cleansing of one’s own Shit are the most necessary means in ReConnecting with Ones Inner Truth seeded by Source and not Matrix based Parasitic Agendas feeding on your fear, attachments and fragile, unhealed child’s psyche. This programming is wide spread and it starts as early as Womb inception.In order to Rise beyond the Shit Show, one must RISK it all and Purify until you become ShitLess and Lit on 🔥 fire of your S.Oul Vision. It means Courage beyond all you’ve been taught and constant check-in with yourself, accountability and Enemas on all levels :PhysicalMentalEmotionalSoul levelSpiritualPsychoSoMatical And Beyond …

#Until fully Rooted, grounded and anchored Into the One Source Connection Aligned with Who You ARE. Your True Vibration carries a Fragrance. The Discordant One carries Shitty smell. Purify. Purify. Purify. Until all that remains is a Pleasant Fragrance that has the capacity to Influence .The more we stay in hiding the more Shit loads upon us. Dare to 🙊 speak your truth. Even if it Hurts at the beginning. Sessions Transmission.purification. AgaYaKa333E. @QuantumLeapJourney


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