The Futility of Waking UP. Wake UP? Who? Who is tHere to Wake up? The Paradox of the Spiritual Circus Market out there.

Wake UP? Who? Who is tHere to Wake up? The Paradox of the Spiritual Circus Market out there : The Paradox of Truth for each seeker must be found in seeing the silliness of the theme…Wake UP everywhere.

The one who is trying to grasp it to wake UP does not exist. Who is trying to Wake up? What about the Remembering and seeking CLARITY not of so called “waking up” but of Clear remembrance state .

What we need is not more themes of ! wake up! in spiritual communities but the waking up from the themes of seeking to wake up in the first place….!!!!!!!!!!!I wonder if anyONE can grasp its futility….

The One who is trying to Wake up is not even there. What we need is Clear SEEING Through. Like a flash of a Spire in an Awe Awareness Notion of…..ONE last “Eureka” …

The same with IMAGINATION…constant visualisations….. Expanding the imagination, expanding the consciousness…..on and on and on and more and more and more….. BUt what is it is a total reverse…. What if the Truth behind the curtain is in de-imagining. De-molition of more imageries…. ….what if it lies beYond the Quantum zOne alOne.

BeYond the adding onto the picture of more words and thoughts and creations.. What if it is a total Reverse of those as well that Matters most in so called Spiritual Journey end. What if WE need Less…far less than more … What if coming through the Treshold of Father’s Mother’s Kingdom of Eye of the Needle means ….HAving No-thing, no thoughts, no beliefs, no further concepts, images, imaginarees, no add ons pictures to the perfect screen of blank canvas…. but then even going more further…..into the wavestream of just light particles…… backwards backwards…… to the ONE projector Stream….and making that ONE Last step…. – getting BE-hind the Projector Machine itself? Where no Light even exists? Not for faint of hearts..are you done PLAYING? Curtain down. Are you ready to find the enigma? and ceal the dream in totality? Come …come closer.


93339 1:1 – Find me.


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